Lulu Had a Birthday, and She’s Got Some Presents for You! (a giveaway from BabyLit, Shining Light Dolls, and Whole Parenting Goods)

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Jack, my oldest, said of his baby sister the other day, “I think she’s probably tied for the third best baby who ever lived. Jesus and Mary were probably better, but she’s got to be at least tied with St. John the Baptist for third.”

Now, I don’t have any way to verify his theory, but she is awfully, awfully sweet.

And she just had a birthday. (Well, last month, but we’ve been busy.)

So, to celebrate, she’d like to give YOU her birthday presents. Don’t worry, she gets to keep hers. But you’ll get them too.

We went pretty big for Frankie’s Little Monster birthday party, and really big for Bobby and Gus’s shared Lego Movie birthday party. So I wanted to keep it simple for Lulu’s first birthday party. Now, I am aware that some of you will read this and think it is not simple at all and that I am some sort of crazy robot.

To those people, I say: We have already covered this. I am most likely NOT a robot. But it’s hard to know for sure.

And for ME, this is as simple a birthday party as I am capable of throwing.

We only invited immediate family, my parents, and Lulu’s godparents and their kids. And that was nineteen people. It’s pretty much impossible to throw a small party when the guest of honor has six siblings (soon to be seven!).

The theme was pink and brown giraffes, because Lulu likes her Sophie giraffe toy, and she has a giraffe sweater, and we had leftover pink plates from her baptism.

– The Decor –

This banner, courtesy of me:

And this poster, courtesy of Bobby, which is still hanging in my house, because it has a certain je ne sais quoi and I can’t bring myself to part with it:

– The Food –
I know I’m usually all about the funny party-themed foods, but for this party, we had a pizza. And I didn’t even come up with anything else to call it. It was just a pizza.
But, it WAS a really, really, REALLY big pizza, which is kinda giraffe-like. Right?
– The Cake –
I made a pink giraffe cupcake tower. That’s a thing, right?

I am a big fan of Wilton Candy Melts. I print out whatever I want the decorations to be, put a piece of parchment or wax paper on top of it, and trace it with melted candy melts, squeezed out of the corner of a ziploc bag. I can’t draw freehand. But I can trace like nobody’s business.
No games. No prizes. No favors. She’s only one, after all.
But she DID get presents. And now you can get them, too. This is actually supposed to be NEXT week’s giveaway, but Nell from Whole Parenting Goods, who is sponsoring one of the giveaways, is closing up shop for Christmas and TODAY is the last day to place orders. I didn’t want you to see her cute stuff and not be able to order it.

So . . . the giveaway for Haley’s book and Kelly’s planner is still on-going, but I’m going to go ahead and post this one too. And then there’s one more giveaway, which I’ll probably post next week, because who reads blogs the week before or after Christmas? Anyone? I don’t know. Anyway . . . 

I have been a fan of the BabyLit board books, since they first came out in 2011. They are baby versions of the greatest classics in literature (focused on things like colors or counting, rather than the actual plot of the original book) written by Jennifer Adams and beautifully and whimsically illustrated by Alison Oliver. Whimsy is my favorite.

For her birthday, Lulu got Sense and Sensibility
, Jane Eyre
, and Romeo & Juliet
, to add to our BabyLit collection.
Allison sells selected illustrations from the books at her shop, Sugar. She’s offered to give a winner the print of his or her choosing from the shop. You can also check out her blog, here.
I don’t know how anyone could possibly choose.
London from Sense & Sensibility
Thornfield from Jane Eyre
Ball Gowns from Pride & Prejudice
You’ll ALSO win a copy of Alison and Jennifer’s newest book, a HUGE interactive book of inspirational doodling prompts called Doodle Lit
So cute. I know my older kids would love to get their hands on this. But it’s for YOU.

Lulu’s second gift was generously provided by Chantal at Shining Light Dolls. These dolls are practically perfect in every way.

They are sturdy, bright, engaging, quality-made little dolls.

If that wasn’t enough, they are also beautifully designed, and whimsically painted (what did I tell you about whimsy?) grippable, unbreakable, little vinyl versions of Mary and the saints.

Lulu loves them, the rest of the kids love them. Each doll comes individually packaged with a little prayer card.

They are THE cutest.

One lucky winner will get a whole set, or you can order them for yourself from Amazon for all the babies and toddlers in your life!

There’s Our Lady of Czestochowa of PolandSt. Nicholas,
Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Our Lady of Fatima,
Our Lady of Lourdes,
St. Patrick, and
Our Lady of Knock of Ireland. Each one cuter than the last.

Finally, Lulu received a gift of handmade love with a side of awesome, from Nell of Whole Parenting Family and Blessed Is She.

This owl skirt. Seriously. You wish Nell made them in your size, right? Well, she doesn’t.

But she does make lots of cute little skirts for little girls, and bibs and burp cloths and blankets, and knit scarves, and stretch leggings. All very very cute. And, say it with me now . . . whimsical.

Unicorn skirt? Check.

If you’d like to have and hold any of these cuties for yourself, TODAY is the last day to place an order in Nell’s Etsy shop, before she closes up for Christmas. So act now!

We also got this fun infinity scarf, that Lulu and I can BOTH use:

One lucky winner will receive the gift of this lovely purple and gray number, so we can be almost twinsies:

So that’s the whole shebang. And a pretty great one if I do say so myself.

There will be three winners. One winner will receive an Allison Oliver print and the new book Doodle Lit.  One winner will get a complete set of Shining Light Dolls. And one winner will get a nice cozy scarf, sized for a grownup, but also enjoyed by some super-easygoing babies.

To enter, click over to Sugar illustration & design, Whole Parenting Goods, and Shining Light Dolls (on Amazon) and leave a comment (or three) telling me what you like best on each page, and maybe wishing Lulu a happy birthday. ;0) I’ll announce the winners next Monday. US addresses only for this one.

UPDATE! Alison will ship the BabyLit prize anywhere in the world! International address cost $10 for shipping, but that’s still pretty great, right?

The liturgical living giveaway is still going on. You can enter to win by clicking over to this post and leaving a comment there.

This post contains affiliate links. Some of these products were provided to me in exchange for my honest review.

And if you’re on Facebook, stop by the Catholic All Year page sometime today, I’m going to have a special giveaway going on JUST over there, beginning around 9am Pacific.


  1. Joanne Kibbe

    Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

    I think the Jungle Book print is super cute!

    St. Patrick as a special place in my 75% Irish heart but I could go for St. Nicholas too. – Are there only seven figures or will more be coming out?

    I like the foxes and Dr. Seuss @WPG. I also saw a blanket that made me smile because all my girls have knitted blankets like that

    • Kendra

      According to their coming soon page on their website (not the Amazon page) they have some really cute designs for new dolls, including St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who is my Betty's patron saint! But I don't see a production date anywhere.

  2. Katie Paladino

    Happy Birthday to Lulu!! What a sweetheart!!:)

    I think My boys would love the Jungle Book from sugar illustration & design!

    I basically love anything and everything from Nell! The scarves are gorg but I'm also dying over the little leggings!!

    And I come from a very large Irish catholic family so I would definitely pick St. Patrick!

  3. Mandi

    I have no idea why I thought this, but I could have sworn Lulu was born in the Spring (like maybe May?) and so I was thinking her birthday had long past. I was seriously off there! Happiest birthday, little Lulu.

    I love so many of the Baby Lit prints, how can I choose just one? I like the Lanterns one and the Earrings one and the Leaves Rustle and…I'll just stop there.

    I have a special devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and my husband has one to Our Lady of Fatima, and since I love my husband so very much that if I ever had to pick just one, I'd pick Fatima for him. But since the giveaway is for the full set, I wouldn't have to choose πŸ™‚

    I love the Elk Family leggings from Nell. My dad is a hunter and I know he would adore Lucia walking around wearing some elk!

    • Kendra

      She's a Thanksgiving baby, November 26! But all that hair makes her look older. :0)

  4. Becky

    Happy Birthday, Lulu!! I LOVE the Wizard of oz pics at the Sugar site! Love the coral poppie leggies for my sweet 1 year old baby girl and I just ordered her one of the Shining Light dolls, but want to add all the rest to our collection!

