Why I Bother With the Rosary {October Giveaway Series}

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October is the Month of the Rosary . . .

Sometimes I imagine Saint Bernadette, eagerly and devoutly praying the rosary at the feet of Our Lady. She reverently hold the beads, she carefully recites the prayers, her heart and her mind full of Mary’s love for her son Jesus.

That’s not how it usually goes down at our house.

Not when the kids are involved, and not even when I’m praying it all by myself.

Young Lady Saying the Rosary, Vincent Vidal. French (1811 – 1887)

When I say a rosary, it’s almost always kinda grudgingly, with all the other things I could be doing with that twenty minutes flashing through my mind. And I’m almost always distracted by kids and lists and schedules. I have to admit to never having had any particularly supernatural experiences of the rosary at all.

When we pray it as a family, the kids get wiggly. The kids don’t speak up. They stare off into the distance and forget to say the prayers at all.

They play with their rosaries instead of praying with their rosaries. They break their rosaries instead of praying their rosaries.

So, why bother? Why do it at all? There are other ways to pray, of course. Why the rosary?

1. It’s ancient and new

Catholic tradition holds that Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic and Blessed Alan de la Roche sometime in the thirteenth century to impart the devotion of the Rosary. Monks of the time used beads to pray all 150 psalms from memory, but the rosary was given by Mary to St. Dominic especially for the use of lay people who couldn’t read to memorize all those psalms.

It’s been prayed continuously ever since, by Catholics all over the world. Rich and poor, religious and lay people, saints and sinners.

I love the connection the rosary gives us to all of those people. I love the resurgence the rosary has had among Catholics lately. And even among a few Protestants.

(This series of posts by a Protestant historian is a thorough and fair take on the common Protestant objections to the rosary.)

2. It’s communal and private

The rosary can be prayed alone or in a group.

When I’m alone, I am still participating in a communal prayer of the Church. No matter when I’m praying, I can be certain other Catholics are praying the rosary at the same time, alongside me.

And when I’m praying in a group, I’m still also praying personally. I’m not a spectator.

While it’s easy to imagine a nun or a pious old church lady sitting at home alone with her rosary beads, the Church actually encourages us to pray the rosary with our family or religious community or in a church. The indulgence is better:

ย A plenary indulgence is granted when the rosary is recited in a church or oratory or when it is recited in a family, a religious community, or a pious association. A partial indulgence is granted for its recitation in all other circumstances.

So if I’m tempted to think I’d be better off just praying by myself and not bothering to pray with all these kids, I remember I’m getting paid overtime for it.

(For more on the concept of indulgences, see here.)

3. It’s vocal and meditative

I like to be busy. The rosary is perfect for that.

It gives me something to do with my mouth: say the prayers, and something to do with my mind: meditate on the mysteries.

I also get something to do with my hands.

When our family says the rosary we are sharing traditional prayers, taken almost completely from scripture. And we are contemplating the lives of Jesus and Mary, through the mysteries of the rosary.

4. It’s for all ages

Few things warm a Catholic mama’s heart like hearing the stunted first few words of her children learning to pray. It’s pretty great. And I love how my kids’ relationship with the rosary develops over time. How they learn the prayers a few chunks at a time, and eventually are able to lead the prayers. I love how they can shout out the mysteries, and how they have favorite ones. Frankie, for instance, is rather partial to the Scourging at the Pillar.

On the other end, my grandmother suffered from severe dementia at the end of her life and couldn’t place me, and thought my son Jack was her son (my dad). But it only took saying the first few words and she could recite the whole Apostle’s Creed. That’s a powerful thing to be left with at the end of life.

5. It’s for all places

I love how portable and flexible the rosary is. We usually say our family rosary sitting in the living room, or around the table. But if we’re short on time, we say it in the kitchen while we all work on the dishes.

We say it in the car whenever we have a long drive. We say it in church with the church ladies after Saturday morning Mass.

Yesterday, on the Feast of Pope St. John Paul II, we said it while walking home from our nature hike.

When the kids have trouble falling asleep, we suggest that they say a rosary. If they fall asleep in the middle, it’s okay. St. Therese didn’t mind, and that’s good enough for me.

6. It’s a mortification

I don’t get all filled with warm fuzzies when I say the rosary. But that’s okay. I say it as a spiritual exercise, to strengthen me.

I pretty much never FEEL like saying the rosary, but I’ve never regretted saying it when I was done.

I’m sure prayer is hard for everyone, but I’ve always wondered if it wasn’t ESPECIALLY hard for mothers of young children. Our lives are lived at the whims of the little people around us. It’s difficult to have a regular schedule of quiet prayer time.

But, for me, that’s the great thing about the rosary. It’s only twenty minutes, less if I really hustle through it. I can do it at any time of day and in any place. I can do it with the kids or on my own. I don’t even have to have any equipment, because I’ve always got my fingers with me.

There’s really not a good excuse for me to NOT get to a rosary during the day. And if all I get to in a day is a rosary, that’s still pretty good. (Although I do make a point of trying to include other prayers in my day as well.)

Our Lady told us at Fatima to pray the Rosary daily. The bishops told families to pray the rosary daily. Popes and saints have told us to pray the rosary daily. They didn’t say I have to like it, just that I should do it.

7. It’s a gift

And wow, are there ever a lot of lovely things associated with saying the rosary.

There are rosary promises, and rosary miracles, and rosary messages. All of these are considered “private revelation” and as such are a pious tradition, which a person is free to believe or not believe.

But I know it’s something that I want to be a part of our family culture. I want it to be a tool in my kids’ tool kits. I want them to know it’s there and know how to use it. I feel like our family rhythm is better when we are in the swing of a daily family rosary.

We haven’t always, ALWAYS been great about getting to it. The family rosary has been a part of our family life since the husband and I got married, but our consistency
has fluctuated quite a bit. These past few months of uncertainty about house buying,
however, have been VERY motivational for us. We’ve been saying it every
day, and hoping for our miracle, in spite of our wiggling bodies and wandering minds.

Here’s how we do it, usually . . .

How We Say a Family Rosary

Here’s how we do it on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary . . .

Here are some tips from Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas . . .

Can You Pray the Rosary with Little Kids in the House?

If you are not yet a person who regularly prays the rosary . . . this is a good month to start.

you used to be a person who regularly prayed the rosary and then you
had kids, or a job, or school and now, not so much . . . this is a good
month to pick it back up again.

If you are a person who regularly prays the rosary . . . this is the perfect month to keep up the good work.

I’ve got some resources for all y’all. And people get to win them!

A cute little book to help you guide your children (or your childlike self) though meditations on each of the mysteries of the rosary. It’s written by Michele E. Chronister of My Domestic Monastery and illustrated with original folk art by Heather Sleightholm of Slightholm Folk Art.

This book is one of four available, one for each set of mysteries of the rosary. It has a two page spread featuring the prayer and a different work of art for EACH BEAD of the rosary. I think it’s intended for kids, but would also be quite useful for distractable adult-types.

