It’s ALL YOUR FAULT Miley Cyrus

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Why, oh why, won’t this Miley Cyrus thing just go away from my Facebook?

the reaction of Will Smith and his family seems about right

And I tried, I really did try, to just not say anything about it. But I kept having thoughts. And I have a blog. So . . . 

Basically, I love everything that Matt Walsh wrote about it, but mostly I love this:

I wrote about Cyrusgate myself, simply making the rather obvious point that pornographic sexual degradation and confusion are interwoven into virtually every facet of our society, so it’s a bit absurd to randomly erupt with shock and outrage at one comparatively minor manifestation of our collective cultural rot.

Preach it brother.

I’ll have to write a whole post sometime on my “It’s All YOUR Fault Method of Divide and Conquer Parenting” in which I separate two squabbling siblings and explain to one of them how the whole incident was his fault and could have been avoided if he had changed his behavior in such and such a way, then I go to the other party and do the same thing.

That’s how I’d personally like to approach this incident (which I did not and will not watch, by the way). 

  1. “It’s ALL YOUR FAULT Miley Cyrus: you’re a grown up and a professional and you should know better than to behave like that. And on television. And with a married man! Now go put some clothes on and start singing country music again.”
  2. “It’s ALL YOUR FAULT Robin Thicke: she’s a child and she’s been in the industry all her life and she doesn’t know right from wrong. You’re a married man. You should know better. And stop singing that song. It’s gross. You should call Kirk Cameron and see about hanging out more.”
  3. “It’s ALL YOUR FAULT MTV: you want to be edgy and cool, sure. You’re only giving people what they want, I get that. But surely, someone, somewhere at your corporation has a shred of goodness left and realizes that there is such a thing as indecent and this was it. You could have stopped it, but you didn’t. You’re exploiting damaged, sad, desperate for attention people. Knock it off. Now go play some (nice) music videos for a change.”
  4. “It’s ALL YOUR FAULT America: If you didn’t watch this garbage it WOULD NOT EXIST. Period. You have done this to her and him and them and future generations of hers and hims and thems. Now turn off the TV and go outside.”

And, um, I DID try to warn you guys.

p.s. If you just read this and have no idea what I’m talking about I would really encourage you to NOT try to find out. You’ll be glad you didn’t.



  1. Tonya Scarborough

    Love it, especially #4. And when it comes to affairs, etc. I think there's more shame on any married participant because they have actually made vows to another person and betrayed them as well as God and themself.

  2. Nichole @ Yackity Shmackity

    Yes, everything you (and Matt Walsh) said! Also, I loved this one from The Crescat, "Complaining about something you saw on MTV is like complaining about a specific piece of trash you saw in a landfill…"

    • Kendra

      That is a GREAT quote. I honestly can't understand how this is even wending its way through Catholic circles. I didn't watch it and I'm kinda mad I have to know about it.

  3. Emily

    Hah! I almost wrote a blog post to the same effect, right down to the Matt Walsh blog referral. Seriously, why did anyone find it comment worthy? I'm so shocked that MTV had something vulgar happening with a vulgar song by a couple of vulgar singers.

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