  5. Sophie Χ©Χ¨Χ” Golden

    Happy birthday sweetest one!

    That scarf? I can't even wear scarves like that, I always feel like I'll choke and look how Lulu rocks it, doesn't she? I am looking forward to see her grow up, what kind of a personality she'll have, I wonder.
    Is her character similar to her big sisters' at all?

    • Kendra

      Thanks Sophie. So far, it seems to me like she and Betty have very similar temperaments, just that she's an extrovert, and Betty's an introvert. Lulu also looks JUST like Betty's baby pictures.

  6. Anna

    Happy Birthday to Lulu! I don't know her in person but she sure does look sweet in the pictures.

    We love Babylit! They are my go to baby gift. The Pride and Prejudice prints are my favorite but I would probably go with something more gender neutral for our nursery. Probably Jungle book. Baloo the Bear is pretty cool.

    I've been curious about the Shining light dolls for awhile. I just bought Our Lady of Guadelupe for my god-daughter. I love them all and would be so happy to win the set.

    Everything at the Whole Parenting Goods store looks fabulous but I think I like the Double Cowl Scarf in cream the best.

  7. Colleen

    Happy birthday, Lulu!

    I LOVE the Dr. Frankenstein print and any of the Anna Karenina prints.

    My daughter and born-any-minute son are getting Our Lady of Knock and St. Patrick as stocking stuffers, but I had SUCH a hard time choosing between Our Lady of Knock and Our Lady of Guadalupe — who's about to have a feast day on Friday!

    And those foxes-in-monocles are about the greatest thing I've ever seen that is intended for sopping up barf. πŸ™‚

  8. Molly May

    How very hobbit-like of Lulu tO give presents for her birthday!

    Umm, I want all the prints from Allison! Something about the dresses one does stand out more for me though.

  9. me

    The peacock print is gorgeous (though the panther is fun!).
    Tribal leggings would be so cute on my little pipsqueak!

    And our Lady of Knock has a beatific charm that really appeals.

  10. Rachel B.

    Happy birthday Lulu!

    I love the "Love" print from the Sugar Illustrations.

    I loved all of the whole parenting goods! If I had to pick, I would pick the coral poppy leggings. So cute!

    And the St. Nicholas Doll would be perfect for my girls for Christmas!

  11. Sarah

    I would have to do jungle book or porcupine print for my "big" boys (4 and 2). They are always making porcupine noises. ("Stick Poke Stick Poke" in case you didn't know what they sound like.) And I put a bandit bib on my super drooly three month old baby's Christmas list, so I am confident that would be my choice. I ordered a shining light doll fory goddaughter's Christmas gift but my kids would love their own!

    Happy birthday to Lulu!!!

    • Kendra

      I did NOT know what they sound like. But that is brilliant.

  12. carolyn

    I love the Stars print at Sugar Illustrations! And the bandit bibs and elk leggings are my fav over at WPG. And I am torn between the St Nicholas and Our Lady of Lourdes.

  13. Anna Ilona Mussmann

    Oh my, I love a lot of these. Especially:

    – Huck Finn Birds (Sugar Illustrations)
    – Huck Finn Lanterns (Sugar Illustrations)
    – Pride and Prejudice Musicians (Sugar Illustrations)

    Also, the Foxes in Teal and Red at Whole Parenting Goods is a fantastic print. And Our Lady of Czestochowa is lovely.

  14. Angel Gebeau

    Happy 1st birthday Lulu! Many blessings wished your way for the year ahead.

    The Sugar Illustrations are wonderful. I'm so torn as there are a ton of fabulous ones, but the frog footman and the dresses do catch my fancy.

    My middle daughter received the Our Lady of Lourdes doll from her Godparents (they have good taste). My youngest daughter would probably love the Our Lady of Guadalupe… and her feast day is coming, so that would HAVE to be my current favorite.

    For the Whole Parenting site while I liked the snowflake blanket that's actually green…. I'd have to stick with the owl blanket because it just makes me feel wise looking at it πŸ˜‰

  15. Lacey Barkley

    Lulu is so cute!! Happy birthday little lady!

    We have Our Lady of Knock on my daughter's Christmas list! The shining light dolls make perfect Mass toys for my 8 month old

  16. Colleen

    I think Lulu and my Declan should seriously be betrothed…Lulu like younger men, right?

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the Shining Light Dolls – Our Lady of Knock is my favorite (because, hello, Irish!)

    • Kendra

      Well, according to Anita, you're going to want to sort out who you're marrying by five, because otherwise there are too many choices. So probably we should do it.

  17. Elizabeth

    My children are reading over my shoulder, and were completely enthralled by the Shining Lights dolls – especially Our Lady of Guadalupe, who we read about yesterday for the feast of San Juan Diego. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  18. Elise

    Happiest of first birthdays to your sweet Lulu!

    The Sugar prints are amazing! The Anna Karenina ones are particularly fabulous. I think I like Froufrou print the best, but it's a tough choice!

    The St. Nicholas shining light figure is my fave. πŸ™‚

    And I just love the mustard chevron leggings over at Nell's!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Kendra!

  19. The Davis Family

    Happy Birthday, Lulu! How very hobbit-like to give presents on your birthday!
    Such wonderful options, but I have to say, the Shining Light dolls are my favorite! I have been eyeing that Our Lady of Guadalupe for quite some. My youngest was born on her feast day πŸ™‚
    The Stars print and Harpoon print are really great.
    And the big plush owl blanket looks like it needs a baby cuddled up in it. I think I have just such a baby!

  20. Erica

    Happy birthday, Lulu! I have a baby who would be stiff competition with Lulu as the happiest baby ever. Our Evelyn is all smiles and sweetness. She is 7 months old, and I have been waiting with baited breath for her to cease the perfection but every day she continues to amaze us. The ironic thing is her next older sister is a cranky Frankie. Except her name is Julia.
    Those prints are all absolutely adorable, but I would pick the London print because that is where my husband and I started dating.
    I think there is nothing cuter than some chubby baby legs in leggings, so I would choose the Birch Tree leggings.
    And I would have to go for the Lady of Guadalupe doll.

  21. Tall Girl on a Short Budget

    happy birthday lulu!

    and oh. my. gosh. those saint dolls are the cutest!!!!! i love the our lady of knock

    and the tribal leggings are adorable!

  22. Melissa

    Happy Birthday to Lulu! She sure looks sweet just from the photos!

    From the Whole Parenting Goods shop I really like the black and red tribal leggings and the organic elk and dove leggings (I always have a hard time just picking one favorite item!)

    I love the art prints, especially the lanterns one.

    And if I had to pick just one shining light doll, I'd pick St. Nick. He'd be nice to have around this time of year to help remember that Santa is a saint! (I loved your recent post on Santa by the way.)

  23. Jessica Carney

    Happy belated birthday, Lulu! Many happy returns.

    I love everything in Nell's shop, but I'm crushing extra hard on the elk leggings. So cute!

    The Shining Light dolls make my heart melt. I love them all. I guess St. Nick is my favorite, but that's probably only because it's Advent. It's like picking a favorite child: impossible.

  24. BV

    Happy birthday, Lulu! I love the P&P Musicians, the Dorothy, and all of the Jungle book prints. The Jungle Book ones would be so cute in a jungle-themed nursery.

  25. BV

    I love the contoured burp cloth ideas from Whole Parenting Goods. And the reindeer print is perfect for this time of year.

  26. Blair

    Sorry, realized I need to separate my comments! Happy Birthday, Lulu! I love "Sweets" at Sugar…

  27. BV

    For the Shining Light dolls, the St. Patrick and Our Lady of Knock of Ireland are awesome and would be a great way to show Irish pride. What a wonderful idea.

  28. Blair

    And the St Patrick Shining Light Doll is adorable! (Hope I did this right! Now I'm seeing most people only left one comment. Oops!)

    • Kendra

      One or many comments, either is fine. I'm just going to count up each entry and get a number from for the winner. :0)

  29. Autumn Hiner

    I like the Baloo print the best from Sugar I think, and the little elk pants, and I think the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue. Very charming! Happy Birthday to Lulu!

  30. Teresa

    I really like the Jungle Book from pure-sugar, the "Julia" skirt from whole parenting, and Our Lady of Knock from Shining Light dolls.