It’s published by Peanut Butter and Grace, a Catholic family company with a really great selection of useful and practical resources for Catholic families.

Update 2024: This book is now published by OSV and you can find it here!

Kids are tough on rosaries, but I don’t want to be that mom who won’t let anybody touch anything. So I am really grateful for GOOD child-friendly rosaries. Mary Jane’s godparents gave her a Chews Life Rosary, and we love it.

Shannon of Chews Life makes fun, safe, brightly colored rosaries that are supposed to be for babies but have proved very popular with all my kids, even the thirteen-year-old. The beads have a very comforting give to them!

“Give me an army saying the rosary and I will conquer the world.” -Pope Blessed Pius IX

“To recite the rosary is nothing more than to contemplate the face of Christ with Mary.” -Pope St. John Paul II

“The devil, of course, hates the Rosary, precisely because it changes hearts, detaches from sin, attaches to the allโ€“pure Mother of God, and leads to conversion. One of the ploys he uses to deter people from praying it is to suggest that unless one can pray it well, i.e. perfectly, one shouldn’t pray it at all. I would suggest, rather, that the Rosary, even prayed badly, is better than no Rosary at all.”

-Fr. Mark Kirby

There will be four winners, announced next Friday. To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me the last time you said a rosary (“not yet” is allowed!), and/or your best tip for remembering to say a rosary or wrangling kids while saying a rosary.

I was provided some of these items for review, and some links are affiliate links.

Stay tuned. I’ve got even more October giveaways to come!


  1. Katie M

    Last night, I say it in bed before I go to sleep. I would love to start doing it with my children, the resources look great!

  2. Joanne

    I said a rosary a couple of days ago. I prefer to say a family rosary as opposed to saying it myself and alas life got in the way with meetings every night this week!

    I remember hearing Patrick Madrid say that all of his siblings are still practicing Catholics and the rosary was always a part of their family life. In discussion with others who have grown siblings who still practice the faith, the one common denominator, he felt, was saying the rosary together.

  3. Unknown

    I am currently in RCIA and converting to Catholicism. I love the rosary although I don't know everything about it and don't have everything down yet, lol but I think it's beautiful and have gotten as far as memorizing the Hail Mary and say it anytime I feel the need. (Longest run on sentence ever. lol) Reciting it has been so helpful with my anxiety, better than counting to 10! lol

    • Unknown

      Sorry, my Google is logging me in as "unknown" But I'm known! I'm known! lol -Maggi justaddglitter at gmail

  4. LKLimberg

    I finished it about 5 minutes before I read this post! But I'm really (REALLY) new to it and need to learn the mysteries a little better. Sadly, I think that children's books would help me! I have been saying it after my two oldest get on the bus in the morning, but before my two youngest wake up. A perfect little time frame for a rosary and coffee…but I hope, soon, to start saying it with the family (so I look forward to reading the other comments with tips to wrangle the kids!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Unknown

    Last time I said a rosary was a few months ago on a road trip when I was bored. This post motivated me, so maybe (hopefully) I'll say one today.

    I don't know why it says unknown, but my name is Valerie. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Rachael

    It was last week by myself while my son was napping. I really need to be doing it with the kids!

  7. Ashley

    Nap time yesterday. I got into the habit of it this summer when I needed to commit to some serious personal prayer time, and praise God it has stuck.

  8. Sarah

    Two days ago, in the car with my littles. We're Legion of Mary and its supposed to be part of our daily prayers. The best way of getting my kids to sit still and sort of pay attention is rosary books! I love the suggestions above- especially the every bead book!

  9. October Rose

    Awesome giveaway!!!

    On Monday we tried saying a decade with all three kids (3.5 year old and two 23 month olds). It … was not very prayerful. In fact our 3 year old ended up losing dessert privileges …. so, no tips about getting kids to behave here. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Liza Downey

    August 31, while in labor with our second child. I've got to do better!

  11. Amanda Marie

    This is a beautiful post, Kendra! I love the Rosary to pieces; I have literally had rosaries fall apart on me before. ๐Ÿ™‚
    While I don't have a family of my own (discerning and all that jazz), I do teach 4th grade religious ed at the local parish. One of the things I make a priority every class is two decades of the Rosary. The kids love it and will remind me when we are getting close to the end of class so that we have time to pray. It is beautiful.
    Yesterday I prayed the Rosary on the walk to/from work. Three decades on the way there and the rest on the way home.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Ashley

    This morning with my husband.

    I started saying a daily rosary two years ago. It started with much wailing and gnashing of teeth by me, but I begrudgingly said it every day. It started with listening to the audio rosary in the car on my way to work. After a few months, I realized I was getting so distracted by just listening that I needed to SAY it. So, begrudgingly again, I started saying it myself. After a few months of that, I realized I really needed to try to pray the rosary WITH my family as much as possible instead of simply by myself. So on my husband's days off from work we would say the rosary together, with our kids (at the time 2 yrs old and newborn). This was also done often times with thoughts of "Ok, let's pray this and get it done." After a few months of that, my husband and I realized we needed to start making saying a daily rosary together EVERY day a priority. And we realized that instead of spending 15 or 20 minutes in the morning before he went to work just wasting time surfing the internet or facebook, we could pray the rosary together. So that's what we do now. We don't make it an option…even when we don't feel like it, we just DO it.

    And I will say, even after two years of never missing a day of saying the rosary, I still do sometimes treat it like "let's get this off our check list". BUT…I really do feel that slowly (VERY slowly), every time I say it, it is chipping off a tiny piece of pride in my heart and bringing me closer to God. I am a firm believer that our emotions do not tell us how strong our spiritual life is (thank goodness)…so just because, like you, I don't get "warm and fuzzy feelings" when I say the rosary, it doesn't mean it is not a wonderful thing to do.

    I have a feeling that soon, God will be calling me to make a daily rosary with my ENTIRE family, not just my husband, a priority. With a 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and new baby due in March, we're not there yet…but I know God will keep chipping away at my heart and somehow get me there (probably, still, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth) ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Bethany Ann

    A whole rosary about two weeks ago on a plane ride by myself. As a family we do a decade or two a night. Hoping during Advent to get everyone doing the whole thing as a family.

  14. Angel Gebeau

    This morning did a decade while doing the dishes. Just finished doing a decade 54 days at the end of other family prayers at night. We've found that starting with a decade as worked well. Now we just need to add too it.

    Asking anyone reading this for prayers to find my lost rosary from my grandma that I received at my Confirmation (20 years ago). I tried to keep it in my purse at the ready and now it's missing somewhere between here and Cuba. St. Anthony!

  15. Kate

    I haven't said a rosary in a long time — since this summer on a service trip with the high schoolers from our parish!

  16. Kaitlin @ More Like Mary

    I prayed a decade yesterday while on a pretend hike with the preschoolers at our homeschool co-op. Great post! Thanks for the motivation to pray it more often.

  17. Donna Fontenot

    I haven't prayed a rosary since last lent. I really want to try to start a family rosary, but need to work up to it with my husband. Neither of us came from families that prayed the rosary even though we are cradle catholics. I definitely aim to do differently with our family, but it does seem like a lofty goal with wiggly littles!

