All of Them, or: I Have an Announcement to Make

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Babies, Pregnancy | 105 comments

It is with great joy and relief that we announce that we are expecting Tierney baby number ten in September, as I think we can all agree that nine is a very odd number of children to have.

I mean come on, Your Highness, get these kids under control. What are they even all looking at? It’s like a Fulwiler Christmas card photo or something. (Love you, Jen.)

Joking aside, I have to take a moment here to express my gratitude for how generous you have all been in the prayers that you’ve offered for our family over the past year. In fact, almost every day since May 31, 2018 someone has offered a Eucharistic Holy Hour for the intentions of our family (although . . . today appears to be available, maybe I’ll take today) Without going into too much detail for reasons I explained here, I will say that your prayers have been so helpful and meaningful to us. Thank you. The most remarkable part of this whole thing has been the fact that there have been really NO side effects from the treatment, or from the reason for the treatment. That in itself feels like a miracle. Keep up with updates here.

Back in the spring, when we first learned about all of this, the husband and I had a long talk together about what it would mean for the future of our family. I felt I had really learned a meaningful lesson about being open to life in the midst of challenging situations the last time we went through this, and I was pretty confident that I didn’t want to close the door to the possibility of more children on this account. He was supportive of my general worldview, but pointed out that there are a lot more, and more aware, people in our home these days that would be affected by this decision. My pregnancies have gotten much more difficult as I’ve gotten older. A lot of responsibility for the home and the younger kids falls on the older kids when I’m not at my most effective.

I knew he was right, so I decided to take the opportunity of a morning drive to school last May to lay all this out for the oldest three kids, who were 15, 14, and 12 at the time. They already knew the other stuff, of course. I tried to lay out my thoughts as honestly as possible. That we knew that this was a challenging time for our family, and that we didn’t know what the future would hold. That I understood that they already had a lot of responsibilities, more than most children their age. I knew that if we continued to be open to the possibility of another baby, we could end up in the situation of multiple adults feeling unwell, at least for a time. And we had to acknowledge the possibility that things could take a long-term bad turn. But also that fertility doesn’t last forever, and that, at 42, postponing another baby might mean no more babies at all, even if things go great on the other front. It was a whole long heartfelt speech.

I expected that Betty would be for it, and that Bobby wouldn’t really care either way. That’s kind of how they roll. But I didn’t know what to expect from Jack, our oldest. Like me, he does not have a natural inclination for selfless hard work on behalf of others (although he is miles and miles ahead of where I was at his age). He’s rather a pragmatist. I figured he’d need some time to process it all.

But, after a pause of about three seconds, Jack shrugged and said, “I like babies.”

The other two agreed, with enthusiasm, and that was that.

It was a beautiful thing. My mama heart still swells a bit remembering it.

Of course, that was May, and it wasn’t until Christmas Day that we found out about this new little peanut. I really felt (mostly) at peace about it that whole time, even though it was an unusually long spacing for us. I was more comfortable with the idea that we wouldn’t have more children if it wasn’t going to be the result of MY decision. My standard response when people would ask me how many kids I want to have, has been, “All of them.” Now I can still say that.

We’re all very excited, and the big kids are picking up the slack for me as they said they would. I usually get opposite-morning sickness, and that’s been the case this time around. I feel pretty good from 2am to 2pm and really NOT good from 2pm to 2am. So I just get up REALLY early and try to get things done before the kids wake up, we do our homeschool day, and then at naptime, I crash and may or may not come downstairs for dinner. But I’m thirteen weeks now, and feeling better, and usually the hardest part is over for me by fourteen or fifteen weeks. My plan is to not fall off a ladder and break my tailbone this pregnancy, which would make things easier than last time.

I’ll keep you posted!

In other news, here’s a little Lent reminder I posted on social media yesterday, in case you missed it there. Lent is just about as late as it can possibly be, but it will be here next week!

We’ve got an all new installment of the liturgical living video series that will publish later this week, but in the meantime here’s the Epiphany one, in which I show you our super easy fake King Cake. King Cake season ends on Fat Tuesday, so get one more in while you can!

See more on our family Fat Tuesday traditions here.

And, I’ve got an all new Printable Lent Set, about which I am VERY excited!

It’s pretty much my printable magnus opus 🤩, and includes:

• A Lent Clipart Countdown Calendar featuring medallions for Lenten weekdays and Sundays, special days, saints’ days, feasts, and fasting days
• A brief explanation of the symbols used on each medallion
• A sample mock-up arrangement of the clipart calendar, posters, and quotes
• A Lenten prayer, fasting, almsgiving poster
• Eight different Lent quotes from the Bible, the catechism, and the saints
• A group Voluntary Lenten Disciplines page for things a household or classroom are taking up or giving up together, in an example version (the one our family uses) and a blank version
• Individual Voluntary Lenten Discipline slips
• A Label and Instructions to make a Lenten Sacrifice Bean Jar

I’m hoping it will help a lot of folks dive into liturgical living this Lent.