  31. Margaret

    Happy birthday, Lu! I like the laundry line print from the Huck Finn book, the lemon minky blanket from Nell's shop, and the St. Patrick Shining Light dolls. All 3 things that I've had my eye on πŸ™‚

  32. Jen Schultheis

    Happy birthday Lulu! That's very Christ-like of you to give others presents on your birthday!

    I don't know how to choose between those folks, they are all awesome. I guess I'd have to go with St Nick, since I have a Nick myself.

  33. Eliese

    Oh wow, those prints… all of them! For my boys: lanterns, dinner, stars… So cute!

    Just got Shining Light OL Guadalupe and Nicholas for St Nicholas feast and the kids love them. We need more. Maybe St Patrick? Martin de Porres?

    Love Nell's stuff. I like the camper or bird leggings. The baby could use one of those drool bibs though, seriously.

  34. Anonymous

    I LOVE all of the baby lit being a lover of classic books…but the Jungle Book monkey print would prob be best with my 4 gymnast boys (and it is my oldest 's favorite Disney movie)…

    Being a cloth diaper mom I could use more cloth wipes from whole parenting…

    And being that my second son is Patrick the St Patrick doll would be perfect…

    Happy Birthday Lulu!!

  35. Katie Fenton

    I love all of the Shining light dolls but especially Our Lady of Guadalupe!

  36. Amanda

    That little Our Lady of Lourdes is adorable. And many happy returns to the 3rd best baby ever.

  37. Tori

    Happy Birthday Lulu! She is just adorable in that skirt + scarf.

    I love the Jungle Book prints, especially the peacock. And I have coveted the Our Lady of Guadalupe doll ever since I first saw it. Nell's shop is totally awesome, and I can't decide if I like the skirts or the leggings best.

  38. Amanda

    Oh I love the fancy little girl skirts! So much cute. We need one of those.

  39. Rachel

    Happy birthday Lulu!!! I love the gloves picture! πŸ˜€

  40. wrightfunds

    Happy birthday, Lulu!

    I live on an island and my house has beach decor sprinkled throughout it. The BabyLit Moby Dick pictures would be the perfect beach touch for our playroom. I especially like the Stars one.

    My two year old's favorite song is What Does the Fox Say (thanks Grammie for introducing that one!) so the fox monocle blanket would be perfect.

    My daughter received Our Lady of Lourdes for her birthday in May and that little Mary has traveled far and wide since then because my daughter takes her everywhere! Mary and Minnie Mouse are now BFFs according to my daughter. Our wedding anniversary is Oct. 13th so Our Lady of Fatima is next on my wishlist!

  41. Schafergal

    Happy Birthday Lulu! Love the giraffe party – giraffes are my favorite too!
    I love the Trees at Thornfield print – but really, they are all spectacular. I'm suddenly inspired for how to decorate the babies' new rooms once the addition is done. Wow. So much cuteness.
    From Nell's site, I love the Spotted Owl crib blanket. Looks so cozy.
    And I would swoon if we won the entire set of the shining light dolls. My girls would LOVE those. But especially the Our Lady of Guadelupe. Josie has a soft spot for her.
    Thanks for the continued great giveaways, Kendra!

  42. Amanda

    I'm surprised the P&P posters aren't my favorite. That and Sense and Sensibility are the books we have. But the art from Anna Karenina is stunning.

  43. Sarah Mason

    Happy 1st Birthday Lulu!!

    I love the monkey print as I have two boys who love curious george.
    At Whole Parenting, I really love the new peruvian wool cowl scarf. It looks so warm!
    As far as the dolls go – I would love St. Nicholas.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Sarah Mason

  44. Kristin

    Happy Birthday, Lulu! And thanks for sharing your presents πŸ™‚

    This is perfect timing! My little guy is celebrating his first birthday today πŸ™‚

    I will definitely have to check out the BabyLit books. As a teacher, I love the idea of introducing the classics at an early age. I think my favorite print is the one with all the onomatopoeia words in the Sherlock section πŸ™‚ But the Wizard of Oz collection is right there in the running too. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  45. Rachel

    I adore the foxes in teal baby blanket, so sweet!

  46. Rachel

    My little Clara would love the Our Lady of Lourdes Shining Light Doll, she is obsessed with Mary. <3

  47. Alicia Copley

    Happy Birthday, Lulu! Our son just turned one last month as well!

    Those BabyLit prints are just so cute, but I particularly enjoyed Stars from Moby Dick and all the Huck Finn ones.

    We just picked up the St. Nick and St. Patrick Shining Light Dolls for our son. He found St. Nick in his shoes on Dec. 6th, and St. Patrick is going to make a Christmas appearance in his stocking. They are all just too cute!

    I started reading Nell's blog a couple months ago, and those leggings of hers are just adorable. I think every single one of them is sweet!

    • Kendra

      Isn't her blog great? She's such a supporter and encourager of the whole Catholic mom blog community!

  48. Katie

    Happy Birthday Lulu! I love the baby leggings at Whole Parenting. All of them!

  49. Jen Francois

    I have a 14 month old and he says he likes the Christmas Carol book, St. Nicholas Doll and the fox baby blanket! He has great taste and so does Lulu. :0)

  50. Sarah Gould

    Happy Birthday Lulu!

    My favorite BabyLit prints are the Porcupine and the Sherlock prints.

    I'm pregnant with my first and I would love the Spotted Owl Blanket/Playmat.

    The Shining Light St. Patrick Doll is so cute! I'd definitely pick that one.

  51. kt

    Oh my goodness! So much to love here!! I think I narrowed down my favorites. In the prints, I like the jackal and the harpoons. I adore the cotton leggings…in the elk or airstream patterns. I already ordered the St. Nicholas, so I think if have to go for St. Patrick next. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the opportunity to win! Hope Lulu's birthday was great!!

  52. Meg Anderson

    My little girl got the St Nicholas doll in her shoe for St Nicks day, and is obsessed with it! We would love to have the rest of the set!

  53. Meg Anderson

    Seriously what is there to NOT like on Nell's etsy. I want everything! I have a drooler, and a girl that wears skirts, and a boy that needs those pants!

  54. Lizzie

    Happy birthday Lulu!

    I love the peacow and the dresses print the best, but they are all fabulous. We the own pride and prejudice book πŸ™‚

    Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favourite, but they are all amazing, I cantw wait for more. I think I have found something that I actually want to collect.

    The foxes blanket!

  55. Lisa Guest

    Those BabyLit books are hands down the cutest! I'm going to try to limit my splurging on those adorable books!

    I absolutely love the purple Pride and Prejudice print!

    The St. Nicholas shining light doll is precious.

    I love Nell's foxes in teal and red baby blanket!

    Ah so many cute things! Happy birthday Lulu!! Thank you for being so generous πŸ˜‰

  56. Trish

    The Alice in Wonderland prints are fantastic!! St. Patrick for the doll! And I'm sad the caramel leggings don't come in adult sizes because those would be so cozy on a winter's night!

  57. Sarah O

    Happy Birthday sweet Lulu! 1 is such a delightful year for adventure, and little lady, your oldest brother is a keeper.

    The prints are all so fun – how to pick? Kinda love the Fezziwig one and ALL the Huck Finn ones. Maybe a Huck Finn sub-theme is needed for our boy room…

    Love all those Shining Light dolls and have none. Our Lady of Lourdes probably would be my first pick.

    Nell is the bomb. I'm holding out for a pair of adult leggings as I already purchased a pair of mini ones for my baby and am awaiting their arrival.

    • Kendra

      Wait. She makes adult leggings? That changes everything! How did I not know this? πŸ˜€

  58. Bethany Ann

    Happy belated birthday Lulu! The Our Lady of Czestochowa is a favorite. The foxes blanket is pretty cute. I love the Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy print. Thanks so much!

  59. Celia

    I've been eyeing the bird leggings at Whole Parenting for a while.

  60. Celia

    The Our Lady of Guadalupe doll is my favorite.

    Happy birthday, Lulu!

  61. Camille

    I love the St. Nick doll! I would love the set for the new baby!!

