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We’ve talked a lot on this blog about prayers, pious practices, and foods associated with particular days and seasons of the liturgical calendar. The deep and wide deposit of Catholic tradition ALSO includes beautiful music associated with these feast days. You might remember that our family feast days food repertoire includes traditional foods like lamb on Holy Thursday and waffles on the Annunciation, and also more novel fare like a rice crispy lamb to go with the roasted variety on Holy Thursday, and St. Thomas S’Mores on his feast day. Feast day playlists in our house are a lot like that. Some songs are traditional, some are just for the fun associations. These four playlists for Holy Week and Easter are brand new this year.

They have been specially curated with songs that I love to listen to with my family, that I think will help your family enter into the spirit of each day!

Music is especially helpful for setting the tone throughout the day with children, so pump the tunes, and Happy (Solemn?) Holy Week!

Spy Wednesday

Spy Wednesday is the day that we remember Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and then his “spying” out a convenient time to hand Jesus over to be arrested. This SPY Wednesday-themed playlist is curated especially with Judas’ sneakiness in mind!

Holy Thursday

Especially drawing on the history of the feast of the Passover that Jesus was celebrating with his disciples at the Last Supper, this playlist is perfect to listen to while you make your Holy Thursday dinner, or while you wash each other’s feet!

Good Friday

On Good Friday we’ll spend the day remembering our Lord’s passion and death. This playlist was specially curated to help you enter into the solemn mysteries that are unfolding today.


Rejoice! Alleluia! Here are some hymns for your Easter celebration! This playlist is perfect to listen to on Easter day, as well as throughout the whole Easter season.

If you take a listen to one or all of these, I’d love to hear what you think. If I misfiled a song or left out your favorite, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Laura Baczynski

    Thank you for this!! I’ve been trying to find your Spotify playlists but when I type “Kendra Tierney,” a lot of podcasts come up… which then lead me down hour-long rabbit holes that I don’t regret 😉

  2. CassieT

    Love this!! Thank you for the playlists!

  3. Carol Miller

    Thank you so much.
    These are wonderful ♡

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