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Sometimes I get contacted about sponsored post opportunities here on the old blog. And I try to be really discerning about which ones I accept, because I want my blog to feel honest and consistent. I only want to do a sponsored post if it fits with the mission of my blog; if it’s something I would have written about anyway.

And then sometimes, someone asks me if I would be interested in getting two free boxes of Star Wars Cereal and taking pictures of my kids eating it and giving YOU GUYS a coupon for a dollar off so you can get some for yourselves, and I’m like, “Mission, schmission. Send it over.”

Because tiny marshmallows and Star Wars are two of our very favorite things around here.

We are big fans of breakfast in this house. But we usually keep it pretty simple. Like eggs, oatmeal, bulk bag of oat-based cereal simple. So imagine how excited my kids were when they opened a box that came in the mail and found not one, but TWO boxes of super fun cereal.

It also helped them understand why I had told them they couldn’t eat breakfast until they went to find their Star Wars dress-up stuff.

All the kids had some.

I had some too, because: Journalistic Integrity. And also: Pregnant. So I can tell you that this cereal tastes like the Trix rabbit and the Lucky Charms leprechaun have joined forces. At last.

It is quite tasty. Thumbs up.

Remarkably, the cereal only has nine grams of sugar per serving. Especially since: Look! Tiny Yoda head and Clone helmet marshmallows!

And the cereal pieces are Tie Fighters!

I’m pretty strict about our breakfast cereals being less than ten grams of sugar, because I’m not particularly interested in them turning into complete maniacs before they’re even dressed for the day.

But I do like to be a cool mom and let them choose a special cereal for special occasions. This one is definitely going into our special occasion rotation (especially since there’s a coupon).

These two boxes featuring Yoda and Darth Vader are only available for a few months. Then new character boxes will become available. So git ’em while the gittin’s good.

What are your breakfast policies? Do your kids ever talk you into buying the cool cereals?

Are tiny marshmallows allowed at your house? Which side of The Force are tiny marshmallows on, anyway?

Important questions, people.

Click here to download a dollar off coupon.
And check out the Big G Cereal Wars Tumbler for memes, recipes, contests, and craft ideas featuring all of General Mill’s Star Wars Cereals.

The kids prepared their bowls of cereal all on their own. Does that mean it counts for Kids Cook for Themselves? Let’s say yes.

If you missed it, here was the first installment of Kids Cook for Themselves.


  1. Ann-Marie Ulczynski

    You are so generous! My Mom's rule was three grams of sugar or less. Which meant Kix, Cheerios, or non frosted shredded wheat. sigh. It did teach me how to read labels. She always said if we could find one with three or under, she would get it for us. That policy is another reason I loved doing a sleepover at someone's home – because, cereal.

  2. Courtney Nelles

    I had an addiction to Mini Wheats until I gave cereal up for Lent one year. Now we mostly eat oatmeal and eggs sometimes. But I think having a fun cereal once in awhile is fine.

  3. Amanda

    Haha, yeah I'd never pass up free cereal! My kids eat stuff like cheerios and granola stuff…but MOMMY's cereal hides on the top shelf and it's usually something terribly sugary because as you said, pregnant.

  4. Julie

    We LOVE Star Wars…it's such a part of our family these days I fully expect Yoda to walk through the door and ask "For dinner what have we? hmm?". We WILL use these coupons…and the force…

  5. Dawn

    We don't buy cereal at all. But maybe just this once, because Star Wars.

  6. Marian Ninja

    My husband is ecstatic with this blog post. We usually only buy the super cheap cereal, but I think this will have to be an exception 🙂

  7. Sarah C.

    I know what we're having for breakfast on Father's Day! Unless we end up going out for brunch… in which case hubby can take this to work with him.

  8. Elizabeth

    Kendra, you're hilarious. I can't remember what my sugar cut-off is for cereal, because I pretty much only buy cheerios and wheat/rice chex. I do have a "no marshmallows" rule…but maybe I could get these and stash them for a super special treat. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile.