  62. Katherine

    Yay for a birthday, Lulu!
    What a sweet birthday party :0)
    I would be so hard to pick from all of those lovely things!! …right now I'd go w/ a fox blanket…or leggings…or bandit bibs (!) from Nell + the Sherlock Holmes print πŸ˜€ + Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  63. Camille

    The castle print – beautiful. My kids have always loves playing knights and princesses and this would be adorable in their room.

  64. Kara Warme

    Happy birthday Lulu!! We can't wait to see you and snuggle you in just a couple weeks. All the baby dolls around our house that are daily referred to as Lulu just aren't the same πŸ˜‰

  65. mrs. s.

    Happiest of birthdays to baby Lulu! Better late than never, I say. Besides…those giraffe cupcakes are beyond adorable. Totally worth the wait!

    I'm in LOVE with the Sherlock Holmes BabyLit print, but then again, all of the Jungle Book prints would look amazing in my little guys room…and the Pride & Prejudice prints would look equally fantastic in my little lady's room. Sigh. I'm a literary geek, so it's so hard to choose! But Sherlock Holmes…

    It's hard to choose between the adorable dolls, but I'd say we'd likely choose one of the dolls of Our Lady. We've been reading a lot about Our Lady of Guadalupe and my daughter loves the stories about "Jesus' Mummy."

    The fox blanket is a no brainer for me. Foxes? Wearing glasses? I'm sold.

  66. Tori

    I would love some fun leggings for my son! Either the campers or the birch trees!

  67. Tori

    I've had my eye on the jaberwocky prints for awhile now! My husband grew up loving that story and we'd love to deck out my son's room!

  68. Sara Nguyen

    Happy Birthday to Lulu! 1 is a very special year! I love all of the dolls, how does a person pick their favorite Virgin Mary? But Our Lady of Fatima. So simple and beautiful!

  69. Jacqueline Novak

    Well I just wrote a real nice little blurb and it disappeared! So in short:
    -love Shining Light dolls, making it a family tradition for the kids to get one each Christmas!
    -the clothes are ADORBS (that "word" cracks me up) love the leggings on my little cloth diaper babe
    -The Wizard of Oz is a family fave, so we would have to pick one of those!
    -Happy birthday Lulu! Wondering if your mother feels as weepy/nostalgic/wanting to freeze you in time as I do about my sweet babe just turning 1!

  70. Hope

    Happy Birthday Lulu! You are the cutest one year old! (The giraffe theme is super adorable).

    I love love love the shining light dolls. Crazy love. And so do my kids! We have a couple and they have held up beautifully over the past year. I would like to add St. Patrick and Our Lady of Knock into our lives but haven't worked it into the Christmas budget yet.

    From Nells shop–I've been eyeing the Charlie Harper leggings. Again, love.

    From Sugar–the Sense & Sensibility Chicken Coop caught my eye (oh, yes, chickens) but I think that Pride and Prejudice Ball Gowns would win out for the girls room. πŸ™‚

  71. Michelle

    Happy Birthday Lulu! Lulu was born a just a month before my first, and now *he* is about to turn one too! My goodness, time flies! She's just super cute. I love the picture of here with he tongue out!

    Those BabyLit books look awesome – I'll keep them in mind for kids of academics : ) The Peacock print is amazing.

  72. Michelle

    And as for whole parenting goods, the elk leggings are very adorable – understated and Christmassy!

  73. Michelle

    And finally, the Shining Light Dolls. It is very hard to choose a favorite! They are all so adorable. I'm glad you took some shots with Lulu, so we can get an idea on size. If I had to choose, I would get the Our Lady of Guadeloupe doll. She's stunning.

  74. Jill VT

    Happy 1st Lulu! I love the "treats" drawing, Our Lady of Guadeloupe, and I would take ANY skirt or the pink polka dot baby leggings!

  75. Mary

    How lovely to give gifts on your birthday, Lulu! I love the peaco k and the porcupine, although I suspect my son would like the panther and my daughter the ball gowns. So many choices!

    I know my vehicle loving boy would adore the air stream trail or leggings.

    And I love the Virgin of Guadalupe. Hard to pick a favorite with these dolls, though.

  76. dutchdanish

    Happy birthday Lulu!

    Wow, so many great prints on Sugar. I'd let my daughter choose, but I think she might pick Glinda because she loves pink and fairies.

    From Whole Parenting Goods, I'd choose the Tri-Color Organic Cotton Knit Infinity Scarf.

    And from Shining Light Dolls, I'd choose Our Lady of Czestochowa.


  77. Betka

    I deleted my original comment in which I actually followed the rules and did what you told us–naming my favorites on each page. All I want for Christmas is a Shining Light Doll, and inspired by your ban on Christmas gifts, why should I sign up for stuff I don't really need–OL of Czestochowa is my favorite, because of the baby.
    And speaking of babies, *I'm* the one who'll be reading blogs during the week of Christmas . . . because I'm on bedrest with #7. Happy birthday, Lulu! Everyone should have one World's Easiest Baby, preferably near the end when all the big sibs can enjoy her (like my #6, Paul).

  78. Veronicita77

    Happy Birthday Lulu… you're a special girl!

    Love these books too! Thornfield print, all the way! Our Lady of Guadalupe is what I'm eye-ing. And, the aqua floral bandit bib is cute! Have a blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Friday, Kendra!!

  79. Kathy  H

    Happy birthday Lulu! I can't believe my own 1 year old will be 2 in just 3 short weeks! Crazy how fast it goes!
    So many adorable goodies πŸ™‚ Baby boy's nursery is taking on a nautical/whale theme so a Moby Dick themed print would be appropriate! Love the baby leggings that Nell makes, baby boy might look good in some tribal print or the campers. We'll find out when he gets here πŸ˜‰
    And my little toddler would love the Shining Light Dolls. We have a framed Our Lady of Guadalupe in our living room, so a Virgin Mary she could play with would be great!

  80. Jamie

    Gah…. my first comment went away. It was so thought out and WHIMSICAL, too…. πŸ˜‰ I'll just make a list this time:

    β€’ St Nicholas (love his smirky-smile!)
    β€’ the pink/grey baby/toddler blanket looks SO cozy!
    β€’ something from either the Wizard of Oz or Sense and Sensibility

  81. Caroline

    The dolls would last through the years- passed down from chubby baby hands to little kid hands- definitely the dolls.

    Happy Birthday Lulu, I've got one just like you at home- pig tails and all.

    p.s. not sure if I'm doing this right- never left a comment before on any blog- this is the 3rd time of trying… plus my little girl keeps plunking away at the keyboard.

  82. A Cord of 15 Knots

    Happy birthday Lulu! (you look incredibly cute in your new outfit by the way!)
    I am so excited to learn about the shining light dolls! I had no idea they existed! My favorite is Our Lady of Czestochowa of Poland.
    Nells shop-an overload of cuteness-who could resist those foxes in teal and red?
    From Sugar-I like the Sense and Sensibility print but my little boys would love the Jungle Book print so much more!
    Thank you!

  83. mckmnm

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Treats
    2. Little Girl Fancy Everyday Skirt
    3 Our Lady of Guadalupe Collectible Vinyl Doll

  84. Crazy Catholic Girl

    Happy Birthday Lulu!!! I always enjoy your smiley pictures. I think my toddler would love any of the shining light dolls . . . but Mary is his favorite and I think he'd like Our Lady of Fatima best because that's the statue in his room that he gives kisses to. Thanks for being so generous!!! πŸ™‚

  85. Jennifer Barbosa

    As usual-thanks for the daily inspiration in fighting the good fight Kendra! Happy Birthday to sweet Baby Lulu! I absolutely love all of today's giveaways. These baby lit board books . . . incredible! I can't believe I've never been introduced to these before. My LOs would LOVE the shining light dolls (Our Lady of Lourdes is Mia's favorite). I also adore that unicorn skirt. Best Wishes-Jennifer Barbosa

  86. Sheila Timler

    Happy birthday Lulu! You are adorable!

    From the giveaway websites I like: the peacock/Jungle Book print; the Whole Parenting bibs (I just like the shape of them); and the Guadalupe doll πŸ™‚

  87. Theresa

    Happy birthday Lulu!!! I'm drooling over that Thornfield print from Jane Eyre. We have one of the BabyLit books and love it. But I'm seriously coveting the Shining Light dolls. I couldn't even tell you which one. I love them all.

