Reflections, Printable Prayers, and Movie Reviews About Anxiety (andthe thing I'm trying not to be anxious about)

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Here are some Friday Seven Quick Takes for you . . . on a Saturday.

1. I’m at Blessed is She today, reflecting on Matthew 6:25-34. You know the one . . . 

Do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on.

Worry, on the other hand, often disguises itself as a virtue. We think we’re being “responsible,” or “realistic,” or that it’s just not something we have a choice about. We think of “not worrying” as a luxury reserved for unwashed people who follow Jimmy Buffet around on tour. But nothing could be more Christian than giving up our anxieties. . . . (read the rest here)

2. I made you a printable prayer to go along with it:

3. And this one was a reader request, but it seems to fit as well:

As with all my printables, you are welcome to save the images to your computer for your own personal use. You may
print the images and / or upload them and have prints made for your
personal use or to give as gifts. (These are sized for 8×10 or square but will
print well much bigger.) First click on the image to bring it up in a new window, then right click on the image to save it to your computer. You may use my images on your blog, just please
link back to my blog. If you would like to sell my images, please
contact me first.
To request a custom printable, visit my Etsy shop here.

For LOTS MORE free printable prayers, check out my Pinterest board.

4.  Hey, speaking of anxiety . . .

boys had the neighbors over to play Wii, and Jim had work to do, so
Betty and I snuck out to see Inside Out and . . . we didn’t love it.
Everyone else in the theater seemed to. But for me, it felt angsty and
private and like all this was none of my business. And kind of a huge bummer.

seriously, all other people seem to like it. So I’m sure it’s just me.
And the whole being a robot thing. We hate feelings I guess. Even
adorably anthropomorphic feelings voiced by popular TV actors.

I kind of figured I wasn’t going to be a fan, based on the advertising. But then I saw a snippet of Stephen Greydanus’ breathless review, and wanted to give it a try.

I almost always agree with his reviews. But not this time. And on further reflection . . . he also really liked Brave, and I had similar issues with that movie. I refuse to let Pixar convince me that my children
growing up is going to be a nightmare of fights, feelings, running away,
and maybe me getting turned into a bear.

5. And the big thing about which I have been, um, THINKING quite a bit, but am, of course not at all ANXIOUS about, because it’s all, totally . . . fine, and, um . . . God’s will be done and all that.

After you’re done praying for the important stuff, will you guys say a
quick prayer for us? We may have put an offer in on a crazy house.
Despite giving myself lots of good advice to the contrary, I may have
allowed myself to get attached to it. It’s possible I have been checking
my email approximately every 4 1/2 minutes since Wednesday afternoon.

We hope to hear back from the seller’s agent today.

Update: We heard back! Apparently there are seven bidders, and we all got the counter offer and are still in it. We are moving forward. But for now . . . more waiting.

6. You don’t have to worry if you haven’t done anything yet for Father’s Day. I’ve got you covered.

With these free Father’s Day Printables you can make a card at home:

Twelve Free Father’s Day Printables 

And here are some suggestions for movies:

Movies for Father’s Day That Don’t Hate Dad

And some advice, for mom:

How to Let Your Husband Be a Great Dad

7. Finally, mostly because I’ve had it stuck in my head throughout the writing of this post . . . 
Please enjoy the music video for Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy, featuring the comedic stylings of the late Robin Williams, and Sesame Street’s Mr. Noodle.

For more Seven Quick Takes, click over to This Ain’t the Lyceum.


  1. Isabelle

    Not seen it yet, but I had a somewhat iffy feeling about Inside Out, something about the idea of being defined by our emotions just doesn't sit right with me. Where is the self? Now that you say you didn't like it, I think I'm going to just join the robots, and not watch it (for the good of every one else, I'm unbearable when I watch something I don't like!)

  2. Brigid Hogan

    Sending up a little house prayer! We spent my childhood moving into new houses – my parents love a project – and it is so exciting. Praying for good real estate vibes for you guys!!

  3. Jessica

    I found Inside Out painful. My kids are young (the oldest is six) and seeing the faded memories of Riley's past disintegrate* was like seeing my kids' present turn to dust. And Bing Bong! Oy.

    *not the islands, but the memories that just disappeared in the natural course of things

  4. Madeline

    I have never seen a Pixar movie I liked. I've still never seen Up because… I hate Pixar. So I am willing to bet almost 100% that I agree with you on Inside Out.

  5. Amanda

    I am pretty easily pleased with movies that look cool, but I have been bothered by previews acting like her emotions define her. If that's the case, the anxiety I'm reminded by you! to let go of IS me. And that doesn't seem right.

    I'm trying to pray for you that God's will be done. But I might be mostly praying you get the house 🙂

  6. Kim

    I probably won't like it either. I haven't seen it so I can't say… But I did not like the preview where the mom was fantasizing about another man. I don't know if she acts on it or mot but I don't like the idea of fantasizing about others while others while married is perceived as ok. Then the dad was perceived as being dumb and I hate that about modern movies where the father is downplayed and finally in.the end of that preview Riley screamed at her parents who h I also do t approve of… I do t carwgow upset the child may be it just isnt ok to scream at hour parents in my book.

    Now in terms of the other Pixars

    I did like Up…and the original Toy story but the rest font appeal to me

  7. Natalie

    My husband didn't really like it either. I found parts of it funny, and parts kinda made me tear up a bit (but I'm pregnant, so I doubt the veracity of the tears), but overall it wasn't my favorite Pixar film. Hands-down, my favorite part was the clip with the cat's emotions. That made me laugh the hardest. I want a movie with just the cat's emotions.

  8. Jennifer

    Just saw Inside Out today and didn't like it. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but I doubt we'll ever watch it again. I'm really surprised by how many rave reviews it's getting.

  9. Caroline

    I know this posting on Inside Out is almost six months old, but after renting it on Amazon this weekend, I
    We all really enjoyed it, and have watched it more than once. I just read one comment about the mom fantasizing about another man…. Can't see where she got that idea from, but it's not in the movie. The only thing I can think of where she may have got that from, is a part where the mother is shown as admiring her husband. Also about the Dad being portrayed as dumb. Not that either. In fact the whole family is close knit and the father is shown as a kind and loving father, and dearly missed by the daughter and mother when he is called away one afternoon. In fact, the biggest and most important "island" was her family. The yelling bit of the daughter is dealt with immediately by the parents, as well, and not put up with. As to her emotions, it all has to do with the family having had to move away and the girl, 11, missing her old life and friends, and the process of working through them as she starts her new life in the new place, and the movies is able to comically show this by these five emotions in her. I though the first scene of the girl, as a newborn finding her first emotion, pure Joy, when getting that first glimpse of her happy parents who are holding her. I really enjoyed it. Anyway, just my take on the story!


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