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First off, thank you guys for liking the book. I mean, I hoped you would. But you just never know. It’s been great seeing your social media posts and Amazon reviews (if you’ve got it will you leave one?) and getting your messages and talking to folks in real life about it. I worked hard on this book and I’m just glad you guys don’t hate it, because that would have been really awkward.

The second printing, of ten thousand books (!!), arrived at Ignatius warehouses on Friday, and books backordered from them have already shipped out. The book is in stock and ready to ship from Ignatius immediately, same with Barnes and Noble. It’s also available in Barnes and Noble stores (so crazy, right?), and local Catholic bookstores.

I wake up every morning and check to see if Amazon has decided to order some books for their warehouses and make it available for prime two day shipping. So far no dice. I’ll let you know if they ever do.

<le sigh>

Anyway . . . My older kids go to a really good Catholic school, which is excellent for all sorts of important reasons, but also because the other moms at the school are ALSO into obscure liturgical living practices. Or they’re at least happy to listen while *I* blather on about them.

One of the gals in the office approached me about doing a raffle for the school that would include my book and wall calendar and stuff you’d need to observe the suggested feast days in December. How awesome is THAT idea? So we came up with a list of supplies:

And she’s putting together a basket. Now I want to make up baskets like this for all fundraisers everywhere. So cute.

But then I was like, wait a minute, we need the prayers, too! In the book, I talk about three of our favorite family observances: the Advent Wreath, the Christmas Novena, and the At Home Nativity Play. The actual prayers/script we use for the observances aren’t in the book, since they’re easily available online here, here, and here. And since my editor was reluctant to have the book be 600 pages long. #whatever But . . . I wanted to make sure the prayers were a part of the basket for whoever won.

I had already made a printable booklet version of the Nativity Play script (I’d only been meaning to do it for about six years now), to include in the Catholic Mom Bundle for Advent this year. So I made the other two into printable booklets too.

The Christmas Novena is my favorite liturgical living tradition of all the very, very many we do all year. It’s also my favorite of the booklets. It contains all the prayers, responses, scripture readings, and song lyrics you need to do the Christmas Novena without looking anything up on your phone. #adventgoals
And how about this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, huh?




All three booklets are illustrated with art from vintage prayer books and an old book of drawings of suggested decorative painting and banners for Catholic churches.

I’m super excited to use them with our family this year, and for some lucky basket winner at our school to use them too! And I thought maybe you guys would like them, so I’m making them available with the bundle.

I’m really pleased to be a part of the Catholic Mom Bundle this season. It’s full of  lovely Advent (and other) resources, all created by Catholic Moms for Catholic Moms.*

*You don’t have to be a mom to use this bundle.

The collection includes:
Christmas Countdown Activity by Saongjai
Be Yourself Journal Coloring Pages by Prayer Wine Chocolate
Grace Grows in the Trenches: 5 Minute Meditations for the Weary Catholic Mom (Plus Works of Mercy Advent Calendar and Until I Rest in You Mass Journal!) by Not So Formulaic
The Question Jar: Cultivating Connections in Catholic Families by Sweeping Up Joy
Girl Talk: Build Your Relationship by Journaling with Your Daughter by Someday Saints
12 Days of Mercy by Prints of Mercy
Biblical Nature of Essential Oils by Aroma Rosary
Christmas Printables Pack by Trendzilly
Journey Through Advent: A Daily Devotional for the Catholic Military Woman by A Beautiful, Camouflaged, Mess Of A Life
Montessori Games to Play:  Advent Edition by Work And Play, Day By Day
Advent Table Runner and Placemat Patterns by Faith And Fabric
A Month for Your Marriage challenge cards by Surprised By Marriage
A Beauty-Full Advent: 24 Days of Beauty to Prepare for the Incarnation by Jill Simmons
An At Home Nativity Play by Catholic All Year
The Merciful Mama by Gathering Manna: Moment by Moment Spirituality for Moms
Our Lady of Sorrows: A Catholic Novena & Prayer Meditation Journal by Catholic Mommy Blogs
Advent Candle Embroidery Hoop Pattern by Happy Nest Home Goods
Printable Gift Tags by Mary With You

There are twenty digital items worth $246, offered for only $25, but only through November 16th.


I finished making the Advent Wreath and Novena booklets too late to get them into the actual bundle, so I’m offering them as a free gift for anyone who orders the bundle through my affiliate link (for which I receive a commission). Just forward or screenshot your order confirmation to me at and I’ll send you the other two pdfs. Now you’re getting 22 resources!

If you’re not in the market for a bundle, there are tons of free Advent resources here on the blog.

My first (so ugly😂) version of the Christmas Novena booklet is available free here.

You might enjoy these posts . . .


And my 2019 Liturgical Year Wall Calendars are now available in two designs, you can order them here.



  1. mel

    I'm so glad to hear that about Ignatius press! I ordered mine from there a few days ago and I was really hoping it would come before Advent starts!

  2. Ashley A

    Does this mean Amazon doesnt have them in stock at all? I’m wondering if I should cancel and order elsewhere.

    • Kendra

      I really don't know. Apparently the Amazon ordering process is automated and algorithm-based and rather mysterious. I get messages from people every day that they have just received the book from Amazon, but it is my understanding that Amazon has yet to place an order from the second printing, which means that they are still shipping book out that they received on October 10th. It's really confusing.

      Ignatius has them in stock and is shipping them out quickly, and you can get free shipping from Barnes and Noble.

  3. Asia

    Is the link for the Catholic Mom Bundle that you gave in this post, your "affiliate link"?

  4. Jennifer McCollum

    I just checked on Amazon and it's available there with Prime. =) The cover is so beautiful.

    • Kendra

      That's so strange. It's still showing 2-4 weeks on Amazon when I look at it. 🙁 But YES to the cover. It's by Trisha Dugat of Providential Co. It's perfect!

    • Kendra

      That's great! I ordered a copy from Amazon to ship to a charity event and got an email saying it would maybe arrive in January. No idea what's going on. But I'm glad you got yours!


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