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My friend Kelly is hosting Seven Quick Takes today, so I’m back on the link-up wagon. 

The Quotable Cranky Frankie
Frankie (3): a mornin mama
Me: mornin Frank
Frankie: No! I’m Frankie!
Me: <whispering> Good morning Frankie.
Frankie: No! Not like THAT! A mornin mama.
Me: . . . 
Frankie: a mornin mama
Me: . . . 
Frankie: a MORNIN mama
Me: Good morning Frankie.
. . . . . . 
While I’m tucking him into bed: Mom, can you jus’ go?
. . . . . . 
While I’m attempting to kiss him goodnight: I jus’ don’t want you to SLOBBER on me.
. . . . . . 
After it started getting dark early: Mom, I jus’ want you to turn those ‘tars off. Dare buggin’ me.
But, hey, you’re thinking to yourself, he’s THREE. Three year olds are notoriously emotional. Probably it’s just a phase.
To that I offer you this photo of Frankie Tierney, aged 10 minutes, already sporting his trademark frown. God love ‘im.
I’m pretty sure he’s going to keep the grumpiness. I think it might be hard if he were my first, but I’ve got enough kids around to understand that it isn’t anything I’ve done, it’s just how God made him. I actually find it pretty endearing, somehow.
And now for the printable prayers I made for the winners of the Catholic Costume Contest!
As with all of my printables, you are welcome to print them for your personal use or to give as a gift, but if you’d like to sell them, please contact me. Thanks. :0)
All of my printable prayers are available on this Pinterest board. To request a custom printable, visit my Etsy shop here.
Here are the newest additions.
A Blessed Mother Teresa quote, on white . . . 
and on teal . . . 

Another Blessed Mother Teresa quote, on white . . . 

and on navy . . . 

The prayer of Consecration to Our Lady, on white . . . 

and tangerine . . . 

and blue . . . 

And the Saint Francis Prayer, Part I . . . 

and Part II . . . 

And now . . . remember all that stuff I’ve always said about how I don’t like shows about bad guys?


And how I need HEROES and HEROISM?


And how I just can’t enjoy shows in which the protagonists are just sad and damaged?


And how, just a couple of days ago, I was all “blah, blah, blah, people can choose to be good even if bad stuff happens to them”?


That was all the me BEFORE Peaky Blinders.

It’s a BBC miniseries, about a bunch of Small Heath gangsters in 1919. In the US, it’s available exclusively on Netflix streaming. And it’s pretty much everything I used to think I didn’t want to watch: damaged protagonists, good guys who are bad guys, bad guys who are good guys, graphic violence, drug use, onscreen, um, romance (not really nudity, but there are scenes, kind of a bunch of them).
But THIS SHOW. It is just so heart-wrenchingly, gut-achingly beautiful. I want to scoop up Tommy in his razor-adorned newsboy cap, and rock him to sleep. And shush him. And tell him it will be okay. But NOT pat him on the head, on account of the razor blades.

It’s the best cinematography I’ve ever seen. Each frame of the show is like the most amazing photo you’ve ever seen on Instagram. Every single one.
Anyway, I don’t even know who I am anymore. 
But if you like Les Miserables (and I do . . . I do, I do, I do), and you wouldn’t REALLY mind if Javert lacked principles as well as compassion and Valjean hadn’t, ya know, repented or anything, check out Peaky Blinders.
Now that I have contacts, like some sort of real writer, I can tell you that Season Two will premiere on Netflix on November 17th. And there are only six episodes of Season One, so if you feed the kids cereal for dinner, you should have plenty of time to get it all in before Monday.
Update: AHHHHHH! I just checked and Season Two is up right now! So much for my investigative reporting. Now, I will valiantly go to sleep anyway.

Happy Friday everybody!


