An Easter Present for All of You but Mostly Bonnie and a Triduum / Easter Recap

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Happy Easter everyone!

He is Risen. . .

Are you guys getting tired of that yet? Sorry. I just found out about it this year. It’s possible I’m getting carried away. Also, I’ve eaten a LOT of candy. They’re always saying how easy it is to take candy from a baby. But they never mention how hard it is to NOT take candy from a baby. I mean, it’s sitting right there. And he can’t even count. He would never know . . .

. . .

Ooops, sorry. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Easter.

<sing-song> I made you guys a preh-zuuuuuuhnt!

Go thank Bonnie at A Knotted Life. She asked on Facebook if anyone knew where she could find fun prints of The Morning Offering and The Act of Contrition. And no one did. So I couldn’t resist trying out my brand new full membership at PicMonkey, and here ya go:

The Morning Offering on Yellow

The Morning Offering on White

The Act of Contrition on Purple

The Act of Contrition on White

Download them here!

Shutterfly tells me they should print well up to 20×30, and right now that size is on sale for $18.39, and an 8×10 is only $3.99. I hope you like them Bonnie!

Please tell me if this doesn’t work.

It’s a good thing that Easter is fifty days long, because I haven’t finished decorating yet. We really did it up for the Triduum, though.

Here’s what it looked like . . .

on Holy Thursday:
Seven Churches Visitation
Last Supper supper
family foot washing———————-
 on Good Friday:
Southern Catfish Fry and
Stations of the Cross
on Holy Saturday:
our dyed/watercolor painted eggs
And Easter Sunday!:
my first Easter
The kids really loved their Usborne books. If you’re looking for high-quality, creative, entertaining books and sticker books for kids, check ’em out here. Their stickers are the perfect amount of sticky. I am very particular about that. I hate stickers that won’t stick, but it’s nice if they’ll move a bit. These are just right. (I bought these books with my own money. I just really like them. If you click on the link and buy some books, I might get to get some more.)

And we went to Mass and whatnot, obviously. There are photos of what we wore here.

Happy Easter everyone, hope yours was/is/will be great!

Please stay tuned this week for a really extraordinary giveaway. Seriously, it’s amazing. I can’t wait for it to find its perfect winner.


  1. annemcd

    Yeah, I'm glad Easter is 50 days long because….. we haven't dyed eggs yet…. (embarrassed face here). The posters look great!

  2. Elizabeth@SuperSwellTimes

    Would it creep you out if I tell you that I'm going to get the Morning Offering print and hang it on the wall directly across from my bed? It's way prettier than keeping a folded up sheet of computer paper that says "MORNING OFFERING" next to my glasses.

  3. Bonnie

    He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Alleluia!

    I LOOOOOOVE them! Thank you!

  4. Lisa Schmidt

    It just so happens we're biting the bullet and turning our dining room/prayer room/sitting room/don't-know- what-to-do-with-it room into a dedicated homeschooling room. And oh yeah, the blues and yellows are going to match wonderfully with our new color scheme. Beautiful. Thank you for offering them here free. And I just happen to be moderating the Facebook page today. May I share there, too?

  5. Danielle

    Those posters are brilliant and you my friend are one talented lady! But of course you knew that already… 😉 Your next endeavor could be an etsy shop full of digital files of beautiful prayers! Thanks for the Easter gift!

  6. Hope

    Those are lovely! What talent you have! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kendra

    Elizabeth, I had a typo in my response to you, and just accidentally deleted your comment when I tried to delete mine. Oops. It did NOT creep me out. Sorry.

  8. Grace Urbanski

    The Morning Offering. THE MORNING OFFERING?! The Apostleship of Prayer INVENTED the Morning Offering–literally, in 1844. I was not connected to Bonnie through Facebook (an oversight now remedied), so I never heard her plea for Morning Offering help. The Morning Offering is what I do! It is my livelihood in both an earthly and a heavenly sense. We have clings! Mirror clings! To place the Morning Offering prayer (one version for children; one for adults) on your mirror right–SMACK!–where your face should be. Never forget your Morning Offering again. I would be delighted to have you all come visit us at the Apostleship of Prayer!

  9. Sarah

    Thank you for these! I just printed them on 5×7 photo paper and cannot get to target fast enough for frames so I can hang them in my bedroom! God Bless you.

  10. Anonymous

    I took my four year old to Holy Thursday and Good Friday, but not the Easter Vigil. He was mostly good on Holy Thursday and I think it was because we (bribed) I mean promised him, that if he was well behaved I would wash his feet just liked Jesus washed the disciples. He loved that.

  11. Anonymous

    I LOVE those graphic prayers! Thank you for making them =)

  12. Sawako

    Since you asked for feedback, the prayers are really pretty, but all the different fonts (which are part of what makes them pretty) make them a little hard to read which makes them optimized for decoration, not necessarily for daily reading.

  13. Nicole

    Thank you very much for the printables! Happy Easter!

  14. Erika Marie

    I love the prints – isn't PicMonkey too cool? I had a premium trial and keep wanting to renew it. Do you find yourself using the premium items enough to justifiy it?
    Thanks for sharing those!

    • Kendra

      I think the free membership is great. I used it for a year and found it very sufficient. But I kept wishing I could use some of the royale fonts, so I splurged for Easter. I certainly don't think it's necessary, but there are some nice extras, and I don't mind paying for something I like using.

  15. Nanacamille

    It was an amazing Tridium and so lucky to be a part of it. Got the shopping done early in SD and brought up the food. Delicious paschal lamb supper. That was a lot of catfish to fry but if you're not hanging from a cross there is no complaining on Good Friday. My reward was all the happy face kids loving fish. It made it an even more special holiday having both daughters and families together. We filled two pews at the Mission for mass.

  16. Olivia

    How beautiful!!! I love that you created these – thank you!

  17. Jenn Anne

    LOVE the Tardis Easter egg. I'm so making one of those next year!

  18. Jenn Miller

    Thank you for the presents! 🙂 I can't wait to print them and mount them in my Holy Hallway! 🙂 Easter at your house looks like so much fun! 🙂

    God Bless and He is Risen, Indeed! 🙂


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