The Second Annual Catholic All Year Catholic Costume Contest {now with even MORE prizes}

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Last year’s costume contest was really cool. I loved seeing all the great Catholic costumes you good folks and your kids can up with. So . . . even though I’m not sure the world needs any more of my All Saints Day costume posts, I decided to do it again. And, as it turns out, I’ve got quite a backlog of theme appropriate items to give away, so the prizes this year are really good!

Here’s how it works . . .

If your kids are dressing up in a Catholic costume for Halloween or All Saints Day share a photo on the Catholic All Year Facebook Page or use the hashtag #catholiccostume (singular) and tag me on Instagram. (If you have a private account, you’ll need to set it to public for the day so I can see your tag.) If you are not a social media type, you can email your photo to me at

Let me know if you prefer that I not use your photos on the blog.

The Prizes

1. From TAN Homeschool, a complete Dramatized Audio Bible . . .
I’ve been really impressed with these CDs from TAN Homeschool. They are my favorite part of a whole The Story of the Bible curriculum that includes a text book, teacher guide, student workbook, and even a lecture DVD series. The Dramatized Audio Book CD sets are filled with voices, music, and sound effects, and total 7.5 hours per volume. That’s going to get you through a LOT of driving or afternoon quiet time.  
For more on The Story of the Bible, see this post:

How to Raise Good Little Catholics

2. From Saint Mail, a three month subscription to Saint Mail.

I subscribed to Saint Mail
for my own kids with my own money, and it has been worth every penny.
Each month we receive a package in the mail all about one saint whose
feast is that month. There’s a letter from the saint with tons of great
information, plus crafts, trinkets, and little collectibles that my kids
L-O-V-E love.

My kids are learning about the saints (AND are quietly occupied for many
many minutes) each month without me having to do ANY of the prep work.
Molly from Saint Mail is a Catholic mom who is doing the prep work for
you, only way cuter than you’d do it. Tiny San Damiano cross for St.
Clare! Awesome leather bracelet with St. Benedict cross medallion for
St. Benedict that Bobby has been wearing for nearly two years straight! I cannot recommend Saint Mail enough.

For more on Saint Mail, see this post:


3. From Catholic Word, The Encyclopedia of Peg Saints, a cute little guide to creating your own little saint dolls . . .

I think this book will be what finally pushes us onto the Peg Saint Exchange bandwagon. Betty is really excited to do one with our Little Flowers group.

4. From Peanut Butter & Grace, Sense of the Sacred: a Coloring Book for Young Illuminators, a beautiful coloring book of sacred images . . .

I love these coloring pages to have on hand for a feast day activity, or something to do while we listen to an audio book. There’s a companion Illuminated Book of Catholic Prayers that pairs colored versions of the illustrations with traditional Catholic prayers.

5. From Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families, a printable 54 Card Deck of Super Saints . . . 

This kit comes with templates for all 54 Cards along with the official Super Saints back cover template. along with printing instructions and instructions on various games to play. There’s a pokemon-type game for older kids, or you can print out two sets to play simple matching games with little kids.

6. From Do Small Things With Love, Sixty-One Cross Stitch Saint Patterns . . . 

Betty (11) and I have been working on these lovelies and they COULD NOT BE CUTER. Seriously. I dare you to look at the little cross stitch buttons on St. Louis Martin’s blue topcoat and not just swoon. They are adorable. And really doable for even not-super-crafty-types. It’s excellent starter needlework if you’ve never done embroidery before, and easy enough for big kids to do all on their own. Anita (6) has been able to do some stitching with a lot of supervision, because it’s easy for the counting to get away from you.

The original set of forty saints can be found here, for only $3, and the 21 all new saints are here for just $2! The winner will get both sets for free.

7. From Printable Prayers (which is me), your choice of FOUR downloads from the shop . . . 

Could be the Guardian Angel Prayer, could be the Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin holy cards, could be the Litany of Humility, could be a JPII quote. The possibilities are endless. No, not endless. There are forty-three  possibilities.

I hope this gives you a little boost of inspiration to get out there for All Saints Day and saint it up. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got! In case you’re still costume planning, here are a few posts you might like to check out . . .



  1. Kati

    You should TOTALLY get on the Peg Doll Exchange wagon. We are doing one on All Saints Day (just seemed so perfect….) Thanks for the giveaways, I love seeing all the costumes!

  2. Мaria

    We're about to send dolls in for an exchange, but I would do another if anyone wants to. Just sayin'. :]

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