  18. Amanda

    We got a decade in yesterday but it's been a week since our last whole one. Last lent we did one every day and it was….challenging. Yea lent for challenging me! But since then it's gone way down and only happens in 20 minute car rides. Thanks for the encouragement!

  19. Elisa BlissfulE

    Heard on Ave Maria radio: Why do we pray the rosary? Because we have a Jewish mother who knows how to homeschool her kids! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Soon after my husband and I made our Protestant-to-Catholic conversion together, we were still a bit iffy on praying to Mary. Especially my husband. One evening, we were being kept awake by a neighbour's new dog who was clearly upset and barking incessantly. So my husband decided to see if Mary would help us out. He prayed something like, "Mary, if you are listening, please pray for us that this dog would stop barking." Immediate silence! We have been praying the rosary ever since.

    Mary's intercession has been particularly powerful for a difficult family member. I pray a rosary daily for this family member. Once, I skipped a day out of laziness. That person lashed out at me (as had been normal since the time this person became aware that I was converting), for the first time in a long while, the very day I missed the rosary.

    I pray it every morning from first consciousness. I don't have any of the proper morning prayers memorised, so I launch in with the sign of the cross and the Creed. Sometimes I'm so sleep-befuddled that I end up repeating the bead I'm on until I get it right finally, but I persevere. I try to get through as many decades as I can before it's time to walk to 6:30 Mass. I try to finish before or after Mass, and if I'm still not done by the time we get home, I close myself in my room and finish it before I get on with my homeschooling day. Because I have learned if I don't have Mama Mary's intercession I get snappish, the way I so often was as a Protestant homeschooler. In fact, these days, if I get snappish at my kids I can guarantee I haven't finished my rosary for the day. St Mary, pray for us!!!! I need it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Jazlyn

    I say the rosary every night while getting the baby to sleep, but haven't involved the toddler yet. I will have to try saying a decade care with her.

  21. Kate @Our Epic Life

    I prayed a rosary yesterday while sweeping the floor during a very rare 20 minutes when my five month old was happy playing by himself ;). I find if I can keep my hands busy while praying, I mind doing it far less (and stay awake far better!).

  22. Rachel

    Last week I said a (very distracted and interrupted by little ones) rosary while praying for a friend during surgery. I am a newer Catholic (3yrs) and still don't feel like I do a very good job praying the rosary. But one of the biggest reasons for my conversion was of the Holy Mother! I really want to be better at understanding the mysteries and consistently praying the rosary.

  23. Karyn

    I think it's good to know that the Rosary doesn't always have to be said in its entirety either. If you said one decade each time you cleaned up the dining room table/kitchen…you would already have three decades completed!

  24. Lizzie

    Last night. For my auntie who is dying.
    I find little kids do best when they are praying with other little kids! We have a rosary group that meets every other week or so. Moms and kids say the rosary together, then the kids play while the moms visit.

  25. Sashah

    I last prayed (half) a rosary in front of the local abortion mill for 40 days for life. It was only half because partway through a man approached and said "It's so nice to see you Catholics down here!" and a wonderful conversation followed. I have been thinking about figuring out when to start trying to pray the rosary with my one year old daughter and that chews life rosary would be such a help with that. Both me and my mom have been looking for a good baby friendly rosary and that's the first I've seen! Thank you for the beautiful article.

  26. Shannon

    We last said the Rosary last night. My tip for remembering to say it is to make it part of the bedtime routine. And tip for wrangling kids is to show them pictures of the mysteries, and let them lead some of the prayers as soon as they know them (my son says "hail Mary… The lord is with me" lol), and just. Keep. Saying it. Try not to keep interrupting to correct the kids, just let it go and keep praying. We only do a decade at a time (kids are 5, 3, 1 and 7 wks). I definitely agree that saying it imperfectly is better than not at all ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Jamie

    I use a rosary app every morning in the car on the way to my son's autism therapy center. I had grand intentions of beginning a rosary habit to start our homeschool day with the kids this month but we were sidelined by illness. Can you say spiritual warfare? Next week is our week though! I would love to win!

  28. Mary Beth

    I think the last time I prayed the Rosary was when my almost two-year-old was a newborn. With another baby on the way, I appreciate your reminder that it's still important to pray the Rosary together as a family even with (especially with?) small children.

  29. Sarah Baker

    I say it in the car after dropping my daughter off at school. I have a 30 minute drive back home, and it's a peaceful country drive, so it's perfect for reciting the Rosary. I said it this morning on the way home from school.

  30. Melissa

    This morning on the way to work thanks to Catholic Radio. Haven't been brave enough to try it with the kids yet.

  31. Anonymous

    I said one (or most of one?) when I was up in the night with the baby. I actually didn't realize until fairly recently that it was ok to not do It all in one sitting! So sometimes I try to say the beginning when I'm up in the night, then a decade here and there throughout the day.

  32. Jennifer M

    We try to pray the rosary with our littles every day, but 3-4 times per week is probably more accurate.

  33. Katie Reedy

    My daughters and I prayed the rosary last weekend for the first time together. My three year old just repeating the words Hail Mary over an over. Even though a cradle catholic, the rosary was just something my grandmothers prayed in church after morning mass. I want to my daughters to have their faith as part of their daily life and I feel praying the rosary together is a good foundation to this. I am excited to look into the books you have recommended. I am intrigued by the chewy rosary for my youngest daughter and like the idea of the rosary being accessible not something to saved for special occasions and placed in a jewelry box.

  34. Adele Chlebeck

    I say the Rosary while I nurse our littlest to sleep. We also give the rosary to our other girls (we only have three girls) when they are calming down and suggest they talk to Mary. Every once in awhile our oldest (who is six) will ask for the Rosary and to sit quietly and talk to Mary before the world explodes, but only every once in a very long while.

  35. Laurel

    We still haven't attempted it with my children, but I was just talking to my husband the other night about doing it. I think we will start out short with just a decade and build up from there.

  36. Anna

    We last prayed the Rosary 2 nights ago. Best tip for remembering to do it: ask your husband not to let you forget!

  37. Sarah

    I said mine last night before nodding off to sleep. I think my best tip is to break it up throughout the day. One of my favorite times to pray it is while nursing a newborn.

  38. Ashley Sue

    We said the Rosary after dinner; the Luminous Mysteries are my favorite. When Meg Hunter-Kilmer was staying with us she suggested saying the Rosary with 3 Hail Mary long decades instead of just doing a decade. It's been a game changer for saying the Rosary with the chickadees. Before we just did a decade, so I had to remember which mystery we were on or the flow was off and halting.

    • Jenny Cook

      Wow…that's a genius move right there, the 3 bead decade thing. I get worried about Mary considering it cheating…however, as G.K. Chesterton said, "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly."

  39. Heather Knox

    I think the last time I said a rosary was about a week ago! I had been saying it every night, but I got into a bad habit of skipping it or forgetting. My favorite time to say it is right after I get my children to bed and the house is finally quiet. It helps to center me and bring me a minute of peace before I start to straighten up the day's mess.

