Lent Challenge to Myself and You (There Will Be Prizes)

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Adam from Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families has issued a challenge to Frankie and me and all of you too!

This challenge is now closed, however, you can still take up a Chore and share with me on the Catholic All Year Facebook page!

Every time you tackle a special Lenten Sacrifice or Chore, you get to enter it here. Just list what it was…like “cleaned out the linen closet”, “packed 3 bags of clothes for giveaway” “organized the toy room”. At the end of Lent, Frankie and Adam will each randomly pick an entry and those people will get to choose a Cathletics Craft Kit PDF to receive and play with in the Easter Season. Try to enter just once a week: pick the task you’re most proud of!

The contest opens up on Ash Wednesday, February 13th (Note: 2013). I’ll post the link once it’s live.  

I’m going to attempt a new personal challenge each week. The clothes closets in this house need some serious attention — my closet, boys’ closet, girls’ closet (I am a historically bad judge of what stuff the husband would like to keep, so probably I should stay out of his closet).  

We usually do our big yearly clean out during Holy Week, but perhaps I’ll spread it out a bit this year. I’d also like to try doing more obscure challenges. Like . . . not spending any money for a week, or doing whatever my kids ask me to do for a week (as long as they don’t get wind of it).  

I am a person with preferences. It always befuddles me when people seem to genuinely not care where we go out to dinner, or what kind of bagel they get, or which color paper cup they get. Because I DO CARE, about pretty much everything.  

Maybe I’ll spend a week just generally going against my preferences.

Leave a comment here or on the Catholic All Year Facebook page with your idea for a Lent challenge for yourself or for me. 

(This isn’t the challenge with prizes, that doesn’t start until next week.)   I’ll pick a few, try them for a week, and report back to you.  And while we’re on the subject, do please consider following and/or liking Catholic All Year and Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families.   And . . . 

To get us all in the mood for Lent, Frankie’s friend Adam’s mom Monica (did you follow that?) from Equipping Catholic Families is ALSO offering a giveaway NOW (Note: in 2013 🙂) for one of her Paper Chain Lent Quest activities.  Head here to sign up for the raffle or click on the ‘Rafflecopter’ link below.  

I am the proud owner of this download, and it is super-cute and user-friendly.  It’s a fun way to teach some capital T Truth during Lent.  These little slips of paper are going in a jar next to our Lenten Sacrifice Beans on the altar table.

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Be ready for Lent!
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  1. Monica

    for lent I usually pick a psalm that speaks to me at the moment and try to memorize it. This year (not just lent but all year) I'm praying especially for those who are dying. I'll still do a psalm but haven't selected it yet.

  2. Keeley L.

    Any suggestions for the childless? We purge year-round and give it all to charity. Giving up chocolate is just not the sacrifice it used to be…

    • Kendra Tierney

      I certainly think that passive opportunities for sacrifices and mortifications come more readily to those of us with kids than for those of us without. But, you still live and work with people whose preferences are different than your own. You could watch a TV show you don't like without grumbling, you could pretend you don't actually want the last piece of cake, you could wipe up that spill in the break room and not mention it to everyone. You could not watch any TV shows and not grumble about that. You could sign up for the daily catechism emails at http://www.flocknote.com . You could find a daily devotional (my favorite is In Conversation With God). You could add daily Mass, daily or once or twice a week. You could try the Rosary or the Angelus or some other traditional devotion. If all that fails, you could just come up here and get some of my kids.

  3. Nanacamille

    There is a History Chanel series on the bible beginning mar.3rd gor 6 weeks. A friend has seen a preview and said teriffic. Could watch this instead of other tv.

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