  88. Katie

    I can't pick, but if I had to pick, I'd choose Froufrou from Alison Oliver's collection at Sugar! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to Baby Lulu! (three happies since she's tied for the third best baby ever!)

  89. Anne

    Happy Birthday Lulu! My four little girls would love the Pride & Prejudice book!

  90. Katie

    Infinity Scarves for Babies from Whole Parenting Goods? UM, YES! The Tri-Color Organic Cotton one is so beautiful and would look amazing on a special little girl I know!

  91. Katie

    and my godson just might be getting another gift for Christmas in the form of Our Lady of Fatima with the shining light dolls!!!

  92. Anne

    I love both the English Village and Ball Gowns prints on Alison's site.

  93. Anne

    Adorable goods on Nell's Etsy site too! The scarf is beautiful!

  94. Amanda

    My oldest daughter would love Our Lady of Czestochowa!

  95. Schaefer Clan

    Old dress from sugar, Peruvian wool double cowl from whole parenting, and st nick doll

  96. Melissa

    I love the Glinda print and all of the Pride and Prejudice prints. We love the BabyLit books and actually have quite a few of them.
    I love all of Nell's leggings. I would love a pair for both kids. They look fantastic.
    I love Saint Nicholas and Our Lady of Lourdes. Really I would take them all. I would love the Mary one but I don't see it in the shop. Our Lady of Lourdes is in our Saints for Girls book, so I think that would be an awesome one to go a long with the book.

  97. Emily Barnes

    Happy birthday, sweet Lulu. I have a little boy only a couple months older than you and nearly as sweet. I bet the two of you could be good friends! πŸ˜‰

    I love all the Moby Dick prints from Sugar. We have an underwater themed nursery and all of those would fit right in.

    All the baby leggings from Whole Parenting. Nell is my favorite. I ordered the elk family pair for my Simon's Christmas and I am over the moon excited to get them. And I have a special devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes, so that Shining Light doll would be a perfect addition to our Mass bag <3

  98. Unknown

    I love the modern block pink gray lavender toddler blanket! So lovely!

  99. Fuzzy

    I love the Print with the British village. They are all precious.

    Out lady of Fatima is one of my favorite from the shining light dolls, but we love them all.

    And the British soft wool cowl scarf in jet black is just lovely.

    Happy birthday, sweet Lulu!

  100. Gina

    I like the elephants print, the Our Lady of Guadalupe doll, and the Peruvian wool cowl scarf!

  101. Stephanie

    Oh what beautiful gifts! We are preparing for an upcoming 1st birthday of our fourth baby, a girl who already adores babies. I'm going to check out more from Shining Light Dolls, they are adorable and would be so fun for her! And the board books- I would have to have Romeo and Juliet for her! I love Nell's blog and her items are gorgeous- I am always checking out her skirts!

  102. Irena

    Joyeux Anniversaire Lulu!!! On the Baby Lit. site I love The Cowardly Lion, Sherlock, The Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter… On Whole Parenting, I especially love the leggings. All the Shining Dolls are wonderful (especially love Saint Patrick!).

  103. Miss Jill and Mister John

    Happy birthday to sweet Lulu!!

    For the print, I'd go with "Read". My husband teaches Frankenstein in his class so it would round out his classroom nicely.

    I love the dolls but I'd choose St. Patrick.

    At Nell's shop, I'd choose the pink polkadotted leggins πŸ™‚

  104. Anonymous

    Gosh if Lulu isn't the sweetest little baby ever! I would have to agree with Jack, here. That is sound logic.

    I love those dolls, but especially Our Lady of Guadalupe- and I do have a little girl in utero (my first daughter) and I also love the scarf.

  105. Rose G.

    Happy, happy birthday, Lulu! So sweet! I love following the adventures of Lulu on this blog, because she is just a few months older than my daughter, who is also sweet-tempered and has a lot of hair.

    I am fascinated with the Baby Lit books, and want to get some for my little Felicity for her upcoming first birthday. I love to read, and really hope to instill that love in my daughter as she grows up. The wall print I would choose would probably be the one of "Belle" from "A Christmas Carol," because it would look so pretty hanging in the room I am currently decorating for her.

    And the Shining Light dolls are amazing! I would pick Our Lady of Fatima. Our new parish priest has a special devotion to her, and has been mentioning her in every Sunday sermon lately, so I am getting reacquainted with her right now. He told us last week that "Your mother Mary came to earth and specifically asked you to say the rosary every day. It's your daily duty as a Catholic." (*gulp*) We had been hit-or-miss with the daily rosary before, but we haven't missed a day since he said that! The little doll would be the perfect thing for Felicity to play with while we say the rosary at night. πŸ™‚

  106. Theresa

    Happy Birthday, Lulu! Thanks for celebrating with enough whimsy to go around πŸ˜‰
    I love the air stream pants – I think I can safely say that James would live in them if "he" won since it would be his only non hand-me-down, and thereby his/my favorite.
    I've always wanted to check out the Shining Light Dolls also. They look so sweet.
    And…. we're Baby Lit fans around here too. I'll never write a kids book (or a great classic…) but if I did, I'd want Alison Oliver to illustrate it πŸ™‚

  107. Marcie Pomeroy

    We love all of the Shining Light dolls. Especially our lady of knock. My daughter just turned 3 πŸ™‚
    Happy birthday Lulu!

  108. Kristen Watkins

    Happy Birthday Lulu, you are a mighty fine baby!
    I have twins, so the print with the Mama elephant and two baby elephants is right up my alley.

    The I love the camper leggings for my guy and my little girl would look lovely in the little skirt.

    I love the Our Lady of Knock doll, but all of them are just so cute.

  109. Sara Morey

    So many awesome things! Even if I don't win anything I think they will all go on my wishlist for the future…

    At Sugar I like the Peacock print or the Gloves print or maybe Mr. Rochester's Insects… SO many to pick from! I love them all.
    At Shining Light Dolls I love the Our Lady of Czestochowa doll.
    At Whole Parenting Goods I like the coral poppy leggings.

    <3 to Lulu on her birthday!

  110. Laura

    Happy birthday Lulu!
    I love Nell's large minky blankets. They look so snuggly!

  111. Laura

    My favorite Shining Light doll is Our Lady of Czestochowa.

  112. Beth Roznowski

    She is the cutest! I actually like the dresses print…I would love if they made a St.Gianna…but Our Lady of Lourdes is pretty special, too. The infinity scarf looks adorable on a toddler! I love the coral poppy leggings or a bandit bib as my three month old is drooling like crazy.

  113. Laura

    And on Sugar I love the Cheshire Cat πŸ™‚

  114. Meghan Applegate

    What a great giveaway! One of those adorable dolls will be in each of my kids' stockings this Christmas whether I win or not!

    If I have to choose though, at this time of year, I love the St. Nicholas doll.

    You can't beat Mr. Rochester's insects print; my son Tug (4 years) would love it.

    Both of my girls, Poppy (2 years) and Lola (5 months) would be adorable in the leggings!

  115. Erin

    Happy Birthday sweet Lulu!

    My daughter Mary isn't far behind, her first birthday is in January. So I have her in mind picking out my favorites –
    From Sugar I love Christmas Past
    From Whole Parenting I love the blue tribal leggings
    and from Shining Light Dolls I love Our Lady of Lourdes

  116. Lina

    happy birthday big sister!! πŸ™‚

    And From Sugar – jabberwocky. hands down! Calloo callay!

  117. Lina

    Shining Light for SURE OLOG – we have a John Diego so its pretty much a moral requirement to pick her. however, he was born on the feast of OLOL, so she's a close 2nd.

    and st. nick. (and all of them. love those dolls!!)

  118. Lina

    Whole Parenting – i am a SUCKER for woodland creatures, so i want that foxy blanket something fierce, esp since our newest little is going to be a boy <3

  119. JEM826

    Happy birthday Lulu! You are precious!

    We are going to be bringing home our baby girl from China next month, and recently received the Our Lady of China prayer card. I would love to get the doll for her someday, but in the mean time, I really like Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Knock and St Patrick:)

    I love the book and movies of sense and sensibility and Pride and Prejudice! Those prints were really nice:)

    I really like the unicorn skirt and the owl skirt tha Lulu is modeling" she is super adorable:)

    Purple is my favorite color and looks wonderful with the gray for the scarf:)

  120. JEM826

    Happy birthday Lulu! You are precious!

