The Catholic All Year Membership


  • Learn about Bible and Church history and the lives of the saints and the Holy Family with a colorful 2.5 inch medallion for each day of the month, featuring a symbol associated with the day and a description of the saint or feast day 
  • Decorate with posters featuring Catholic illustrations and saint and Bible quotes 
  • Bring the feast days to your table with 4-6 recipes each month. These are recipes tried out over the years in my own family, featuring foods traditionally associated with a particular feast day, or with a particular saint’s country, or . . . feast day food puns (so fun!)
  • Pray without prep using the Catholic All Year monthly prayer booklets. A perfect way for busy parents to model prayer and introduce Catholic devotions to their kids and/or work on their own prayer life, these booklets feature prayer, scripture, and traditional Catholic devotions that can be shared all month long with zero advance preparation. The booklet content aligns with the content of The Catholic All Year Prayer Companion, so families can pray together
  • Sing to the Lord, together with 4-6 hymns for the month, including lyrics, sheet music, and a bit of history of the song
  • Access your content right from the CAY website. 


    • An 18 x 24 inch laminated paper calendar blank to hold your monthly medallions
    • Custom adhesive index tabs to make your copies of The Catholic All Year Compendium and The Catholic All Year Prayer Companion even more useful and accessible, and bookplates so you’ll be sure to get the books back if you lend them out
    • Custom liturgical year extra-wide dividers and adhesive tabs to organize all your membership materials by month and season, plus a cover and spine insert to create your own liturgical living resource binder
    • The Catholic All Day prayer booklet featuring prayers and devotions for daily use and special occasions
  • It’s a $64 value!

Members are charged at signup and again on the 1st of the month.

Add on Monthly Envelope (an additional $20.99/month)

The liturgical year . . . in print. Get all the digital resources and perks of a CAY Membership plus an envelope each month containing the monthly resources in high-quality print form including removable stickers, color cardstock prints, 5 x 7 inch recipe cards, and perfect-bound 5.5 x 8.5 inch paperback prayer booklets. Envelopes ship free. You can skip your envelope for a month if you’ll be away from home. (Note: does not include box items)

Add on Benefactor:

Help us subsidize all that we do here at CAY with an optional add on benefactor membership, and get 100% off digital products any time, plus a bonus thank you gift in your welcome envelope.

From: $24.99 / month and a $24.99 sign-up fee


Refunds & Returns Policy:

We do not accept refunds or returns, but if you are unsatisfied, please contact us so we can help make it right. If the item was indicated to be delivered but it has not arrived, or it is well outside the delivery period, it is most likely lost in transit. If this seems to be the case, please reach out to us immediately so we can begin filing a claim.

Extended License Policy:

Please purchase this Extended License for School/Parish Use if you want to print unlimited copies of ONE Catholic All Year Shop listing to distribute to the members of ONE school or parish. Or this Extended License for Family/Group/Class Use if you want to print fewer than 50 copies of ONE Catholic All Year Shop listing to distribute to ONE religious ed group, prayer group, mom’s group, book club, retreat, conference, class, or extended family.