Catholic All Year at Home, Ep. 3: Fat Tuesday

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Introducing the newest episode of Catholic All Year at Home! This episode is all about celebrating Fat Tuesday before we buckle down with our Lenten Disciplines for the next 40 days. As you watch you’ll discover creative, family-friendly ideas for your own Fat Tuesday celebration!

As I’ve worked with Formed to bring this show to life, my focus has always been family-centered content. I wanted to create a show that is not only good to watch together but ALSO goes beyond the time you spend watching and allows you to discover ways for your family to experience the faith in a deep and life-changing way.

I hope that as you and your children watch this episode together you are able to plan your feast together too!

You can watch the Fat Tuesday episode exclusively at

Access to all the great Catholic audio and video resources on FORMED is free if your parish has a subscription.

Signing up for FORMED is quick and easy.  Just follow the simple instructions below. 

1. Go to

2. Search for your parish by Zip Code/ Postal Code. Click on your parish. 

3. Register with your name and email address

4. Check that email account for a link to begin using FORMED

If your parish doesn’t offer FORMED, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial of the individual membership, and if you choose to keep it, it’s just $10 per month.


Fat Tuesday – February 21st

Authentic King Cake

Cheater King Cake

Hurricane Mocktail & Cocktail

Louisiana Shrimp Etouffee

Boeuf Gras Sundaes


Mardi Gras Party Kit

Printable DIY Mardi Gras Mask {FREE Digital Download}

Wooden Alleluia Sign

Feast Day Prep Squad Apron

Lent Booklet

Printable Lent DIY Bundle

Missed the last episode?

If you’d like to see more episodes, please consider watching, commenting, and sharing the links with your friends, family members, parish and school/homeschool groups.

We had such fun making these!

Special thanks from me to the awesome CAY at Home team.

  • Leo Severino, executive producer, you might know him from Bella (2006) and Sound of Freedom (2022)
  • John Haggard, producer and director, also Dean of Students and Faculty at my kids’ school
  • Elizabeth Mirzaei, director of photographer/editor, academy award-nominated documentary filmmaker known for Three Songs for Benazir (2021) and also my YouTube videos
  • Charley Blum, director of photographer/editor, JP Catholic alum
  • Jennifer Rueda, makeup, wardrobe, set design, and fellow homeschool mom
  • Keeley Bowler, production manager, also CAY marketing manager and homeschool mom
  • Brian Battles, colorist, also visual effects for Star Wars and Star Trek and Transformers movies

They’re all super talented and super Catholic and it’s an honor to collaborate with them on my little show. Have you watched it? I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Anna Bloomfield

    We have enjoyed your show very much. Thank you! And, it’s inspired our family to check out more of the Formed content. There’s a lot more there than the last time we logged in! The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello show is also delightful! Looking forward to more from you and from Formed.

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