  9. Tracy Bua Smith

    My kids only get the sugar cereal with/without marshmallows if they choose it as their "birthday cereal". So usually they pick Lucky Charms for their birthday breakfast, but for awhile there they were on a Froot Loops kick. I try to have them eat eggs with their birthday sugar kick since I don't want them to go crazy on me with the sugar/dye overload. SW sounds like a fun one to put on the birtjday wish list!

  10. Trish

    We're not huge on cereal here because my kids are aliens from Mars and neither have a sweet tooth. BUT during the summer I work out super early in the mornings and am rarely home during breakfast so I encourage them to eat cereal because it's something they can make themselves when they get tired of smoothies, toast or yogurt. I let them eat whatever the heck cereal they want because I'm totally old school that way and I know they won't binge on it (see: no sweet tooth.) Bring on the dyes, marshmallows, and sugar! YOLO!

  11. Tori

    We are big on cereal right now, because I am pregnant and I just don't have the stamina to fix anything else in the morning. Even pouring bowls of cereal leaves me feeling weak and weepy. We keep a mix of "healthy" and "treat" cereal on hand, and I rotate through some of the kids' favorites. I felt bad for not feeding them something better at first, but I'm at peace with where we're at now. And I try to make up for it at other meals. We will have to give the Star Wars a shot, I'm sure it would be a big hit around here!

  12. just another Jess

    Our kids eat cereal almost every morning, but we stick to the low(er) sugar stuff. Except for Friday, which is Fruit Loop Friday-very exciting for them.

  13. Heather Woyak

    Awesome! I am LOVING these photos!! And, I have GOT to get that cereal! We don't typically do the marshmallow cereals, but I can do this for Star Wars!

  14. Amy @ Motherhood and Miscellany

    I don't think my kids have ever had cereal with marshmallows in it, because I am a Rice Chex kind of mom, I guess (I also got "Human" on the quiz about "what kind of Middle Earth creature are you?", so I suppose I'm also a boring kind of mom. . .). But they LOVE Star Wars, and my middle child has been begging for a Star Wars birthday party, so I think I'm going to get these and hide them until then and let this be her special birthday breakfast. And where did you get that Leia hair hat? I have seen lots of the headbands, but that hat is fabulous!

  15. Nanacamille

    I think fourthfourth of julyJis is a big enough holiday for star wars cereal to be a part on our celebration. May the force be with us.

  16. Bailey

    We usually travel and stay in a hotel multiple times a year so my general policy is they can eat whatever cereal they want when we are traveling from the continental breakfast. They usually end up eating fruit loops or lucky charms. I rarely buy cereal, mostly because I'm gluten free and I limit how much wheat my kids eat, and most cereals aside from rice krispies or chex contain wheat.

  17. GTomooka

    This is great for "May the Fourth" be with you celebrations 😉

  18. Lizzie

    We mostly eat eggs for breakfast, or the type of cereal that's more healthy than fun. Once in a while I buy a box of something sugary.
    When we go to the cottage in July each of our girls gets to choose a box of cereal, totally their pick. Which while we only have three kids isn't that hard to pack, but once we have six….or eight….that's a lot of cereal to squish in a van.

  19. Anonymous

    Y'all are big Star Wars fans?? Awesome, I have a baby gift for you, ha ha! I got this ( at a consignment sale and my son wore it last year for Halloween but I didn't know what to do with it now. I'll send it your way if it's something you'd use! 🙂

    – Ronni (@The Screenwriters Wife)

  20. Ashley Sue

    Leo loved reading through this post! Star Wars is his big love thanks to his dad. I've only seen the movies once when we were dating, but Leo and Jeff have lots of fun books and story lines that regale me on the regular!

    I like to rotate the cereal. So, I buy cheerios (everyone likes the ancient grains) or oatmeal fot two weeks. Then I get a week's worth of sugary fun cereal. Then back to the ole non fun cheerios.

    • Kendra

      Yes, but this is from last year! It was Mary Jane! 🙂

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