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Hi and welcome!
My name is Kendra. I’m a forty-something wife and mother of many living just outside of Los Angeles, CA. I started this blog in 2013 because a lady yelled at me in church, and I figured people would want to know about it.
I called it Catholic All Year because I have a great devotion to celebrating the liturgical year in the home, and getting to know the saints and seasons of the Church calendar through food, prayer, and conversation. I figured that’s what this blog would mostly be about. But if you read through my archives, you’ll find that I like to blog about a whole lot of crazy stuff, from parenting and pregnancy, to fixing up our big old, hundred-year-old house and creating a home chapel, to homeschool uniform and curriculum choices, to books and movies and Catholic Netflix, to catechism and international movements of prayer and fasting, to mommy wars and zombie theology.
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If you’d like all the liturgical living stuff in one convenient package, it’s now available as a book, The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life.

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I share our family’s photos and stories in the hope that it will help other families who are trying to live an authentic Catholic life in this beautiful, bonkers world we live in.
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You can find me being very Catholic on social media on Instagram and Facebook, making occasional YouTube videos, and wandering around in a confused manner on Twitter and Pinterest.
I’m a regular contributor to Blessed Is She Ministries, and am the voice of liturgical living at Endow Ministries.

I create graphic designs of Catholic and/or geeky stuff, the sales of which help fund this blog and my YouTube habit. See the shop here.

I highly recommend checking out the Catholic All Year Memberships. These are the simplest way to get liturgical living resources delivered to your email inbox and doorstep all year long. Also, be sure to sign up for the free biweekly Catholic All Year Liturgical Living Heads Up Newsletter (there’s a sign-up box on the homepage).

I’m happy to hear from readers and it is my goal to answer every email and comment I receive. Sometimes my real job gets in the way, so be patient with me! If it’s been a while and you didn’t hear back, try me again.
I don’t currently accept ads, guest posts, or sponsored content. I do occasionally review products at no charge to Catholic artists, artisans, authors, and small business owners, if I like them myself and think they would be a good fit for my readers. It is an entirely time-permitting, whim-based system. If you’d like to send a book or product out with the understanding that I may or may not feature it and I can make no promises except that I will look at it, drop me an email and I’ll send you my address.
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Photos taken in 2020 in Joshua Tree by the talented Noemy O’Hara.

I’m truly grateful you are here.