The Prayer Books Are Back, Baby! (With free printables!)

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The three little prayer books are fixed, approved and currently available for next day shipping with prime!

New and improved, now with correct Sign of the Cross pages! They’ve got the Frankie stamp of approval.

Here’s my very professional announcement video:

You’re going to ask about the leggings. Here they are.

Here’s the set! More details on each book are in this post:


All three are available and Amazon seems to be playing around with the prices a bit. Last I looked, the Superhero one was a dollar off! And the others were on sale, too! They’ll ship anywhere in the world.

Here are the links to see them on Amazon. The “look inside” feature is showing the original sign of the cross page, but you will receive a book with the new version.

My Superhero Prayer Book

My Fairy-tale Prayer Book

My Woodland Prayer Book

Each book contains 23 Traditional Catholic prayers in the USCCB recommended wording, plus how to pray the Rosary.
Prayers included are: Sign of the Cross, Apostle’s Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Our Lady’s Fatima Prayer, Hail Holy Queen, Rosary Prayer, St. Michael Prayer, How to Pray the Rosary, The Mysteries of the Rosary, Grace Before Meals, Grace After Meals, Morning Offering, Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel, Angelus, Regina Caeli, Memorare, Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory, Act of Faith, Act of Hope, Act of Love, Act of Spiritual Communion, and Act of Contrition.

The Superhero and Fairy-tale books feature boy and girl characters with different skin tones.

They’re also available as printable PDFs in my Etsy shop.

Here’s their official endorsement from some of my children. Very impartial:

Here’s a blog post explanation of the mistake that was in the original version, and the fun that ensued when I tried to fix it.


Every time I escalated the issue to a higher level at Createspace (the Amazon self-publishing platform), I got a different explanation as to why the files had been rejected. Finally, my fifteen year old son suggested that I, in direct opposition to the instructions given to me in emails (not phone calls. NEVER phone calls. 🐦😆) . . . just delete the files and upload the exact same files again. They were approved within hours.

So, here are the new sign of the cross pages, as images. You are welcome to have these images for your own personal use, or to share on social media or on your blog, whether you buy the books or not. Just click on an image to open it in a new window, then right click to save it to your computer.

And here is a link to them as PDFs. (Using the PDF files should ensure that they print at the correct size for the book). If you’ve got the book with the error, you can print these full-page images, or a smaller patch that’s also available at the link.👇


I hope you enjoy them! And happy Easter and First Holy Communion season to all!


  1. Sarah

    I bought a copy of the superhero book! My son (first) is one month old today and I'm excited to start reading this to him now! I've been looking for a book like this!

    Also, thank you for your post about seven things you don't do anymore with your newborn… Pretty sure it helped me keep some sanity. And your zombiemom art! The first month is rough, they say you won't get much sleep and they really aren't kidding!!!

    Thanks again! Loving your stuff!

  2. Anne

    Hello! I’m so sorry to comment on such an old post, but I am trying to purchase your prayer books without buying them from Amazon. Do you happen to sell them directly?

    • Kendra

      I don’t sell the physical books. I know of two shops that carry them: Grace and Grit Design Co. in Plymouth MI, tel: (734) 855-5133‬ and the gift shop at St. Raymond Penafort Parish in Springfield, tel: 703-440-0535

      Or, I can sell it to you as a digital pdf. Just email me at with how many copies you would want to create and I can give you a quote.

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