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  1. Lauren

    Wow! So happy for you and your family!

    • Melissa

      Congratulations on the newest baby. I just had our newest baby December 27th at the age of 43. I’ve never been reminded of my age as the Dr and medical staff did with our Michael…as if I’d forget.

  2. Brittany

    Congratulations on the little peanut! Thank you for still putting all this Lenten stuff together too!

    • Kendra

      Thank you and you’re welcome! It was nice to have something to work on in the wee hours of the morning that was quiet and didn’t require too much moving around. Moving around seems to make it worse for me.

  3. Isabelle

    Congratulations !!!!!! That’s fantastic news! And so sweet of the bigs (Also, my youngest was born 6 days after baby George, and it’s looking like we’re keeping on twinning )

    • Kendra

      Oh, yay! Congratulations to you too!

  4. Whitney


    Jack’s response brought tears to my ears. “I like babies!” What a succinct and beautiful response! If only everyone had such wisdom when a pregnancy was announced…

    Congratulations on the baby and congratulations on raising such fine young people 🙂

    • Kendra

      Isn’t it perfect? I was floored.

      • Kelly C

        So perfect! And what a beautiful conversation to have with them. I hope it’s one that they’ll tell this baby someday and maybe a future child or grandchild seeking counsel on these sorts of issues. Really beautiful. And wonderful! Congrats!

  5. Danielle

    I’m 11 weeks pregnant and have started to come out of the woods. Some days are better than others.

    • Kendra

      Yes, definitely having more good days now! And congratulations to you!

  6. Claire Rebecca

    Congratulations! You are all in my prayers

    • Bridget Swoger

      What a blessing that treatments didn’t prove to be dangerous to conception as most treatments can be. Congratulations!

  7. Laura Ambro

    Congratulations!! What lovely news from a lovely family!

    • Hillary

      Congratulations! We are 14 weeks today with our 2nd (plus two saints in heaven). Prayers for a continued safe and healthy pregnancy!

      • Kendra

        Congratulations to you, too!

  8. Sue K

    What beautiful news! Congratulations.

    • Kate McAuliffe

      Thank you so much for sharing your joys and trials. Congratulations on the new family member. I hope all goes well.

  9. Kelly

    We found out we are expecting the day after Christmas! Looks like you and I will be having babies at the same time. I totally cried reading this post – maybe it’s the hormones. For several reasons prior to this pregnancy I was really struggling with the idea of having more (this is 6 for us) but one thing that has been amazing as I’ve struggled through the 1st trimester misery has been to see the enthusiasm of my kids. My bigs (10 & 8) have done so much to help, its amazing. And everyone is so excited about a new baby. When we are surrounded by a culture that sees babies as a burden, it is beautiful to see the purity with which my children embrace new life. God bless you and your family as you move forward toward this new birth!

    • Kendra

      Yes! So true. And congratulations!

  10. Stephanie

    I’m 16 weeks with #3 here and teared up when you said Jack said that. I pray that mine have the same outlook when they are that old! I’m very excited but also nervous for 3 3 and under (#1 will be 3.5 and #2 will be 2 when this one is born). Prayers for your lovely family and please pray for mine too!

    • Kendra

      Absolutely. It’s a deal. And congratulations!

    • Weronika

      Congratulations! When I had my third baby I was also scared what would happen as my oldest was just a little over 3 and my youngest was 17 months old, but everything worked out great and it was actually much easier having three kids than two! The family just adapted wonderfully and the new dynamic was better than the old one. Everything will be fine, I will keep you in my prayers 🙂

  11. Karen Moran

    Amazing and wonderful. Keeping your family in my prayers.

  12. Amanda

    Oh I love this! Congratulations a million! I’m going to sign up for more Adoration for Jim, father of 10 ☺️

    • Sandie Reed

      Oh this is so exciting. I’ve been secretly hoping for baby number 10. Addi and I are flying out to Vermont next week to see baby Ciaran. He just turned 3 months. Love you all.

      • Kendra

        Oh, that’s so exciting! Please give them our love!

  13. Laurel

    Congratulations, Kendra!! It is such a beautiful thing to witness a family caring for each other the way you all do.
    Hope the nasties of the first trimester are a thing of the past soon for you!

