Mother’s Day Printables and a Five Second Movie Review and Big News and Quotables and Links and Winners and What We Wore Sunday

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The Winners 

This giveaway has turned out to be my favorite one ever. If you haven’t been back over to read the comments . . . do it. They are so, so, so sweet. I wish you could all win. I really do.

But instead, I just let pick me five winning numbers.

And the winners are!

The Call Her Happy tiny embroidery hoop necklace goes to: Leatrice Ynostra of Texas Convert
The Studio JRU inspirational print goes to: Ali of Best Oops Ever!
The Audrey Eclectic Madonna in Blue print goes to: Sabrina Molhock
The Blessed Beans Boutique jewelry goes to: Amy Caroline of Knit Together
The Hatch Prints hand-lettered print goes to: Windham of Happily Holtsclaw

Please contact me RIGHT NOW at catholicallyear {at} gmail {dot} com to claim your prize. Shipping takes time and I want you to get your item as soon as possible. If I haven’t heard from you by Tuesday at noon, I’ll try again with another winner.

The Printables

But I can’t let the rest of you go away empty handed, so here are some FREE Mother’s Day Printables just for you. And your mom. And all the other moms you know. So, not just for you. I hope you like them. But if you don’t, just keep scrolling for some quotes and links and news you might find interesting.

As with all my printables, you are welcome to right click on the
image and save it to your computer for your own personal use. You may
print the images and or upload them and have prints made for your
personal use or to give as gifts. (These are sized for 8×10 or square but will
print well much bigger.) You may use my images on your blog, just please
link back to my blog. If you would like to sell my images, please
contact me first. 
To request a custom printable, visit my Etsy shop here.

For LOTS MORE free printable prayers, check out my Pinterest board.

The Five Second Movie Review

My review of Avengers: Age of Ultron
If you like kick-punching, penis jokes, and meeting new people, and don’t get all hung up on movies making ANY sense . . . check it out. Hey, there’s even a Catholic joke.

The BIG News

I’m, um, on Twitter. Like three people are following me right now. YOU could be number four. I’m @kendra_tierney.

The Quotables

The Salvation of the Yeasts

The following conversation occurred as Gus (7) and Anita (5) were taking turns mixing yeast into warm water for our pretzels.

Gus: They’re little creatures you know. They’re alive when mom puts them in the dough.
Anita: Whoa. How do they breathe?
Gus: They just breathe and when they breathe that makes it rise.
Anita: But what about when they get cooked?
Gus: Then they die. But it’s for a good cause.
Anita: So that means they go to Heaven.
Gus: Yeah, probably.

During the gospel reading at Mass . . .

Father M: Now a week later his disciples were again inside
and Thomas was with them. . . .
Frankie (3): <very excited> Thomas!? I LIKE Thomas.
Me: shhhhh . . .
Father M: Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands . . .
Frankie: <bewildered> WHAT? Thomas does NOT have fingers.
Me: SHHHH . . . 

Bobby (9) attempting to explain to his siblings what the 5:30pm Mass
will be like
: It’s got, like, a rock band. Only they don’t wear makeup
or crazy clothes. But there’s guitars and drums and stuff . . . like
it’s a rock band. And there’s lots of teenagers.

The Photos


Reasons My Son Is Crying: Someone else got to lead HIS favorite sorrowful mystery. Keep your mitts off his scourging at the pillar.

On the anniversary of Betty’s baptism, she got to pick dinner. She went with personalized mac & cheese.

Lulu had a super nasty snarl in her hair after I put her down to sleep in multiple hair things. I was pretty sure she was going to end up with bangs. But this magical brush came to the rescue again.

Jack rode his bike two and a half miles to the comic book store yesterday to get his free comic books. And then got sick on the way home and I had to come pick him and his friend up. And then the comics themselves are kinda racy. So . . . not a HUGE success.

I really love big kid/little kids story time.

Once a month we host a science class in our yard. The good folks at the Wildlife Learning Center bring amazing animals and the kids even get to touch or feed some of them!

It’s pretty awesome.

We had some cool mornings last week. Like . . . SIXTY degrees. Brrr. Hooded wool capes and hot tea to the rescue.

Bobby is turning out to be our resident chef. He whipped up this apple crumble with strawberry St. George’s Cross on the feast of St. George, all by himself!

I really think my absolute favorite thing about homeschooling is lunch outside all together, while I read aloud to the kids from a chapter book. We’re doing Kidnapped right now. It requires some explanation, but everyone is enjoying it. And I get to do my Scottish accent. #yourewelcome

The Links

Here are a few articles that caught my eye over the past couple of weeks . . . 

Bringing small children with us into public spaces is a hot topic these
days. But hasn’t it ALWAYS been an issue? Isabelle has an interesting take on
the good ol’ days vs the bad ol’ days, and how easy it is to fall into
one fallacy or another when evaluating the past.

The Naughty Room

This is the best school ever. But since we homeschool . . . can we just live in one?

A new kind of kindergarten design encourages kids to be their silly selves.

Christy has some Confession and Communion prep book recommendations for you. We use two of them and I wrote one of them, but there are some new to me books in here too.

Some Great First Communion (and Confession!)-Prep Books

And I LOVED this by Haley, for all the reasons.

Why Voldemort Hates Homeschooling

What We Wore Sunday


Don’t peek.
And just one last little thing . . . 
 It’s Star Wars Day tomorrow!


  1. Tori

    Boo on the racy comics. We had that problem last year. So this year my husband pre-screened what the kids picked out and we avoided that. It's such a shame because some of them really appeal to kids (dinosaurs! superheroes!) but sneak in some pretty questionable stuff. And you wouldn't necessarily know by looking at the cover.

    • Kendra

      Yeah. It's the superhero ones, the portrayal of female characters is just too much. I feel like I'm not a huge fuddy duddy in this, but the super busty gal in a skin tight suit that makes her look basically naked is just not okay with me.

    • Nanacamille

      Love the kid's comments about mass as they are always right on and so funny. Your sister Kara still has the prize one, "God says if you're not good in church you don't get a doughnut!" I have to admit I'm a big fan of Thor and Capt America and I do laugh at the jokes but Black Widow could use a less revealing outfit than her black suit.

  2. MrsSell

    When the temperature finally broke 50 a couple weeks ago, we went outside barefoot and basked in the hot, hot sun.

  3. Anonymous

    the title of this post is everything….literally.

  4. Alea

    The yeast conversation was funny! When the kids were littler and they helped me make bread, I would always tell them the bread got a spanking then took a nap – which is when I whapped it to get the air bubbles out, then let is rise. We had a similar conversation about little living things today when we were discussing yogurt.
    My now 13yo is lucky enough to have been born on Star Wars Day, although I'd never heard of it until last year.

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