why I DON'T use birth control: an NFP Awareness Week Wrap Up

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Did you all have a nice NFP Awareness Week? I do hope so.

These photos were my contribution to a great effort by CatholicSistas to counter a post at BuzzFeed.

i DON’T use birth control  . . . 

and . . .

These are my posts about NFP:



Thanks to everyone who commented on and shared my Dear Newlywed post. It has been pretty huge. It’s a nice feeling when I manage to do justice in writing to a topic I feel strongly about. I did want to clarify, that that post really was intended for newlyweds, to share what I wish I had known back then, and in no way is meant to indicate that I don’t support or encourage the use of NFP for couples who have discerned a need to limit their family size or space their children.

In fact, um . . .  ALL of my posts about NFP are kinda down on NFP aren’t they?!

So, in light of my good-natured NFP bashing, just to clarify: as much as I don’t like practicing NFP, I DO believe that being able to interpret our fertility is part of the fearful, wonderful way God made us and I trust the teaching authority of the Church that has allowed us to use this understanding of our fertility to make right and responsible decisions for our families.

Here’s what Amanda Roe has to say on that topic:
We hear less from husbands on the topic of NFP, so I really enjoyed reading Daniel “Bearman” Stewart’s take on it this week:

Why NFP is great for men, too.

And it’s easy for those of us on the right (direction) side of the ol’ sliding scale of fertility to forget what a blessing NFP and fertility awareness and naPro technology are to families with infertility and subfertility. When I hear “NFP” I think “Ugh, charts and stickers and abstinence.” But for some women, NFP has meant a solution to their fertility issues, rather than a band-aid or a dismissal, and for some it’s been an answer to their prayers for a family.
Here’s what Kaitlin said at Haley’s blog:
My kids will have a theoretical and practical knowledge of NFP before we’re done with them. I mostly don’t believe in withholding knowledge from kids in the hope that they won’t misuse it. I prefer the idea of giving them the knowledge of how to do something AND the wisdom to use or not use that knowledge as the situation warrants. In general, ignorance as offense against immorality doesn’t sit that well with me. 
I like Kelly’s take on it:
NFP. Consider yourself made aware of it. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Nanacamille

    Louise looks adorable as always especially in the red and yellow Iowa State dress I made for Skylar. So glad it's getting new use

  2. Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    I hadn't read the Dear Newlywed letter until you mentioned it here. It was such a great perspective and so well written. I'm glad you got a lot of positive feedback on it. I often remind myself not to take for granted how "easy" it was to have five fabulous children, and to look upon ALL families of varying sizes with charity.

  3. Patricia

    Excellent post! Should be shared at all marriage prep classes!

  4. Teresa

    Kendra — I love your blog!! I check it every day . . . thank you so much for writing and sharing your thoughts and perspective. You have given me so many things to think about (from chickens to nfp (you wrote my feeling exactly btw) to parties to homeschooling etc) which is invaluable with two littles (16 months and 7 weeks), especially as we're hoping for a bigger family, God willing 🙂 Anyway, Im going to try to comment more (I usually read on my phone when nursing and commenting is HARD!), but I wanted to say thank you and keep writing 🙂

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