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Kendra Tierney

Hi! I’m Kendra. I’m a Catholic wife and mother of many, from little to
teenaged. I also dabble in teaching, reading, writing, cooking, baking,
sewing, crafting, party planning, graphic design, home remodeling, and
streaming with the captions on so I can understand British. This blog is a place for me to share how we live.

The Catholic All Year Membership

Catholic All Year Memberships bring liturgical living in the home to your email inbox and front doorstep all year long with calendars, recipes, saint summaries, books, and more. Available in an envelope shipped to you each month or as print-at-home pdfs.

A Few of My Books

Catholic All Year Compendium

Catholic All Year Companion

My Superhero Prayer Book: Traditional Catholic Prayers for Awesome Catholic Kids

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Catholic All Year subscription boxes deliver useful, meaningful, and beautiful resources to your doorstep before each liturgical season. Each box is designed for busy lifestyles, and coordinated with the Catholic All Year Compendium!

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Being Open to Life Is Being Open to a Person

Being Open to Life Is Being Open to a Person

More from the Catholic All Year mailbag today . . . Question: Dear Kendra, I have followed you for over a year now and it has been wonderful adding more liturgical traditions to our year! I'm pregnant and it's a big shock. We have always been generally open to life,...