  40. Kirby

    When the baby is in her "only sleep on a living breathing person" phase, I use the rosary to "time" how long she has been asleep. For instance, normally she takes two decades to fall asleep, but if her eyes are still open by the fourth decade you were probably just going to have to try again later.
    Saying the rosary slows my breathing and helps her fall asleep faster too.

    I also say that rosary on my fingers (because beads are FAR too distracting for my babies.) God gave us ten fingers for a reason. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. mckmnm

    We prayed the rosary last night. It's part of our family's bedtime routine.

  42. the Mosi

    I usually try to get in at least a decade a day, but lately even that has been slipping. Probably explains my increasing discontent with my children, my life, etc. I have considered many times over the years saying a rosary a day but my immediate thought after that is "yeah right, there's no way I could actually do that". Probably the devil. Anyway, the few times we've tried with the kids we let them each have their own rosary, we;ve let them take turns passing them out and then collecting them at the end to put back in the special tin, we've tried kneeling in front of an image or sitting on the floor together, letting them help lead the prayers is good, especially for my son who always wants to be in charge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Betka

    We said a family rosary night before last. That time we said it in the boys' room with the boys already in bed, and a goodly number of them were asleep by the time we ended. We also like to say it in the living room with candles, because getting to snuff a candle is such a motivator for my kids.

  44. Brianne

    I started my daily rosary this morning in the car, and I'll finish it when I drive home tonight. I try to say the rosary everyday in the car, with my little ones joining in when they can!

  45. Laura Hannon

    I coordinate with my husband and get the opportunity to go to adoration once week after the kids go to bed. I sometimes say the rosary, sometimes the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and sometimes nothing. I took my priests advice and sat doing nothing this past week. That was tough!

  46. Kathryn Ward

    I said a decade this morning while walking on the treadmill. The best time to say with my 3 year old is in the car but only a decade.

  47. Heather Hakes

    My daughters (2 and 5) and I said a decade last night. When my husband isn't home and I'm in charge of bedtime, we say a decade instead of reading another story.

  48. Cheri Mallahan

    On Wednesday. Our parish organized everyone into geographical areas and we meet once a month with other parishioners who live in our neighborhood. We ate dinner together and prayed a rosary with 9 adults and 11 children. It was clumsy and loud and a little chaotic and so very beautiful.

  49. Nikki

    We've never said a rosary as a family and I've participated in one at a women's retreat last year. As a convert to the faith 4 years ago, this was not covered in RCIA and I wish it had been! This is another great opportunity to enrich our family's faith.

  50. Patti

    Sunday was the last time I said the rosary with the kids. We use to say it way more regularly but the past year I feel I'm doing ok if we can do a decade a couple of days a week and then on Sunday's a full Rosary. Daily is always my goal, of course.
    Things that help with my kids is saying the Rosary in the family room with the baby gate up so the kids can't leave the room. We also use our Rosary dvd with beautiful images. My kids love the dvd, it keeps us on track and if I have to get up to get the baby off the book shelf and happen to lose focus, the older kids can continue on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Laura Brophy

    I last said one yesterday in the car- 4 decades on the way, 1 on the way back. I find it easiest to remember to say a rosary when it's part of my daily schedule, in a slot where it fits (for example- the 20 minute drive to work or on your evening walk).

  52. Laurie

    I said it in the car Wednesday with our 3 little guys. They chime in every once in a while. I am not good at being consistent, but we try. Love the materials

  53. Ihles

    This is terribly embarrassing to admit, but I am really bad about only praying the rosary when I am in a desperate situation. The last rosary I prayed was August 29 when I found out I was unexpectedly expecting our 4th child, a pregnancy I knew my husband would be furious about because he was quite clear that we were DONE having babies. Apparently God had other plans for a 10th anniversary present that month. Sadly, on September 28, shortly after he had finally come around and started to get excited about the baby and started talking baby names, I found out at my 8 week appointment that I had lost the baby. Now almost 4 weeks and a d&c later I'm struggling to pray at all.

    • Sarah

      Oh, Ihles, I am so sorry for your loss, and the emotional struggles you've had tied to the pregnancy, too. We will pray for you for comfort in the midst of your deep sorrow, and for you and your husband. May Our Lord hold you tenderly in His arms, and Our Lady wrap her sweet mantle around you. I know how hard such things can be, we just had a miscarriage in April of this year, and I'm still not recovered in some ways. I just keep feeling drawn to "abandon it all to God", to hand it to Him and say "Thy will be done" even if I don't feel it, to consciously offer it up to Him to take and heal my heart and soul. Even if I don't feel it and still have the emotions which are truly natural, I know I'm giving it my best and letting Him do the rest. God bless you!

  54. Sarah Rooney

    Yesterday evening in the car as I was headed to give an NFP talk. We say the Hail Mary every night with our young daughter and are working towards saying a decade.

    • Sara Rooney

      Woah… Hi Sarah! I was a bit weirded out to see your (our) name here as I was scrolling down to add my comment. Just had to stop and say hi!

  55. Stephanie

    My husband and I prayed one together Wednesday night. I am working on actually praying it instead of sitting there thinking about everything else and saying the words. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's kinda hard but good.

  56. Karina

    We committed to praying a decade a day, same mystery, for the month of October, in conjunction with other families. It's a living rosary, so even if we don't say the entire rosary, it's being said between all our friends. I've wanted to add this to our nightly routine for so long, and this has been just what we needed. The kids are reminding us, so that helps. And dad usually holds the toddlers, while I nurse the baby. The rest of the kids can handle a decade. (We have 8 like you). =)

  57. Sarah Gould

    I usually end up starting my rosary in the middle of the night when I'm up with my teething baby (a soft rosary sounds great right now!). I often end up finishing it the next day if not in the night.

  58. Nicole Ernest

    I prayed the rosary this morning. With our kids we love to pray the rosary with the holy heroes CDs!

  59. kelli

    Ugh…lent. we are so good at saying the rosary during lent. Now I feel guilty for not making a better effort.

  60. Maddy

    I have a similar attitude towards it, and I'm hoping that after decades of "grit my teeth and bear it" rosaries I may one day be a peaceful grandmother who enjoys beautiful mediations as she rocks in her rocking chair, fingering her beads. But regardless, my main motivation in praying it daily at the moment is that my husband and I have noticed that we are nicer to each other in general if we make time to pray it together every day (or almost every day — yesterday the baby was sick). Our toddler is pretty used to our after-dinner habit and usually, thank God, is content to play with his toys while we pray. Sometimes I stack blocks with him while praying. He'll walk around with a cheap plastic rosary and laugh when we pray in unison. Neither my husband nor I are especially disciplined about prayer, so having a set, repetitive task to check off, so to speak, works well for us.

    • Maddy

      Ha! I meant "decades" in years, but now I see it was accidentally loaded with a double meaning!

      Also "meditations," not "mediations." sigh.