  1. Isabelle Lubbock

    I tried Peaky Blinders (well, I watched a random episode, we don't have to be quite so intentional about British shows in the UK with them being, you know, on telly and stuff) and was mostly confused. Maybe I'll give it another go since it endorsed by the highest TV-viewing authorities 😀

    • Kendra

      Isabelle, I was really counting on you to be able to back me up on this one. Or give me a stern talking to.

    • Isabelle Lubbock

      I guess I'll just HAVE to binge-watch a few episodes. Only the second season is available on BBC Iplayer though (and that's a problem no-one will feel sorry for me about).

  2. Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas

    Peakers Blinders for days! I hereby request that 1920s British gangster fashion come back and be what men wear from now til forever. I have shared your recommendation with two people since we started the show and they both are also obsessed. So….thanks for taking all my free time, Kendra 😉 It is WORTH IT.

    • Kendra

      I've been dressing Frankie in short pants. I LOVE IT! So far I haven't been allowed to do the haircut.

    • Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas

      Daniel insists on that haircut so…..I guess he should just go for it. He has finer hair than Cillian Murphy though, so I'm not sure. We'll see. But Benjamin's hair is SUPER thick. It would look awesome.

  3. Amanda

    Alright, we're ditching cable for Netflix as of December and I will be checking out Peakers Blinders asap! And I've now decided I'm going to come exclusively to you for my movie and tv show recommendations 🙂 Why bother flipping through the channels myself when I can come here and just find out about the good stuff straight away?

    Also, curious, have you watched Black-ish and Red Band Society? RBS is not quality television perhaps but I'm enjoying it a lot, the coma kid has me intrigued. But Black-ish is genius, the first episode had me gasping for breath I was laughing so hard. I have a feeling you would appreciate it as well (though the second or third episode deals with, um, teenage boy problems and is of course not from a Catholic perspective so fair warning). And did you hear on Jen Fulwiler's show that Jim Gaffigan has a show now that is starting soon? I'm pretty sure that's going to be hilarious as well. 🙂 His four kids skit cracks me up.

  4. Bridget

    I've seen Peaky Blinders in my "Recommended for Bridget" section of Netflix, but haven't had the heart to get into a new show yet. Maybe I'll try it now. Thanks. Because I have oh so much extra time to spend on TV…

  5. Jenny

    Thanks for the lovely printables! Off to pin some now so I don't lose them when I'm ready to print.

  6. Ashley Sue

    I just started Peaky Blinders, and I love it. It's great to "know" others like BBC shows like I do!

  7. SaraLynn

    Could I pay you to do St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer in a printable? I know it is long so maybe only part of it or it could go on several? My little man is named for St. Patrick and I want to put that prayer up in his room for his birthday. (even though it probably wasn't written by St. Patrick but I am ok with that!)

    • Kendra

      I can do it, for payment in prayers! When is his birthday?

    • SaraLynn

      aww thank you! I really don't mind paying in money but will def keep you in my prayers! His birthday is December 23.

  8. Jenny Cook

    Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill? Definitely actors I like watching…but we have Netflix no more, so I guess not for me.

  9. Micaela Darr

    IT'S UP RIGHT NOW!?!?! Did you seriously just do that to me?! It's 8:39 a.m. I foresee a verrrrrrrry long day.

  10. Мaria

    Just wanted to comment to let you know your printable are super much appreciated! Thank you! :]]]]

    And Frankie's grumpiness indeed sounds endearing, and I've never even met him!

  11. Amanda

    I have never seen a newborn who looks so much like his 3 year old self. What a cranky cutie.

    I will have to try that show. Sometime. When I have time to be obsessed 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    I love the Frankie quotes. Some famous authors were cranky, right? Well, Evelyn Waugh, anyway…

  13. Eliese

    Hi Kendra – I really enjoy your reviews of shows and movies and was hoping you could give me a BBC show recommendation. I've watched all the major shows (eg. Doctor Who, Sherlock) and some lesser known like The Paradise. Anything good I might be missing? I'm a nursing mom and my husband is gone a lot for work, so any recommendation is appreciated! Netflix streaming is my best friend and I'm in a BBC mood.

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