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Hey guys! I’ve been working for months on a bunch of new products and ideas and they all sort of came together at once, and (no surprise) many are liturgically seasonal, plus . . . I really like the creating of the things and I don’t at all like the marketing of the things, so I decided to just THROW IT ALL OUT THERE this week. Consider yourself warned. I’ll be sharing the three big new projects in this blog post, and the rest of the new products that aren’t so time-sensitive in a later post.

Subscription Boxes

Limited-Edition Catholic All Year Subscription Boxes are here. 💌🎁💒

Note: I shared about the subscription boxes on social media this morning and I couldn’t believe the response! We sold five times what we were hoping to do on our first day. I kept almost closing down the subscriptions, but I wanted to make sure that people who aren’t on social media had a chance to subscribe as well, so here we are! But if you’re interested, please do subscribe today, because we are a two-woman operation and these boxes are a limited-edition offering and I’ll be closing subscriptions soon.

My goal has always been to make liturgical living in the home fun and meaningful and accessible and doable for busy Catholics. I want to bring the rich history and traditions of the Church to people in a way that fits into modern life. I love sharing the fun, simple ways that we observe and reinvent decor, foods, and feast day traditions. But I know that it can still feel intimidating, and reading through a chapter in The Catholic All Year Compendium might leave someone wondering how to even begin to collect the resources I’ve spent nearly two decades putting together for liturgical living with my family.

So when Emily Tate of the gift box company Pillar and Pearl contacted me about creating a liturgical year box subscription, saying yes was, for me, the work of a moment. These boxes are a real passion project for the both of us, with high-quality, carefully-selected items sourced from Catholic makers, discovered in unlikely places, and handmade by us.

The first box is for Lent. Others will follow for the Triduum, Easter, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, and Ordinary Time after the Baptism of the Lord. They include things like home decor, textiles, art, jewelry, beauty items, devotional items, plants, simple crafts and DIY items, recipe cards, and more. They are designed to be useful to women of all ages and for those with and without children.

I just can’t tell you how excited I am that we can deliver these amazing faith resources to your home, so you can be prepared to celebrate the beauty of each liturgical season with your family and friends.

The Lent Box includes:
A Memento Mori Print, Lent Countdown Sheet & Stickers, an Alleluia Sign to Bury, Burlap & Purple Fabric, a Crucifix with Purple Covering, DIY Succulent Planting, Crown of Thorns & Nails, a Shamrock Bracelet, Litany of St. Joseph, Cream Puffs Recipe Card, Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Card, and an Angelus Prayer Cling

Get all the details and sign up here.

Catholic Mom Bundle Lent 2021

It’s that time again! I’ve been participating in these twice-yearly Catholic Mom Bundle sales for four years now. I really see them as an opportunity for me to get to discover and share new Catholic resources, Catholic makers, and Catholic small businesses with you guys. You get to try out digital products from 22 different creators, for 93% off the list prices. It’s pretty great all around.

The bundle is available for 5 days only, through Friday, Jan. 29. Every year, I get emails from people disappointed that they missed it. Don’t let that be you!

My contribution to this year’s bundle is something I’ve been trying to make for many years now: a Liturgical Living Weekly Meal Planner. I attempted many different designs and approaches over the years and never felt like I had it right, until now. I’m genuinely so excited about it, and it’s already proved a useful resource in my home. I can’t wait for you guys to try it!

The weekly planner pages include a place to circle the liturgical season, lines for jotting down meals for each day of the week, and a shopping list to cut and take to the store with you. Also, they’re undated. That means having a frozen pizza and leftovers week or going out of town doesn’t mean “wasting” dated pages. Fill out the weeks as you go. Skip when you want to. Zero judgement from the planner.

You’ll also get pages listing all the feast days on the universal liturgical calendar, plus all the saints’ days mentioned in the CAY Compendium. They are included with a bit of information to inspire your meal planning—like a country or foods with which the saint or day is associated. Also included are lines to jot down your family members’ special days (like birthdays, namedays, and baptismal anniversaries) and any other important recipes, holy days, holidays, and anniversaries you want to remember when meal planning.

There are so many other great printable resources included in the bundle: coloring pages for kids and teens, homeschool resources, Lenten traditions for families, health and wellness and prayer programs for moms, embroidery patterns and peg doll wraps, and super cute Valentines. Don’t miss it!

See everything that’s included and get the bundle here.

The Catholic All Year Membership

I’m not sure how many people even know about it, since I did a pretty lousy job of promoting it, and never even got around to putting a link to it on the blog, but for the past eight months, I’ve had an amazing core group of supporters over on Patreon. I’ve been creating monthly printable liturgical year resources for them, and sending them physical copies of my new books and calendars. It’s been lovely, and I’m so grateful for those patrons. But it felt like time to move off of someone else’s platform and reach more of my own people, so I’m happy to announce that all of the monthly resources offered to those first patrons and MORE are now available right here at Catholic All Year.

There are three levels of membership, and they’ll get you access to things like monthly dated clipart calendars and saint summaries, Catholic quote posters, yearly wall calendars, revised monthly prayer booklets, discounts on ALL digital listings in the shop, exclusive all-new liturgically-inspired recipe packets, physical copies of new books, and a super cool bonuses if you sign up before 3/1.

I’ll be closing my Patreon account at the end of February, so if you’ve been a member over there, please cancel that membership and join us here!

See which level is right for you here.

I hope some or all of these resources will be helpful to you, but if you’re not feeling them or it’s just not the right time, please know I am 100% fine with that! Blog posts and my Liturgical Living Heads Up Newsletter (which you can sign up for in the “subscribe for my latest content” box on the homepage) are always free and open to all. And–stop me if you’ve heard this before–but I intend to write some blog posts in the near future!

Best, Kendra

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