    • Kendra

      Your spelling errors are really REALLY appropriate though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Erika Xavier

    The last time I prayed the rosary uninterrupted was while sleep training my daughter. Only way to get through the tears right?! Haha but I try to say a decade here and there throughout the day. I usually get them in during tantrums or while I'm trying to fall asleep, but I'd love to start making the full rosary a priority again!

  62. Sara Rooney

    Just last night! I've never done one before, so I downloaded an app to help me through it. (There's truly an app for everything ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  63. jgehretmc

    I said 3/5 of a rosary last night. I try to get one in during walks or in the car

  64. Kimberly

    We prayed the Glorious Mysteries with our kids last week, over the course of a few days, a decade or two each night with our bedtime prayers. We'd like to pray the whole thing together, but sometimes breaking it up that way is easier for my wild littles ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. Pamela

    This post makes me think of my Grandfather. I spent one month every summer with my Grandparents who prayed the rosary thrice daily. I Didn't pray a single rosary for 25 years ….till the last time I was in labor. I just knew that is what I had to do, and yes you can count on your fingers…. My prayers were answered and my Protestant family in the room was completely confused!! lol

  66. KristyS

    About a month ago when we were in the midst of some big life decisions (new job, location, house, etc.). Definitely something I strive to do more often though!

  67. sarahmcE

    Last night. We try to say a decade each night with out 2 toddlers. It's a work in progress, for sure, and we have good nights and bad nights, but we just keep on keeping on. You're right – hearing the 3 year old, and then the 1 year old leading their Hail Marys is just the sweetest thing!

  68. Katie

    I last said a rosary last week while on a plane with a rough landing. The familiar prayers and rhythm of praying gave me peace as I held my infant son. Thanks be to God, we landed safely.

  69. LauraB

    I find it easiest to get a couple rosaries in while doing dishes etc….just play an audio version and pray along.

  70. Danielle

    My best tip for remembering to say the rosary myself and with the kids is to make use of time in the car- I listen to a podcast of the rosary when I'm by myself in the car, and my kids enjoy listening to the Holy Heroes rosary CDs.

  71. Elizabeth

    Oh I just love the Peanut butter and Grace books! My boys and I do a decade in the afternoons during the week, but with house guests it's been tricky the past few days. I can safely say I know we said out decade Monday. ..

  72. Britta

    I prayed with my family the night before last. We try the "decade a day" concept right now and it's working with our big brood so far!

  73. Ann-Marie Ulczynski

    I felt awful on Tuesday, so I laid on the couch and prayed the Rosary while my five year old made lunch for the three year old (with a good attitude, no whining, no complaining!) Miracles of miracles!

  74. Caroline

    We said the rosary as a family on Wednesday at the children's Eucharistic hour at our parish, and I have started mine this morning while waiting (and waiting) at the doctors office for my yearly check up. I didn't get to finish it, as my mind was distracted by postings in the office about how so many dietary supplements don't really contain any of the listed ingredients. St. John wort? Nope, just dried rice, wild carrots and peas… Ginkgo blobs, no, just beets, dried rice, and some other random vegetables…

  75. Kate B.

    The last rosary I said was at our school for an ill parent. I had 2 little ones in the pew with me.

  76. Celia

    Yesterday. We usually take a walk to pray the rosary after dinner. Sometimes the kids fully participate; sometimes we get a good decade in before they run ahead together. Usually walking helps the kids who are easily distracted.

  77. Jennifer Siegel

    When I used to teach kindergarten, I would have a print out of the Rosary and would have them color in the beads as we prayed each prayer. I usually pray part of the Rosary at night right before going to sleep.

  78. Orris Family

    Prayed the rosary twice this morning on 2 hr car ride with my kids. My husband leads a family holy hour once a month at our church. Watching and hearing the kids at the communion rail Praying is priceless. I love their prayer intentions! Warms my heart

  79. Katrina

    A couple nights ago while holding my sick toddler in her bed and waiting for her to fall asleep. I am still struggling on the rosary with the kiddos. We do really well with the Divine Mercy Chalet as we can sing it quickly and it is scheduledfor 3, but the fact that we can say the rosary whenever means we don't usually say it except for long trips in the car.

  80. Katrina

    A couple nights ago while holding my sick toddler in her bed and waiting for her to fall asleep. I am still struggling on the rosary with the kiddos. We do really well with the Divine Mercy Chalet as we can sing it quickly and it is scheduledfor 3, but the fact that we can say the rosary whenever means we don't usually say it except for long trips in the car.

  81. Claire

    I've never tried it with the kids, ( ages 4, 2, and 3 months) but I should! By myself I pray before bed but usually fall asleep before I get very far.

  82. bluejayfan

    I can't remember the last time I said the rosary, although I would guess it has been within the past year:)

  83. Jen @ Into Your Will

    I prayed a rosary earlier today when my kids were sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚ We really need to get on the family rosary train…

  84. Unknown

    The last time I recall praying the rosary was a couple days ago. I prayed it in spurts while nursing/rocking the baby, with the kids, and finished it after the kids were in bed. We like to pray a decade with the kids at night (not every day, but maybe I'll shoot for that this October!). They are 4, 2, and 11 months old. They all have their own baby/kid rosary and we have a little book with images for each mystery that they look at. They actually like praying the rosary since it's only a decade and not too long! As they get older, hopefully we can get to doing more than just one decade, but I think it's a good place to start.

  85. Annery

    About a week ago. I say it late at night when I have trouble sleeping.

  86. Margaret

    I said a whole rosary last week, driving home alone after a knitting meet-up. We are trying Auntie Leila's slow-start method with the family…though taking longer at ramping it up… We say the Apostle's Creed, Our Father, three Hail Mary's and a Glory Be. We mean to add a decade to that, and so on, and so forth. It's hard with only a three year old and one year old–we just want to get them in bed as fast as we can.

  87. Marie

    The last time was – I think – on our way home from vacation on the 12th. Oops… that means my husband and I missed our weekly one on Sunday. Still working on a good method (a regular one, anyway, when we're not in the car) with our kids (1.5 and 4 this week). But when I've had a nursing baby, I say one at least daily while nursing. Just picked a certain nursing that worked out well and used a knotted rosary so it wouldn't make noise. Eventually, I had to start getting stealthy because they wanted to play with it or they didn't nurse long enough to say a rosary. Guess we need another baby around here so I get back on the rosary-a-day routine! My daughter (the older one) now has the rosary I prayed with while nursing her and my son will get his … maybe when he's 2.

  88. Audrey

    It was about a month ago. I'd gotten into a good rhythm of saying it in the car on the way home from work, and then I just….stopped. (And I had All The Good Excuses….including the "recent convert! I'm not used to this!" card). Then, yesterday at my sons's preschool conference I noticed that the kids' Catholic DVD lending library had "The Rosary" front and center–so I checked it out. And now I see your post! I think the Holy Spirit is giving me a nudge that today is the day to pray the Rosary (again)!

  89. Michelle

    The last time I said a rosary was last Thursday in the car with my daughter, and I was upset or grumpy or something… and it really helped. We only did one decade and she got a little mumbly on the words at the end, but it was calming and wonderful and brought me joy.