  14. Elizabeth Carreon

    10 is a great number! So is 11, 12…. 🙂
    Our last baby came when I was 45. I was older. Hubby was on his way to surgery #2. There was very little income. And we lost our insurance. It was a harder pregnancy for various reasons, but God provided where it was needed. His grace over us amazes me still.
    I see that grace over your family and my heart swells with joy because of it. You have a good bunch right there Kendra. Prayers for you all. {HUGS}

    • Kendra

      Thank you, Elizabeth! And, yes, God certainly entrusted you with a lot all at once there!

  15. Kimberly in So Cal

    Oh, how wonderful! I love your openness to life and how you embrace it even/especially when faced with uncertainty!

    Not having been open to a large family when it was still a possibility is one of my biggest regrets. It’s only been in the past few years that I was able to see outside of the dominant script our culture writes about having children. I was raised in Pentecostal, evangelical, conservative Christianity, and my own mother made the birth control appointment a month before my wedding. And while you would think my Roman Catholic raised husband would have been against it, he spent his life being told that NFP didn’t work and that he needed to use birth control or risk having unwanted babies. That’s what I mean about the cultural narrative, because how on earth did we humans ever come to see any child as unwanted?!?!

    Thank you for setting an example and sharing how even/especially in the midst of uncertainty, a new life is a welcome blessing! May you be healthy and happy throughout this pregnancy with Tierney baby #10!

    • Kendra

      Thank you, Kimberley. I appreciate your perspective.

  16. Lisa

    I love this!! Congratulations!
    I get very, very sick during my pregnancies, and end up on medication for hyperemesis gravidum, the last few babies I was on it the entire pregnancy. And the exhaustion is unreal. I never have to announce it to my kids, after one or two episodes of me running to throw up they figure it out. They are always thrilled! I mean, I see them standing outside the bathroom smiling, and they give me huge hugs, without saying anything. This has happened multiple times. And their work load, and my husband’s work load, increases so much, I usually feel really guilty about it. But my oldest’s response last time, when I sort of apologized for how much she would have to step up was, much like your son’s, “Mom, it’s a baby!”
    God is so good.

  17. Gina

    Congratulations! I’m due with my second in September, so I very much look forward to reading what you wish to share about your growing family! <3

  18. Katherine

    Congrats! I am due August 30th and also learned on Christmas day. It has been really rough, but it is looking better already for me. Good luck to you.

    • Kendra

      So many bump buddies around here! Congratulations!

  19. Melissa

    Aww. Congratulations! We also found out we were expecting on Christmas day and my due date was recently changed to September 1st. We’re very close! I’ll pray for you!

    • Kendra

      Nothing like labor for Labor Day, right?! Congratulations!

    • Wanda

      So so happy for you! You are so blessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. E

    Thank you for sharing your big, wonderful family with us. Anytime I’m scared or unsure about this whole thing, it’s you or others like you that help me be brave about my and my husband’s choices. I wish I could say I didn’t need to see others leading a similiae life, but it’s helpful. Thank you for sharing and being an example.

    • Kendra

      Thank you. This is wonderful to hear.

  21. Talitha

    Congratulations! Your blog is such a blessing in my life!

    • Amy

      Praise the Lord and congratulations!

  22. Kati

    Congratulations Kendra and all the Tierneys! And I feel you…pregnancy is harder as we get older. Being pregnant at 40 is not the same as 28, or even 35… I will pray for you!

    • Kendra

      It’s true! Thank you.

  23. Sarah

    “All of them.” What a perfect response. We’re expecting #6 and the pregnancy has been so challenging – it gets more intense with each one – but I too have been amazed at how joyful the other kids have been, especially the older ones who help and help and help some more. They love the babies and already talk about more. I love seeing your family culture – it inspires and affirms. 🙂

    • Kendra

      Thank you and congratulations!

    • Weronika

      Kendra! I am amazed at how many Mamas are expecting in September just like you! We are expecting baby #4 in that same month as well! Maybe we should start a September Catholic Baby group! It’s so wonderful to be able to share this special time with other Sisters in Christ! Blessings!

  24. Abby

    I like babies too. I don’t think you can ever have enough.

  25. JMSalinas

    So happy for your family! In solidarity with you. I’m not on number 10, but almost 12 weeks with number 4 and have the same “opposite morning sickness” issue too!

    • Kendra

      Do other people actually get it in the morning? I don’t even know. And congratulations!

      • Laura

        Same for reverse morning sickness over here! I’m only on number 4, but I have to know who watches your littles in the afternoon? Especially when the older ones are at school? I feel 100% done by 2:00 and need hope that one day I can do the same, too!

        So happy for you— have been following for many years!

