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For twenty years now, I’ve been using food, prayer, and conversation based around the liturgical calendar to share the lives of the saints and the beautiful truths and traditions of our Catholic faith.

My own ten children, our friends and neighbors, and people just like you have been on this journey with me.

If you’d like to learn more about what Catholics believe and why, and to be inspired by saints from every era all over the world, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of how to teach your kids about the faith in a way that’s true, engaging, and lasts a lifetime, we can help!


your Catholic faith
a memorable and meaningful
part of your busy family life now

Catholic blogger and mother of many Kendra Tierney shares how her family incorporates traditional Catholic practices into today’s family life throughout the Church year―from Advent and Christmas, through Lent and Easter, to Pentecost and beyond. She provides ideas for stories, decorations, activities, and foods that will help you to celebrate your Catholic faith with your family and friends without expertise or much advance planning.

She also offers tips and tricks from her twenty years in the Catholic mommy trenches on things like surviving bringing young children to Mass and saying a family Rosary. Be Catholic and   Have fun doing it!



your family


What would your life Look like if you lived out The traditions of the Catholic faith?

Catholic All Year teaches families how to bring liturgical seasons and celebrations into their homes

Catholic All Year

Sometimes I Write About Liturgical Living

2023 Easter Gift Guide

2023 Easter Gift Guide

Easter is approaching! And we didn't want you to be caught unawares. We know that there's almost nothing worse than Holy Saturday coming and not having anything to stuff Easter Baskets with. Don't ask us how we know ;)But in all seriousness, as we prepare for the...

Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 5: St. Joseph

Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 5: St. Joseph

St. Joseph is the patron that we have chosen for our family this year. So needless to say I absolutely had to do something special to share about our St. Joseph traditions with you! WATCH NOW Though he was a quiet man, who left us not even a single quote, there is...

Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 4: St. Frances of Rome

Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 4: St. Frances of Rome

Calling all homemakers, wanna-be homemakers, and reluctant homemakers! I've got the perfect saint to introduce you to in the latest episode of Catholic All Year at Home! WATCH NOW This episode is all about St. Frances of Rome, a young woman who wanted to dedicate her...

Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 3: Fat Tuesday

Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 3: Fat Tuesday

Introducing the newest episode of Catholic All Year at Home! This episode is all about celebrating Fat Tuesday before we buckle down with our Lenten Disciplines for the next 40 days. As you watch you'll discover creative, family-friendly ideas for your own Fat Tuesday...

CAY Mailbag: Parenting Three-Year-Olds

CAY Mailbag: Parenting Three-Year-Olds

(question edited for clarity) Hi! I have to ask a parenting question. With our oldest, after reading a few of your blogs, we did time-outs. The "two’s" were a breeze! However, he (and now our second child who is almost 3), went through a challenging stage at age...

CAY Mailbag: Indulgences and The Rosary

CAY Mailbag: Indulgences and The Rosary

(question edited for clarity) Hello, Thank you for the work you put into your webpage . . . . I scrolled through the Manual of Indulgences to clarify a question I had about praying the rosary in church. But found that it just states: praying the Rosary IN...

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Catholic All Year

wall calendar

This printable thirteen-month wall calendar (December 2022 to December 2023) has been thoughtfully designed with liturgical living in the home in mind.

Seasons, holy days of obligation, solemnities, and required and recommended days of fasting, penance, and abstinence are noted. You’ll also find helpful reminders of prayers and activities associated with the feast days.

Included on the calendar is every feast day on the Universal Roman Calendar, all the saints on the U.S. proper calendar, plus dozens of other historic and international saints included in The Catholic All Year Compendium. Feasts are placed on this calendar according to their dates on the current U.S. liturgical calendar.




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Catholic All Year

Learn about the saints and the beautiful history and traditions of our Catholic faith with resources designed for families and busy Catholics of all walks of life. Each month, you’ll receive calendars, saint stories, posters, recipes, hymns, prayers, and more.


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Bring Catholicism home with beautiful decor, tasty treats, & easy feast day celebration materials delivered each month! Designed for busy lifestyles and coordinated with The Catholic All Year Compendium!

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The Lent/Holy Week/Easter MEGA Box


Green Hair Clips – for St. Patrick’s Day!


Pasta on the Table – St. Joseph’s Day Kit


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The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity

St. Patrick’s Breastplate

The Saint Joseph Prayer

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