My Apostolate of Parties and What a Hooley Is

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As I chop and measure and mix and bake (and try to decide if finger-batter counts against Lenten disciplines) in preparation for our big annual Hooley at the Tierneys.’ 

Irish slang for party or celebration; by extension, some substance with which you party or celebrate.
We throw lots of parties around here, but the biggest one of the year is our St. Patrick’s Day party, in honor of the husband’s South Side (of Chicago) Irish heritage. And in honor of St. Patrick, of course! I thought I’d bring back this post from last year for you new kids.


Happy regular ol’ day between two feasts!

Today I want to share some photos from the Hooley and also share why we have parties (aside from the obvious reason of us being pretty cool).

The husband and I got married, went on our honeymoon, and then immediately moved from San Diego to Northern California so that he could start business school.  Almost immediately after that, we were expecting our first baby.  The summer that Jack was born, a lot of things changed.  I went from working gal to stay-at-home mom (and no one was more surprised than I was), and we moved from married student housing to family housing.

read the rest here (and come back Sunday for a recap of this year’s Hooley!)


  1. Anonymous

    I always knew that Catholics were called to party.

  2. Anonymous

    Holy Moly! How much fun is that!! (Read the other post and thought I'd comment here) I can't even tell you how much I love that idea of celebrating with others…I think I want to try it more often.

  3. Heather

    Just wanted to say, "thanks for blogging!" We have very little in common as I'm an empty-nested divorced Southern Baptist living in the mountains of Northeast Georgia but I really enjoy the things you share! You expand my horizons and I'm grateful! *hugs* Heather

  4. Nanacamille

    We had lots of group parties at our house from Navy parties when we were first married to family and kid parties as the kids grew up. My dear mother-in-law was the Queen of party giving and Kendra inherited her entertaining gene. This upcoming party is the piece de resistance and not to be missed if invited. Nanacamille

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