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Turn to Favorite Titles for Mary During This Month of the Rosary

National Catholic Register

October 16th, 2021

Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Lourdes, Queen of Peace, Mother of Mercy, Mother of Christ, Queen of Angels, Queen of All Saints — title after title graces our Blessed Mother, from litanies to invocations based on her many appearances throughout the centuries. Invoking Mother Mary under favored titles can help us increase our Marian devotion, beginning this October, the Month of the Rosary.

Episode 95:  Celebrate the Holy in Halloween

The Homeschooling Saints

October 20th, 2021

The stores are full of Halloween candy and decorations that suggest a rather pagan celebration, but this is a distinctly Catholic time of year with a fascinating history and delightful traditions just waiting to be enjoyed with our families. Today, we are blessed to have bestselling author, Kendra Tierney, here to help us Celebrate the Holy in Halloween!

Podcast Appearances

Lent and Liturgical Living w/ Kendra Tierney

Hear and Now Podcast

March 1, 2022

It's the 102nd episode of Hear and Now Podcast! Today we are joined by Kendra Tierney, a liturgical living expert, who talks about prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

With Lent right around the corner, we welcome Kendra Tierney to help us get kids ready for this Liturgical Season. Then Megan Harrington from Family Theater Productions tells us about PRAY, the film about the life of Fr Patrick Peyton.

MFP146 : Liturgical Living with Kendra Tierney

The Messy Family Project Podcast

December 9, 2020

If you’ve been wondering how to bring the rich traditions of the Catholic Church’s liturgical year into your home and into your family, this is the podcast for you! In it, we interview Kendra Tierney of Catholic All Year about incorporating the richness of our faith into the life of your family. Kendra has lots of great ideas for moms and dads of all ages and family sizes. After discussing the importance of incorporating Catholic traditions into family life we talk about what to do with kids of various ages, or when you have a spouse who is not enthusiastic about new traditions. Kendra has some truly great wisdom to share! Because this was an interview with our member site (the Messy Family Neighborhood), we also have some great questions from other parents included in this podcast. Listen in and get inspired to strengthen your family’s culture this Advent and Christmas season.

Catholic All Year w/ Kendra Tierney

Hear and Now Podcast

October 6, 2020

It's the 57th episode of Hear and Now Podcast! Thank you for joining me this week as I have Kendra Tierney on to talk about all things Catholicism and liturgical living!

37. Simple Liturgical Living | with Kendra Tierney

500 Seconds to Joy

April 14, 2020

I am joined today by Kendra Tierney from Catholic All Year, a blogger mama of 10 who inspires thousands of women to live liturgically in their home. In Part 1 of our conversation, you will hear Kendra share about her top 5 passions, explain what liturgical living is, and she will give some practical tips to celebrate Lent.

Kendra Tierney: Celebrating St. Joseph the Worker

Catholic Women Now 

April 30, 2020

Today she shares fun, simple ways to honor St. Joseph with your family. May 1 is the Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker. What does this feast honor? Kendra shares the history of this liturgical day. We, like several of you, are making a consecration to St. Joseph on May 1. Whether you are completing the consecration or not, these ideas are for all of us to honor St. Joseph, The Worker.

E29 Liturgical Living w/Kendra Tierney

Creedal Catholic

February 24, 2020

In this Lenten preparation episode, Kendra Tierney of Catholic All Year ( joins me to talk about what it means to live liturgically, why we all need to do it, and how you can start!

Episode 35: Liturgical Living at Home with Kendra Tierney

Holy Hot Mess Mom Podcast

March 8, 2019

I had the most amazing pleasure of interviewing Kendra Tierney - the wife and mama behind Catholic All Year, a blog and digital shop .

Kendra Tierney, author of "The Catholic All Year Compendium" available on Ignatius Press, joins us to talk about incorporating the Liturgical Year into your family's lifestyle.

FoC 100: Living Liturgically Like A Boss with Kendra Tierney

Fountains of Carrots Podcast

November 27, 2018

In this Lenten preparation episode, Kendra Tierney of Catholic All Year ( joins me to talk about what it means to live liturgically, why we all need to do it, and how you can start!

More Podcast Appearances

Outside the Walls— #SackclothAndAshes, Our Role in Addressing the Abuse Crisis

Kendra Tierney, of “” shares the story behind the #SackclothAndAshes online movement to pray, fast, and do penance in reparation for the Clergy Abuse Scandal.

Skydiving is in Your Future // Blessed Is She

In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with the lovely Kendra Tierney, wife, mom, writer, and liturgical living extraordinaire. She shares how we can look at the Church year and rhythms of the Church and integrate it [more seamlessly] into our lives.

The Homeschooling Saints Podcast: Celebrating the Octave and Epiphany

Celebrating the Octave and Epiphany In the secular world, Christmas day is a huge letdown. But in our beautiful Catholic traditions, we’re just getting started having fun! Today, it is a great joy to have bestselling author, Kendra Tierney, here to tell us about Celebrating the Christmas Octave and Epiphany!

CNA Newsroom: Candles Amid the Rubble

Catholic author Kendra Tierney shares how her family celebrates the Advent season at home – and how you can celebrate at home too. We’ll share the story of Father Alfred Delp, a German Jesuit who clung to the hope of Advent despite his imprisonment – and execution – by the Nazis during World War II. We’ll talk about the Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols – and even hear some beautiful music by the choir at Wyoming Catholic College.

Color of Thought: Jim & Kendra Tierney: Prudence and the Life of Virtue

Join my friends Jim and Kendra Tierney – from the Catholic All Year blog – and I as we talk about how they raise their teens in the life of virtue.


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How To Raise Your Children Catholic

Author interview with Kendra Tierney on her book, “The Catholic All Year Compendium”