    We are going to be bringing home our baby girl from China next month, and recently received the Our Lady of China prayer card. I would love to get the doll for her someday, but in the mean time, I really like Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Knock and St Patrick:)

    I love the book and movies of sense and sensibility and Pride and Prejudice! Those prints were really nice:)

    I really like the unicorn skirt and the owl skirt tha Lulu is modeling" she is super adorable:)

    Purple is my favorite color and looks wonderful with the gray for the scarf:)

  121. Nicole

    Happy Birthday to Lulu! She is just precious! I love all of your wonderful giveaways! My favorite are all of the beautiful Shining Light dolls, especially Our Lady of Fatima!

  122. Emily

    Happy Birthday, Miss Lulu! You are super cute and I wish I'd have a kid with hair like yours someday-it's awesome!

    The party looks perfect, and now I'm hungry for cupcakes.

    From Sugar, something for my little boy's room walls.

    Whole Parenting has the cutest stuff; I'd have to go with some leggings for my own just-turned-one year old girl. Not sure which.

    I love those saint dolls and really wish I could get some for my kids but they're all out of our price range for now. I dream of buying wooden blanks and painting them up myself but that's a dream that I don't have time to make real right now, as I'm working on the sixth of our soon to be six, six and under clan.

  123. Amy Allgeier

    Happy birthday to Lulu! She is adorable.

    I LOVE those Shining Light dolls. I want to collect them for myself!

  124. ccgnicholson

    Happy birthday, sweet girl! I just had a November baby myself, and let me tell ya, having a toddler girl and a baby boy made it crazy hard to decided my favorites on each page! πŸ™‚
    We are huge babylit fans in our house so trying to pick a favorite print was so hard, but I love the lanterns from Huck Finn and Belle from A Christmas Carol.
    From Shining Light dolls, I love Our Lady of Lourdes!
    And from WholeParenting, that plush spotted owl blanket is just adorable.
    And gender neutral. I can have my kids Hunger Games it out to see who gets it πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Layla

    Squee! Happy birthday to Lulu! So nice of her to share her gifts.

    The Trees at Thornfield print is fabulous. My wee "happy spitter" *needs* a bandit bib. And O.L. of Knock is my favorite Shining Light doll, but they're all SO sweet.

  126. Rose

    Happy Birthday, Lulu!

    Those Shining Light dolls are precious! I'd love to collect all of the Marian ones. But, I also love the "coming soon" dolls- St. Elizabeth of Hungry, Padre Pio and St. Catherine of Siena! All so adorable. Plus, the world map with all the different Marian dolls–click and learn about each one… how COOL is that?! I might let my girls have some computer time to check those out!

    From Whole Parenting, I'm digging the Elk baby leggings. So cute! But, Lulu's skirt is crazy cute too.

    From Sugar, I love the Wizard of Oz prints. How fun to have a cowardly lion, tin man and scarecrow! And Glinda was lovely too.

    Thanks of the fun giveaway!

  127. Carteca

    Happy 1st Birthday Lulu!

    I love babylit board books, and I've gotten a few for family and friends. Since we're moving into our own home (woohoo!) I'd love one of the Huck Finn prints to decorate the nursery. Raft and Friends are my favorite.

    Whole Parenting leggings look lovely! I'd love the gray elk family leggings for my baby boy.

    The Our Lady of Fatima doll is my favorite.

  128. Amy Ferguson

    Happy Birthday, Lulu!

    The Tribal leggings are so cute from Whole Parenting! I could absolutely see my sassy daughter sporting some of those!

    I absolutely love the set of The Wizard of Oz prints from Sugar! All of the artwork is beautiful and yet gentle and sweet for kids.

    I have been eying the Shining Light dolls for a long time now. I love each and everyone of them and really hope they continue to expand their offerings to include even more saints.

  129. The Towers Family

    Happy Birthday Lulu!

    Just love these dolls! I hope they come out with new ones in the near future before my little grow up too fast. Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favorite.

    Love the British Wool Scarf in grey and the woodman print too!

  130. Susanne

    Dear Lulu, May God bless you for many happy years!

    The British Soft Wool Cowl Scarf in Charcoal looks very cozy.

    Like many viewers, I also have been eyeing the Shining Light dolls. My favorites are St. Nicholas and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  131. Andrea

    I like the Old Dress and New Dress from Alison Oliver! How sweet! I have a million little girls…I should order these!
    We have the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shining Light Doll, she is beloved! I've also been longing to pick up Our Lady of Fatima.
    My favorite item from Nell's shop is easily the Unicorn Skirt. Wow. So cute.
    Happy birthday to your sweetheart, and I hope you are feeling well! What a fun birthday party! That pizza looks awesome!

  132. Heather K

    Would love the Our Lady of fatima, the Color Block Blanket and the Elephants from Sugar. Too cute!
    Happy Birthday to Lulu

  133. Staci

    I love first birthdays! Happy birthday to Lulu!

    – I think the Huck Finn prints from Sugar have my heart and would look too cute in my son's room.

    – The only Shining Light doll we already have is St. Nick, but he is well loved. But St. Pat is my patron, so that's my favorite we don't already have!


  134. Carolyn_Svellinger

    Happy belated birthday Lulu! What a sweetheart.
    And thank you for the giveaway- this is perfect!

    1. I'm loving Nell's bibs and want one for the new babe.
    2. The print of Mr. Bingley & Mr. Darcy is my fave
    3. I love Our Lady of Fatima from Shining Light Dolls, but I'm SO excited for Pope St. John Paul II.

    • Carolyn_Svellinger

      Actually I meant I love Our Lady of Lourdes- no offense OLF, but I love the sweetness of that doll πŸ™‚

  135. Leigh

    I love the ORGANIC birds upside down baby leggings

  136. Leigh

    I know a little boy who would love a st patrick

  137. Britta

    Happy 1st birthday, Lulu! I met you and your momma at the Behold Conference in Peoria,IL. You were just 4 months old and so sweet – seemingly as sweet as your bday pictures show you now!!

    Oh my goodness, all 3 of those companies offer fantastic additions. For the prints, I would take any or all of the Wizard of Oz series. My hubby loves that story/movie and we now sort of have a nursery space in our bedroom where those would work great. I would then love to have an organic knit scarf to add to my collection or my daugthers – how comfy. Finally, we don't have any of the saint dolls yet, and my kids were oohing and aahing over all of them – so I just can't pick one! They look amazingly sturdy and would be a great addition to our Catholic collection.

  138. Jennifer Siegel

    Happy Birthday Lulu!
    On the Sugar website, there are lots of fun ones, but either the musicians or Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice are what I would pick now. So many cute ones, I may change my mind πŸ™‚
    I like the Bandit Bibs from Whole Parenting Goods. For the Shining Light dolls, I like St. Nicholas and Our Lady of Lourdes.

  139. Camilla

    Lulu is pure sunshine!!! My baby girl, my 7th too, is almost 8 months old, and FAT (which I love) and sooooo cute. She rocks the name Millie. My boys… I have to show them the pic of your pizza. They would want to have a sleepover party on it. Choosing a print I liked from Sugar Illustration was tough, but I would have to go with the "Who Are You" caterpillar print from Alice in Wonderland. I have been to Whole Parenting many times and love her Etsy shop. Millie would like the coral poppy leggings. Size FAT. And my favorite Shining Light doll would be St. Nicholas… Tis the season! Merry Christmas to you! Time to do your Advent book now! Blessings! — Camilla

  140. Natasha Beckstead

    Happy birthday Lulu!

    I adore the Bear print from the jungle book! I love the monocled fox blanket – super cute! And I love all the saint dolls! I have been wanting to get some for my boys forever.

    Also… since am a women of few words and tend not to comment I have to take the chance to say that you're my hero Kendra and I wish you lived next door to me so I could be your friend and pick your brain! πŸ™‚

  141. Anonymous

    Happy belated birthday Lulu! So adorable!
    Shining Light Dolls – my children inherited their Irish-ness from their great-grandma, so I'd have to pick St. Patrick!
    Whole Parenting Goods – everything is adorable! I love the scarves and the plush blankets.
    Sugar – Since I'm in an all boy house (for now) I like Beamish Boy.