  90. Kati

    We have gotten pretty consistent about saying a family Rosary on Sunday evenings, so mine was this past Sunday. I'm thinking we should add one more day…then one more…all the way til it's every day. We can do it!

  91. Eva

    Oh goodness, maybe a week or two ago when I was on an airplane? But, I think it led to me falling asleep. Props to my Guardian Angel. I agree with you Kendra; never really get the feels for the Rosary. But, I do love praying it on long car rides.

  92. Jessica

    We've been saying a decade every night as a family. Our kids are 4.5, 3, and 1.5.

  93. Sarah G.

    Early this morning, when I woke up to feed my newborn son. I've found 3am feedings a great time to quietly mediate and pray.

  94. Kelsey

    I've switched my rosary time to when I am nursing my babe when he first gets up in the morning. So far I'm 9 for 9!

  95. ะœaria

    I'm a neverending cycle of start praying the rosary daily – miss a day here and there – miss more days more often – stop for a while – start praying the rosary daily. Maybe this is one of those things to just need to insist needs to happen. Anyyyy wayyy. Last time I prayed one was a week ago!

  96. Christy

    We've just started saying family decades each night and are trying to work our way up to the whole Rosary. Our 4 year old is great at it, and our 2 year old is perfectly willing to play with the beads and look at the pictures on the medals. The 2 month old is definitely the best behaved though ๐Ÿ™‚ I last said a Rosary 2 nights ago with my husband!

  97. Claire

    We muddled through a decade with the kids last night – does a decade count?

  98. Sarah

    Two weeks ago… And I am horrible at saying the rosary with my kids! And I am totally with Maria on committing to a daily rosary and then falling off the wagon again and again…

  99. Anna

    A full one? Earlier this week. I use nursing-before-bed time to try and get mine in. With an agnostic husband I haven't been brave enough to try a nightly Rosary with my 2yo yet. If he's being ridiculous at bedtime I'll start saying one out loud and sometimes that gets him to be quiet.

  100. Laura Miller

    Oh, dear. Truthfully, I think the last time was when I was in school. Thank you for this post.

  101. Anne R Triolo

    last school year I made the rosary a snuggly time between family breakfast/getting dad out the door, and digging in to the school books. We'd pile on the sofa under a blanket and use our rosary flip book to look at the pictures while we prayed. I'd let the children wander in and out if they chose. This school year our schedule has been a continual guessing game, so I don't know when we say it which means we don't! So my advice is, make it sweet and loving family time, and make it a part of your routine and I think if you have a lot of little ones that morning is often preferable!

  102. Elizabeth

    I really don't remember when I began the rosary – maybe two years ago, about Christmastime? And my last rosary that I actually managed to finish? Not sure about that, either. But I prayed a decade before Mass last week!

    And those giveaway prizes all look amazing; thanks so much for offering them!

  103. Michelle

    I said a rosary two days ago. I pray it once a week. I want to increase that.

  104. CArch

    I prayed one two mornings ago, in the wee hours, by myself. It was glorious. And sleepy.
    Trying for the family rosary at night….I just tell myself it's gotta be giving me time off purgatory anytime I manage not to loose it y'all.

  105. Alea

    My kids and I say a rosary over the course of the school week each week. At the beginning of the school year we each pick a day of the week and we say our decade in the car on the way home (one set of mysteries each week, instead of doing the right mysteries on the right day). It keeps the ride home from being a time to whine about school, each other, and what snack should be that day. There are five of us, and five days of school, and five decades in a rosary – so I just think God worked that out well for us. We alternate years on who gets the 'long' prayer days of Monday & Friday. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the last rosary I FINISHED was last week because Grandma brought everyone home today. You listed lots of great products today! I think I'll do some Christmas shopping for kids & god-kids!

  106. Megan Kelsey

    It's been a few weeks for me, this is good encouragement as we have opted for the divine mercy chaplet lately to speed things up (and because I do also love that prayer!)

  107. Lina


    its just not my go to devotional, I'm a Lectio Divina kinda gal lol.

  108. Catalina

    We just prayed our daily rosary about an hour ago! Thanks to a home visit of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima from our diocesan Office of Marian Apostolate three years ago, we prayed the rosary daily while we had her and never quit.

  109. Grace Degen

    Last night with my husband. We put our Mary statute by a picture of JPll and lit a candle. We set a daily alarm on our phones otherwise we tend to push it off. Love the blog Kendra!

  110. Grace Degen

    Last night with my husband. We put our Mary statute by a picture of JPll and lit a candle. We set a daily alarm on our phones otherwise we tend to push it off. Love the blog Kendra!

  111. Robyn

    Ugh, spring? My kids know all the prayers because they listen to them sung on a CD at bedtime, but I am terrible at sitting with them to pray the whole thing. You are right. It is a good month to get back in the habit.

  112. Schafergal (Ashley)

    Kendra, thanks for your encouragement last month by email – I was wondering how to improve our family prayer time, and you said just go for it and don't expect perfection (or anything close to it!). Our family prayers have gotten exponentially better since then. Thanks for the push I needed! We've been praying a decade on the way to and from school, and nighttime prayers are much better too.

    And funny rosary story just from today – a friend and I had planned on walking after school drop off. Just as we were about to start, another friend showed up and invited us to join her for a rosary in the church. I'll admit – I inwardly groaned. I just wanted to exercise! But my walking partner was agreeable, so off we went into the church. But, 20 minutes later, off we went on our walk, and my soul was so much happier. Why is it, that even after praying the rosary for most of my life, I still balk every time? As you said, I never regret saying it after the fact. You'd think I'd have a better attitude?

    • Kendra

      You're welcome Ashley. I'm so glad.

      And, yes! You'd think we'd learn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Elizabeth

    We say a decade each night and the whole family rosary on Sundays.

  114. Alison

    We have never made it all the way through as a family. We are baby Catholics, including DH and I, and we are trying to get at least some of it in on a regular basis and working our way up. You've given me the kick I need to make it all the way through one as a family this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Anonymous

    Last time I said a whole rosary was months and months ago sadly. I used to say one every morning during my commute, but now I don't commute and I lost the habit. But the last time I started one, was a week or two ago, I said it on my walk with my little. She's only four months, but I hope that by me saying the prayers aloud she is taking it all in. We only got through two decades before rain sent us (me) running back home, the rosary forgotten in my pocket.

  116. Sara

    A few days ago. I do best to pray the rosary when I am traveling to and from work.

  117. Emily Hines

    I prayed a few decades tonight. The best way to get myself to be the most consistent is to commit to a 54 day novena, then I really won't want to miss a day! I whisper Hail Marys to my son as I put him to bed… Hopefully that won't cause him to always get sleepy during the rosary when he is older!!

