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Today (2/11/21), we are opening up slots for subscriptions that will begin with the Triduum Box (the box actually covers all of Holy Week).
If you purchase this listing now, you will get six unique limited-edition seasonal boxes, spread through the year, for $64.99 each. We cannot guarantee that we will open up more subscriptions for the Easter box and there is no skipping boxes (if you’d like, you can cancel your subscription before you’re charged for the next box). U.S. and APO/FPO shipping only at this time.

Your subscription if purchased on or in the days following 2/10/21 starts with the Triduum Box which includes:

To meditate on the events of each day.
To remember Jesus entering the city on Palm Sunday.
Tidy up this week to prepare for the Lord!
Smell what Jesus smelled on Monday of Holy Week. This perfume is made with authentic nard oil.
OK, these are chocolate. Hide/hunt for them or just remember the price Judas was paid for Jesus.
Extinguish the follower candles and recall the darkness of the Passion. But the Christ light remains.
Beeswax, olive oil, & fragrant oils like those blessed on Holy Thursday at the Chrism Mass.
Traditionally recited or sung on Holy Thursday, this print doubles as lyrics and art!
A classic Good Friday breakfast.
Good Friday is 9 days before the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday – start your novena on this day!
A yummy meatless option for a day of fasting.
Holy Saturday is a great day to decorate eggs and prepare for the next day’s feast! These all natural dyes allow you to get deep, rich colors using flowers, herbs, and plants . . . just like Mary Magdalene and the other Holy Women would have done!
(Below is mostly relevant listing information from when the boxes were first made available. Again, if you purchase a box on 2/10/21 or in the days following, your subscription starts with the Triduum box.)

My goal when I started my blog in 2013 was to make liturgical living in the home fun and meaningful and accessible and doable for busy Catholics. My 2018 book, The Catholic All Year Compendium had the same purpose. I want to bring the rich history and traditions of the Church to people in a way that fits into modern life. I love sharing the fun, simple ways that we observe and reinvent decor, foods, and feast day traditions. But I know that it can still feel intimidating, and reading through a chapter in the book might leave someone wondering how to even begin to collect the resources I’ve spent nearly two decades putting together for liturgical living with my family. 

So when fellow Catholic mom Emily Tate, founder of the gift box company Pillar and Pearl, contacted me about creating a liturgical year box subscription, saying yes was, for me, the work of a moment. These boxes are a real passion project for the both of us, with high-quality, carefully-selected items sourced from Catholic makers, discovered in unlikely places, and handmade by us. 

A Catholic All Year Liturgical Living Box Subscription will get you seven boxes, one delivered to your home before each liturgical season, beginning with Lent 2021. Boxes will follow for the Triduum, Easter, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, and Ordinary Time after the Baptism of the Lord. The boxes include things like home decor, textiles, art, jewelry, beauty items, devotional items, plants, simple crafts and DIY items, recipe cards, and more. The boxes are designed to be useful to women of all ages and for those with and without children.

This is a subscription. You will be charged for the first four seasonal boxes every three weeks beginning Feb 10th (or when you sign up). Then there’s an Ordinary Time break, then you’ll be charged every three weeks for three more boxes beginning November 17. You’ll get a reminder email two days before you’re charged. You can cancel your subscription before the next box. These boxes are hand-packed just for you and include custom-made products, so no refunds are available once the box has shipped. U.S. and APO/FPO shipping only at this time. Shipping charges are a flat-rate $5 per box.

I just can’t tell you how excited I am that we can deliver these amazing faith resources to your home, so you can be prepared to celebrate the beauty of each liturgical season with your family and friends.

Each box costs $64.99 and includes items valued at at least twice that much, and many that you can’t get anywhere else. These boxes are available in very limited quantities. Each one includes handmade items and is created and hand-packed by Emily and me (Kendra). Your credit card will be charged for each box before it ships, unless you cancel your subscription. No returns are accepted, but please contact us if we can help make something right. A note on perishables: the Church has a marked preference for “real” items when it comes to devotional use, so in our home we use real wax candles and real living plants in our liturgical living decor and traditions. I didn’t want to ship you guys battery operated candles or rubber plants. I wanted to include these items in the box for your convenience, and because we are able to purchase them in larger quantities to create more value for everyone. We will carefully pack each item in the box, but once it leaves us, temperature fluctuations and rough-handling are beyond our control. In the event that one of these perishable items perishes in transit, we ask for your understanding. We are unable to reship these items. We hope that you can find and replace the perishable item locally, and still use the accompanying pieces for the DIY project. Please do let us know if you experience this problem, so we can make decisions about what to include in future boxes.

Catholic All Year Subscription Box Schedule: 

  • (Not available if subscribing on or past 2/10/21) LENT BOX – Lent begins February 17, 2021; boxes should ship between Feb 8-10; since this is the first box, credit cards are charged at time of purchase 
  • TRIDUUM BOX – Palm Sunday is March 28, 2021; boxes should ship between Mar 17-18; credit cards charged March 3
  • EASTER BOX – Easter is April 4, 2021; boxes should ship Mar 25-26; credit cards charged March 24
  • ORDINARY TIME BOX – Pentecost is May 23, 2021; boxes should ship May 13-14; credit cards charged April 14 
  • ADVENT BOX – Advent begins November 28, 2021; boxes should ship between November 18-19; credit cards charged November 17
  • CHRISTMAS BOX – Christmas is December 25, 2021; boxes should ship between December 15-17; credit cards charged December 8
  • ORDINARY TIME II BOX – Baptism of the Lord is January 15, 2022; boxes should ship between Jan 3-4; credit cards charged December 29

Note: the differences in the windows between charging and shipping are a factor of the subscription software we are using that requires that charges be made on a regular schedule that is, unfortunately, not based on the liturgical calendar. 🙂


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