  142. Valent Richie

    Happy belated birthday Lulu!
    Sugar – BIRDS BabyLit: The Adventures of Huck Finn
    Whole Parenting Goods – Little Girl Fancy Everyday Skirt "Julia"
    Shining Light Dolls – Our Lady of Czestochowa of Poland

  143. Jacque Hall

    I hope Lulu had a great time at her super cute party! It looks like it was a great time!

    I'd choose either the chair print from S&S or the Ballgowns from P&P for my daughter's room.

    Either the Airstream trailer or the teal elk pants for my son. (12-18mo size)

    And Our Lady of Lourdes doll.

    I'm excited for a chance to win! Thank you!

    P.S. I hope you are still feeling well!

  144. Sasha

    Happy birthday little one!

    From Sugar page I like Friends and Sunset, from Whole parenting page the unicorn skirt (and many others), and from Shining Light Dolls Our Lady of Czestochowa, in honor of marrying into a Polish family πŸ™‚

  145. Kendra

    Commenting for Cathleen . . .

    I'd love it if I could get entered in the giveaway πŸ™‚ My Louisa, who we also call Lulu, will turn 1 year next week! I enjoy following your blog, and thanks for the great giveaway.
    God Bless,

  146. Kendra

    Commenting for Alysia McHenry: I cant get my log in to work on the page but I LOVE the dolls! I always like seeing your ideas of gifts that are original. With 4 girls under 6 it gets hard to come up with new stuff for the youngest.

  147. Mary Aguilar

    Happy belated birthday, Lulu!

    Sugar Illustration & Design: Sherlock, Thornfield, & Raft
    Whole Parenting Goods: Snowflake Large Minky Blanket
    Shining Light Dolls: Saint Patrick

  148. Jennifer

    Happy 1st Lulu! How fun and wonderful! The shining light dolls are so cute! I like them all! And I think I might just be convinced to get some of those whimsical leggings for my niece this Christmas. And the peacock print from sugar lit is swell πŸ™‚

  149. teriannm

    I love all the dolls but I think my girls would like Our Lady of Guadalupe best. They are excited for her feast day coming up.

  150. Megmckham

    Happy Birthday Lulu!
    It's so hard to choose favorites…
    I love the lantern and English village prints by Sugar. Our Lady of Fatima by Shining Light Dolls is just too cute. British Soft Wool Cowl Scarf is sooo cozy looking from Whole Parenting Goods.

  151. Ana

    Happy Birthday, Lulu! My third daughter just turned one in November so I enjoy hearing stories about you.

    The leggings from Whole Parenting are soo cute! I can totally picture my daughters wearing them!

    I really like the set of The Wizard of Oz prints from Sugar.

    I have never seen a Shining Light Doll but now I need to get my hands on a Our Lady of Guadalupe one!!

  152. Tracy Bua Smith

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Sooo precious!

    Thanks for the giveaway opps!

    Sugar Designs: Mr. Rochester's Insects because my kids love finding them in our yard/woods
    Whole Parenting Goods: Tri-Color Cotton Knit Infinity because it will match anything and it's gorgeous, like all her stuff!
    Shining Light Dolls: I love these dolls and would love St. Patrick to add to our collection!

  153. Theresa

    Happy Birthday Lulu!

    Sugar Designs: Wizard of Oz Prints
    Whole Parenting Goods: Caramel Tribal Leggins
    Shining Light Dolls: Our Lady of Knock and St. Patrick

  154. Jana

    Happy 1st Birthday Lulu. I hope you love being one.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Sugar Designs: Harpoons from Moby Dick because I have boys.
    Whole Parenting Goods: Very Large Plush Spotted Owl Gray Minky Crib Blanket or Playmat because it looks so calm and I could use calm with three boys
    Shining Light Dolls: I'm torn between Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes. I hope they come out with more boy saints. I want to get some for my little men.

  155. Bridget

    Happy Happy Lulu! (By the way, that name is adorable.)
    I love those BabyLit books. I had no idea she did prints of her work too. My favorite is Ball Gowns.
    Yeah, that Unicorn skirt is adorable over on Whole Parenting Goods.
    And do I really have to pick a favorite from Shining Light Dolls? That's like picking a favorite child. I guess Our Lady of Guadalupe is just about perfect, and since I have a daughter born on her feast day (Eowyn Rose Guadalupe) I'll go with that one. πŸ™‚

  156. Heather

    Happy Birthday, Sweet LuLu! You look so pretty in your scarf and skirt!

    In fact, that scarf and unicorn skirt you showed here would be my faves for her shop. I have a new grand-niece who might need that skirt!

  157. Heather

    How cute are those dolls! My daughter may be a little old for them, but I'm not! I don't think there was one on that page that I didn't like, but the Irish in me is leaning toward Our Lady of Knock.

  158. Heather

    And the prints… It's not fair to have to choose just one. I kept thinking I found my fave and then I'd scroll down and find another one. Even though my kids are older now, I can still see many of these on their walls. I think Gloves would look great for my daughter; and one of the Sherlock or Huck Finn ones for my son. Or maybe Moby Dick…

  159. vuongphi

    The Saint Nick doll looks like the perfect Christmas gift for my goddaughter.
    Happy Birthday Lulu!

  160. Lara Murphy

    My 2.5 year old daughter would love the Mr. Rochester's insects print in her room. She is kind of obsessed with bugs! I adore Whole Parenting Good's blankets; the fox one is my favorite. All the Shining Light dolls are so cute! I especially like the Our Lady of Czestochowa doll.

    Happy 1st Birthday Lulu!

  161. Megan Swaim

    My 1yr old loves her baby lit books; we read Pride and Prejudice over and over and over. And those Shining Light dolls – love!!!! I'm done with her Christmas shopping, but am sending a link to the St. Nicholas to my husband right now with a please and a kissy face. πŸ™‚

  162. Jamie

    Oh my, how beautiful!
    We love baby lit. My son adores Moby Dick, so I would have to choose one of those prints.
    The dolls are beautiful and going on our birthday lists! I don't know that I could choose 1! I love Nell's leggings, but would love one of her knitted wool baby blankets. Happy Birthday Lulu!

  163. Anonymous

    Happiest of birthdays to Lulu!

    On Shining Light Dolls, I adore the little St. Nicholas (tis the season!).
    From Whole Parenting Goods, the swaddling blankets that are knit on a diagonal are just beautiful.
    And the BabyLit Prints are just the cutest, I would pick the floating bear print from Jungle Book.

  164. Laura F

    I changed my mind. I cannot stop looking at the Anna Karenina ones, and though I love P&P the most, I think I like the Gloves print more. There's a lovely mystique. Oh, and Buttons…! If I get one, I will probably need to save up and buy the other. They're so lovely.

  165. The Minears

    I love the Elephants from Pure Sugar, and the Modern Block blankets from Soft Wool are AMAZING!

    And my favorite from Shining Light?? Our Lady of Lourdes!!

  166. Neely

    Happy birthday, Baby Lulu!
    My girls need the "Hairpins" print from the Anna Karenina BabyLit. Like, yesterday.
    The unicorn "fancy skirt" from Whole Parenting Goods is just killing me with cute.
    I've been pining away for an Our Lady of Guadalupe Shining Light Doll to have in my kitchen, next to the sink. πŸ™‚

  167. Kate

    Happy birthday to Lulu!

    Sugar Designs: Huck Finn prints — can't decide between the map and Friends!
    Whole Parenting Goods: Lemon minky blanket
    Shining Light Dolls: Our Lady of Knock

  168. Megan B

    I had heard of the Baby Lit books, but never actually seen the pages from one, so I enjoyed looking at the books they have available. The Wizard of Oz one is pretty cute!
    The skirt at the Whole Parenting Goods Etsy shop is cute. I love the ric-rac along the bottom.
    We love all the Shining Light Dolls. We currently have 4 and at least one more will be added to our collection at Christmas. I can't wait until they add more saints to their collection!

  169. A Young Momma

    Happy birthday Lulu!!
    I love all these gift ideas for our family and for others!!