  118. Deb

    We prayed a family rosary on Sunday, as we do every Sunday on the way to and from Mass. We find car rides a great time to pray the rosary together. There have been periods when I've been better about saying a daily rosary either by myself or with the kids, and I think the key has been to get past my perfectionism and just start it. Even if I don't think I'll have enough time right then for the whole thing or if the environment isn't perfectly silent and holy, if I just put forth the effort to begin, God usually gives me the grace to find a way to finish.

  119. Chantal

    We have little ones so our family rosaries can be chaotic, but we love using images that the kids can change for each decade. Thanks for the giveaway,

  120. Carrie Archual

    I appreciate if anyone has any insight (I have a 3 yr old and a baby) as to the pace of the family rosary….if we allowed ourselves to speak at the speed our daughter says the prayers, it would take an hour and a half. But I don't want to just blaze through it so quickly that she can't keep up. Anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks!

  121. Maria

    I love saying the rosary! I would say the last time I prayed it was a few weeks ago.

  122. Jennifer

    I pray the rosary while I run. Sometimes I miss a "bead" and forget which mystery I'm on, but I give it my best shot. The last time with the kids was in September and it was only a decade, but it was a good start. Great post. I always learn so much from your blog and enjoy your humility when it comes to living the Catholic life. Sometimes the going is good, and sometimes the going is just not so good. My mother-in-law used to say, "A saint is a sinner, who keeps on trying." Amen to that.

  123. The Housewife

    The first and most recent was on the Feast of the Holy Rosary. Done while me and my girls walked the dog. They lost interest pretty quickly but I finished And took us the exact time it takes to walk the dog. Hope to try again soon

  124. Rachel Neal

    The last time I prayed a Rosary was yesterday on a half hour car ride with my five sons. I usually don't try to do it in the car with them because they are, well, distractions to my prayer and I don't want to spend the whole time yelling at them to "Be Quiet!, Mom's praying!" But last week or so I read a prayer you posted about how a good enough Rosary was good enough so I went for it. It took the whole half hour but I made it through with no hurt feelings on their part and a huge dose of grace on mine! We have been praying a decade each morning together before we start school during October. We sit in a circle and take turns praying together. This week we focused on not interrupting the prayer with other conversation and not yelling at someone that it was their turn. We just stare lovingly at whomever's turn it is until they feel our eyes burning holes through them and start their Hail Mary. But I've gotta get one of those Chews Life Rosaries for my baby. That's too cute!

  125. Anjelinac

    Thank you for all these wonderful resources! I try to pray the rosary daily but lately have fallen short.

  126. Dale

    The last time I prayed a rosary was Wednesday. I'm really trying to get in the habit…maybe not daily (yet!) but at least 2-3 times a week!

  127. Katie Paladino

    I listened and recited the Rosary(on a podcast) while my boys napped and I cleaned the house!

  128. Kristen

    I say the rosary every morning while I walk our dog. ๐Ÿ™‚ With the kids (we have 6, ages 15 down to 3) we say a rosary about twice a month and have them take turns leading the mysteries. We have learned that the youngest will dance and wiggle through the whole thing, but they are still in the same room hearing the prayers so we run with it!

  129. Julia Romeiser

    Earlier this week while out for a walk and waiting for baby to be born. I always find myself saying a rosary to recenter myself and be at peace with the day's trials and tribulations.

  130. Rebecca

    On a walk this afternoon! With a 4yo and 1yo it's hard to say as a family, but my husband and I pray it nighty, even if it's just a decade or two together. Our 1yo wants to hold his rosary whenever we say any prayers, always, saying "rowsy, rowsy!"

  131. Amanda

    We pray the rosary on Wednesdays with a small group of families in the courtyard at our church.

    Funny story about the rosary: My husband was meeting with our parish priest to discuss stuff about him coming into the Church and he mentioned off-hand about a person from our rosary group. Fr. Winslow said 'wait, you were going to rosary? Did you participate?" My husband said "Well, yeah, I researched it and realized there was no scriptural basis not to so I joined in after awhile" and Fr. said "Oh, well you know that was the kiss of death, right?" and smiled. Lol! But it's so true, many many people end up inexplicably converting after coming to realize the rosary isn't a bad prayer and occasionally praying it.

  132. Megan

    I prayed the rosary this evening after dinner. Need to involve my kids, but that just sounds stressful, so I haven't ventured there yet!

  133. Chris and Rachel

    Truthfully, I say Rosary decades more often than full Rosaries. My prayer of choice is typically lectio divina on the daily readings, but I say decades on and off, especially if I'm up with the baby in the middle of the night or unable to go to sleep. I do love to say the Rosary in a group though, especially When it's not rushed and just very calm and meditative (aka not with toddlers :-D)

  134. Jamie Peterson

    The last time I prayed the rosary was in September, when my husbands grandmother died.

  135. Laura

    I hardly ever say the rosary, especially with my kids, but I'd really like to start.

  136. Amy Jeanie

    Last week, praying for a friend's intention. I almost always pray the rosary in the car, I have an audio recording I listen to and it's just about the perfect length to match my commute.

  137. Aimee Landreneau

    A week ago. I hate that it's been that long, but that's the honest truth. When we are home, we are pretty good about getting it in everyday. On vacation, when our schedule is all jacked, not so much. As far as kids go, we expect responses and relative stillness. If they are responding/leading respectfully while laying on the floor or relaxing in a chair, that's fine. If they are particularly wiggly, they come snuggle with mom or dad on the couch (sitting up). I want it to be a positive experience, so our rules are pretty mellow as long as they are respectful.

  138. Lucy

    We try to say at least a decade on the way to school in the morning. Often that is all we get in, but I'm always to say the rosary more often.

  139. Team Frowow

    We last said a rosary (ok, only one decade) on the way to Mass this morning. I instituted it as a new family tradition because I was tired of the bickering on the way to Mass. If our lips are praying, our mouths aren't arguing.

  140. smuehleck

    We are new Catholic converts (though my husband is a "revert"). So we are still teaching our children the prayers and hope to start praying the rosary together soon. This would be an amazon jump start for us!

  141. Christina

    We said a rosary tonight, inspired by all you Catholic bloggers and your rosary posts lately. Thank you!!!

  142. Minny Mama

    We try to pray the rosary together at night after getting the kids to bed, or I start it myself while nursing the baby down for nap time. I really don't have any advice – rosaries usually get turned into beards around here! I do have an alarm set on my phone for 8 p.m., which reminds me, and I sleep with a rosary in hand so it's always under my pillow, waiting for me. Most of the time, my Guardian Angel has to finish for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  143. Kate

    This morning while on my run, which is probably my favorite time to say a rosary. I love being in nature and praying there. I'm a JPLII kind of girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. Beth Peterson

    I started a rosary this afternoon and will probably finish it nursing the baby tonight. I haven't started any family rosaries yet, but am feeling inspired from your post. Thank you for the encouragement!

  145. Jenny

    Just finished one. I'm working on a 54 day rosary novena ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Cheryl Goheen

    Does it count if I arrived at mass in time to pray the Hail Holy Queen of the rosary being prayed before mass?

    I cling to the rosary when I am scared or anxious. I need to improve on praying it at other times as well.

  147. Lindsay Reetz

    I am Lutheran but my husband is Catholic. When I lost a baby at 19 weeks, my mother-in-law gave me a rosary in order to comfort me. I started praying the rosary that night. She gave me a birthstone rosary when I was pregnant with each of our other two children, and I use them while pregnant and nursing. I'm not great at praying it as a family, but I do pray at least a decade or two every day. With a two week old, I have long periods of time to nurse so I'm getting in a few a day (one was an hour ago!)

  148. Sara

    I switched from Catholic to public school in 4th grade, so…before that? But it is something I've been meaning to get on. I would need to have instructions in front of me…and an actual rosary…yeah, I need to get on that pronto.

  149. BV

    We are somewhat successful when the kids are sitting in special "grown-up" chairs to say the rosary with us. But it's still really tough.

  150. Elysia George

    I prayed my rosary on friday as i put my toddler down for a nap, i decided to pray and fall asleep as well.. my morning sickness is hitting me hard. I remember to pray it any time I have access to youtube. I play a rosary video (ie. mother angelica) so I keep on track. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities!

  151. Rachel B

    We typically say a rosary together in the evening, so our last rosary was last night. My only advice is to keep praying even if the rosary gets interrupted by little ones here and there!

  152. Alicia Copley

    It's been an embarrassingly long time since I said the rosary – several months, I think? I honestly don't remember. I used to say the rosary a lot as I waited (pleaded) for my son to fall asleep at night – on a good night it would only take a decade or two, on other nights it might be a couple rosaries.

    It used to be a regular part of my routine, but our family hasn't seemed to gotten the hang of it again since our son was born. But, I just ordered him a Chews Life rosary for his second birthday coming up soon and hope to start up this family devotion again!

  153. Liesl

    I don't get warm fuzzies either, so it's a struggle for me to feel like praying a rosary. I last prayed one on retreat a couple weekends ago.

  154. Elizabeth Brown

    It's been a very long time. My husband and I are both reverts and are getting back into incorporating prayer intentionally. ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. Mrs. Detwiler

    I prayed two decades of the rosary last night with my family. We are working our way up to saying five at a time… maybe by Christmas.

  156. B & C

    Our church just hosted a rosary, pizza, and movie night last Friday night in honor of rosary month. We started the night saying the rosary as a group then we ate pizza and desert, then we made our own rosary with beads and string, then we watched The Day the Sun Danced: The True Story of Fatima. My kids had a great time!

  157. Ellen

    I try to say a daily Rosary. I am not very good at wrangling my four year old. The best time I have found is when I have her at the chapel where there is Perpetual Adoration. There are books and rosaries and holy cards and as long as she is quiet, I don't mind if she is up and looking at things. So she will move around and recite with me when she feels like it. Another decent time is when she is cleaning her room. She will recite while putting things away. She likes to move while she prays.

  158. Elena aka happy homemaker

    We are trying to work up to a full rosary and so far have only done a decade a day. It might be time to just make the plunge.

  159. ElizabethClare

    I said a decade while in bed yesterday morning, but it has been a while since I've said a full rosary. I really like to pray the Hail Mary's slowly and reverently and so I seem to put it off too long!

  160. Jill VT

    I start saying a rosary every time I nurse, so I say them all the time – but then don't do a good job finishing!

  161. Theresa

    It has been a while since I've prayed the rosary, maybe since Lent?!? I did try the chocolate chip rosary with my 2.5 year old last year and she loved it! Time to try again!

  162. Anonymous

    I prayed a rosary the day before yesterday and often find the best time to pray is while I'm nursing my son! And if he doesn't want to nurse, I light the candles on our Oratory and he loves to watch them while sitting in my lap.

  163. Katie

    The last time I prayed a full rosary was during Lent. My husband and I are hoping to start a nightly prayer time with the whole family including the rosary. Having a 2.5 yr old and 1 year old it's been easy to keep telling myself we'll do it someday. Luckily this post was the kick in the rear I needed to say someday is never just going to happen unless I book it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's on the calendar for this coming Monday when our houseguests finally leave! I also have a few of your printables that I'm putting up (Prayer before meals and Morning Offering) in the kitchen as beautiful reminders for family prayer.

  164. Allison Howard

    Love this post, Kendra! I pray the rosary with my 6-year-old every morning in the car, starting with one decade and we are moving up from there to doing the full rosary every morning. I'm also starting a 54-day novena this Friday that ends on Christmas for the intention of marriage in our world, and some particular marriages and single people in my family. Timing will be great and then we'll see if I can continue daily from Christmas through Lent.

  165. Ali

    I prayed part of one last night with my daughter and part of one by myself until I fell asleep. After dragging my feet, I started teaching my daughter the rosary this month – rather than just praying the prayers – and until I read your post I forgot that October is the month of the Rosary. Thank you Blessed Mother!
    I pray at least part of a rosary almost every day, but unfortunately I rarely finish it. Your post is so encouraging and the point about mortification is good to keep in mind.
    I pray a 20 decade rosary every Holy Thursday during Eucharistic adoration at the altar of repose.

  166. Laura G

    Last Saturday evening, joined the Rosary being prayed on Relevant Radio while driving home from dropping off my 17 yr old daughter at a co-ed movie night. Was a peaceful ride home, and gave me a chance to pray for her night, too. Haven't prayed the Rosary as a family in quite awhile; kids really balk and eye roll, guess we need to pray together more often!

  167. Stephanie Muecke

    I said a rosary yesterday at my Mom's Rosary Group. We prayed alongside the Laudate App. I would love to instill a habit in our family to pray the rosary right after dinner every day. We have talked about starting to do this during Advent as a way to prepare for the birth of the baby Jesus and put straw in the manger every time we do it!

  168. Kfussner

    A whole rosary? Honestly, I can't remember. I say decades all day long, everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  169. OurLadyofGoodSuccess

    We pray the family rosary every night with 8 of our 9 children. We put the baby to bed at 8pm then kneel to pray the rosary and other family devotions after. The children get used to it. We let the younger ones say a few of the prayers. Dad usually leads but if everyone is antsy or it has gotten late, we take turns on each decade, keeps everyone on their toes. If it's a really crazy night irr we're sick or got home late,etc. we pray a decade. We pray rosaries in the car also if we're out shopping and know we're going to be home late and tired. It's our greatest weapon. We don't pray the luminous mysteries. We pray the exact rosary that Our Lady gave Saint Dominic. Just make it a priority and it'll be fine. God will give you graces you cannot imagine.

  170. Katie

    We make ours out of raisins (Hil Mary) and mini marshmallows (Our Fathers), which my son loves to eat, and therefore asks often for the Rosary! With him, I like CDs/streaming the sung prayers in the background, especially on drives. But with an almost 3 and 10 months they are just learning, I use Hail Marys for everything, to include you have one more Hail Mary then its time to go, clean up etc. as I pray it out loud it also helps me pray for a smooth transition, obedience, etc. but was still amazing and filled with such joy when he could say the entire prayer on his own. Prayed one together with the kids this afternoon!


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