  170. Annery

    I love the Pride and Prejudice ball gown print, our Lady of Lourdes and the minky blankets!

  171. Shannon

    My absolute favorite Shining Light Doll is Our Lady of Czestochowa of Poland. Her face is precious, and I love it that she is holding the baby Jesus. So cute!!!!

  172. Marie

    I must need to comment more often, because I think the internet ate my first comment when I tried to post and instead was told to sign in. Hmmmm… what did I say…
    Happy Birthday, Lulu! Looks like a great celebration and I love your method on the wilton candy melts. Might have to try that for my soon-to-be one year old (bday in Feb. – the next family birthday). Also think those Baby Lit books are adorable – never seen them before!
    My favorites:
    Dresses, if for a girl's room; Huck Finn for a boy's room. (All cute)
    That infinity scarf rocks. Though I probably wouldn't look as good in it as Lulu. But… it might be a scarf my little ones couldn't pull off. πŸ™‚
    Shining Light Dolls (another one I'd never heard of until you)… oh, probably Our Lady or Lourdes or Fatima. Two of my favorites.
    Thanks for all the give aways! (Oh, and I enjoyed your interview with Jennifer F.)

  173. Mimi Campaigne

    Happy day Lulu. We have a lou too, and she would love the fancy skirt from Whole parenting. The chicken coop print is great, and I love the Our Lady of Knock.

  174. Liz Szilagyi

    I love the BabyLit books! We have a couple on our shelf at home, and just five minutes before coming to your blog I purchased the Frankenstein book for my SIL (no lie, it was the last site I was on before coming here — crazy!). I love Nell's leggings, but mostly I love her name, as that is my 2-year-old daughter's name.

    Thanks for hosting fun giveaways just before the Holidays. Congrats on the new arrival, and happy birthday Lulu!

  175. Lavendar

    Happy birthday Lulu! πŸ™‚
    I am obsessed with Moby Dick, so I would pick the Pequod print or the harpoon print for my son's room! I have had my eye on the shining light dolls for my 18 month old daughter. At least one might find its way into her stocking in any case!
    Natalie H

  176. Laurie

    Happy Birthday, Lulu! What a blessing she is to you all.
    I love the Shining Light dolls, and I'd probably pick Our Lady of Guadalupe. I adore the Whole Parenting shop (but have yet to splurge there). The boy leggings have the cutest prints in all the land for my little Kolbe (3 months old almost!). Huck Finn would have to win for the BabyLit prints. I can't believe I haven't run across these before.

    Great giveaways. Thank you!

  177. Paulina Smerek

    I love Our Lady of Knock from Shining Light Dolls.
    The little girl fancy skirt from Nell's shop is too cute.
    Above all else though….I 100% absolutely love and adore pretty much every single print from BabyLit Prints. Seriously. If I had to choose it would be the Ball Gown print. Not like I just have $30 to throw around, but I can't handle how much I love them.

  178. Catalina

    Happy Birthday to Lulu (singing it!) My 3 year old, Lucy, would love to play with Lulu and her Shining Light dolls – well maybe she would just take them from Lulu. Lucy's that kind of girl πŸ™‚

    Chantal was nice to enough to let me use her doll's images in a Blessed Mother lapbook I made for my parish. I'm so glad to see you highlighting the dolls for your followers.

  179. Kathryn Ward

    Those book look amazing! Frankenstein, Romeo and Juliet, and the peacock one was just beautiful.

    The dolls look great. I have a two year old and 6 month old and these would be great. Also, it is a great catholic gift idea!!

    Love the fox print and dr.seuss print.

    Happy birthday lulu!

  180. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Lulu!!

    I love the unicorn skirt, and the modern block toddler blanket with the bright colors.

    I would have to go with Our Lady of Guadalupe for the dolls and Sense and Sensibility for the books.

    Thank you!!

  181. Ana Casas Miller

    Happy 1st Birthday!!

    I love the BabyLit art!!! I have art all over the house for my DD to look at and this would go perfectly in her play area! I'm obsessed with shining light dolls, we have a Lady of Guadalupe for a stocking stuffer this year but I can't wait for Our Lady of Charity of Cobre to come out (I'm Cuban)), we will eventually own most if not all! I also love the leggings and bibs by Whole Parenting Goods. This is the best giveaway!

  182. Laurel

    Holy cow, that is the biggest pizza I have ever seen. Looks like a perfect party to honor a one-year-old! Nice job, mama! And a very happy birthday to you, Lulu!
    We just got our first Shining Light doll — St. Nicholas — for his feast day. I really love the OL of Fatima too. Maybe next holiday?
    Nell has the most beautiful things. It is hard not to spend all the hard-earned cash there. I especially love her large lemon blanket. Wish she made one of those in my size too.
    Ack! And those prints! You're doing horrible things for my pocket book. I don't know how I would choose but I love all the ones from Pride and Prejudice (but who doesn't?).

  183. Jessica

    I really, really don't need more blankets, but the Modern Block Red Teal Eggplant // Soft Wool Knit Baby // Toddler Blanket is so beautiful. I might have to get it for someone. (Whole Parenting Goods)

  184. Jessica

    We call my youngest Ellie Elephant so I think I'd have to go with the Jungle Book elephant print.

  185. Kristi

    Happy birthday to little Lulu! What a precious girl she is! I have two boys and these pics make me long for a little girl (in addition! I love my boys dearly!!) to put sweet little dresses and shoes on. I realize she is not a dress-up dolly, but it would be so fun. πŸ™‚

    And thank you for always holding such cool giveways. Those BabyLit books look so awesome, and you're right … how could anyone possibly decide on the prints. My favorites for my boys are probably several of the Huck Finn prints, including the Raft, Birds, Map of the Ole' Miss, Lanterns … I could go on and on. The prints from Moby Dick are also great.

    We have already bought an Our Lady of Guadalupe Shining Lights doll for a little girl whose birthday is today, her feast day!! But I would love another one for our boys, maybe St. Patrick or Our Lady of Czestochowa. πŸ™‚

    I think I missed the Whole Parenting Family giveaway deadline, but if I didn't, yes-please on the airstream trailer pants!! Hilarious and adorable!

  186. Kathryn Ward

    I can't wait until they expand their collection! Would love to get our family's patron saint and the girl's patron saint. Might just have to get Saint Nicholas and saint Patrick just for fun!

  187. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Shining Light dolls. Hello Christmas present for my three year old! We just celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe so she is definitely top of my list closely followed by Our Lady of Knock.

  188. Christine

    Happy birthday!

    Wow, I have never heard of the BabyLit books or the dolls. I loved the Thornfield print, my little girl would just call it a castle.
    If I could just pick one I think I would choose St. Nick for my Nicholas born on the feast day but they are all adorable!
    I love the block baby blankets but since I don't need any baby blankets right now I would probably have to go for an infinity scarf.
    Thanks for the giveaways!

  189. Katie

    Happy birthday, baby Lulu!

    If I had to choose, I'd choose the Chicken Coop illustration from BabyLit, girly leggings from Whole Parenting, and St. Nicholas from Shining Light Dolls.

  190. Theresa

    My baby girl (after 2 boys) wants all of this. I actually got her one of the Shining Light dolls (it's ok to use the Blessed Mother for teething, right?), but she'd be very generous and share with all her friends if she won. She also really wants the P&P print.

  191. Abby S.

    I'd love to win any of these! I love Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the fox blanket, but there's no way I can pick just one print. Love them all. Peacocks! Birds! Fish! Rustling leaves!

    And Happy (belated) birthday, Lulu! We love you!

  192. Anonymous

    Looking down from my perch in the choir loft yesterday I spotted a baby who looked almost like Lulu. Made my heart full of joy on this Gaudete Sunday – a very happy birthday to a well-loved child of God!

    All of these give away items are awesome – why not give kids a head start on great lit and great saints? Would love anything new for my 5th child (boy) or 4th child (girl) since we usually wrap up something from the toy storage bins for Christmas!

  193. Meghan Coen

    Ah! Love all the books but if I had to choose, The Secret Garden for my gal and The Jungle Book for the boys. Our lady of Czestochowa is a fav around here and ANYTHING that Nell makes is beautiful, but the leggings and skirts are darling.

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