        • Kendra

          The two littlest ones don’t usually wake up from naps until the oldest kids are home from school, but I do have a very capable nine year old homeschooler who is good in a pinch!

          • Laura

            Love it.

  26. Mary McGrath

    Congratulations! I love to hear there is another Tierney in the world, even though I have never met even one of them. All the best to your beautiful family!

  27. Christine

    Congratulations, Kendra! I’m glad your family has been blessed with another baby. And it’s so nice that you have plenty of capable and willing helpers 🙂

  28. Marion

    Congratulations on the wonderful news. You have a beautiful family. Jim is in my daily prayers.
    God Bless

    • Kendra

      Thank you. I appreciate it so much.

  29. DeAnne Ridge

    Congratulations! Also, is most of the lenten stuff in my Catholic All Year Book? I printed stuff for advent and then found it in there 🙂 I have the digital version.

  30. DeAnne Ridge

    Okay, Let me try that again. I BOUGHT the advent booklet you created and then found it was in the Catholic All Year book. I’m being lazy and asking you rather than pulling up my digital copy of the Catholic All Year Book. I have ten kids, too! Congratulations! I wish I had your answer when I was going through those pregnancies! What a wonderful answer. All of them!

    • Kendra

      Hmmm . . . I’m not sure what you mean. For Advent, I sold a Christmas Novena booklet, an Advent Wreath Prayers booklet, and an At Home Nativity Play booklet, and the text of none of those is included in the Catholic All Year Compendium. The Compendium has the suggestions to do them, but not the prayers/Bible readings etc. that were in the printable booklets. It’s the same for the Lent prayers and devotions in the March booklet, and the other printables. I recommend the prayers and practices in the Compendium, but the actual texts aren’t included in there.

  31. Hillary Swetz

    So, so happy for your beautiful family! I guess I’ve got something else to add to my labor prayer intention list- healthy baby number ten! 🙂
    Also, didn’t you once mention there’s a special term for a woman who’s mother to ten children? (Google was ineffective, but I can’t shake the feeling that you mentioned it once!)

    • Kendra

      Yes! Grand multipara refers to a woman who has had five or more viable pregnancies. Great-grand multipara refers to a woman who has had 10 or more viable pregnancies.

  32. Marie

    Congratulations! Tierney babies are awesome! 😉 Grow, Baby, GROW!

  33. Kirsten Huff


  34. Marilyn

    Congratulations. What great news. Prayers for Jim and your pregnancy and new baby. God Bless you and your family.

  35. Betka

    Kendra, although I trail behind you with only eight children, people tell me all the time what an inspiration we are to them. Thank you for sharing this story in all its detail. The way you embrace openness to life with thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and radical selflessness is an inspiration to us inspirations!

  36. Colleen martin

    As a new 40 year old, I’m really closed to the idea of another baby for lots of reasons, but you are very inspiring and give me things to ponder. I’m happy they’re are people like you and your husband in this world!!

  37. Katie Heath

    YAY!! I am SO excited for you and the whole Tierney clan! I’m with Jack…I love babies:) Plus, the world needs more Tierneys, quite frankly, because the world needs more solid Catholics. Keep us posted on your journey and can’t wait to meet the newest cutie!

  38. Ashley

    This is so awesome. Congratulations Kendra. You are my favorite blogger and you inspire me so much!!

  39. Dawn

    Congratulations on the wonderful news and God bless you all!

  40. Julie Graf

    Congratulations! God is good!

  41. Daniela

    Congrats !!!! “I want all of them” beautiful!!!!
    God is good!!!!

  42. Allison

    Aww this is wonderful news!!! So happy for you guys!

  43. Jenny

    Congratulations ,Kendra! What a blessing! I’m 41 and just had baby #10 this past September. And my oldest is an almost 16 year old boy named Jack!

  44. Kristen

    I just love reading about your amazing family. I find it so ironic that you are willing to suffer difficult pregnancies (and humbling of asking for help from your older children) for the sake of adding souls to God’s family, and yet you see yourself as not having a “natural inclination for selfless hard work on behalf of others.” You are such an inspiration, and your openness to God’s will including a large family continually keeps me in awe. Prayers for you and all the other moms who commented on their expectant babies!

  45. Rebecca Millette

    Yay! I’m totally stealing Jack’s line. We’re expecting #4 a couple weeks before you. 4 is the beginning of big and semi-unusual in our town so I’ll have good opportunity to use “I like babies!” Prayers for you, Mama! I have evening sickness too, but I think I’m almost out of the woods.

  46. Kat Crow

    Congratulations Tierney Family! May God continue to bless all of you as you welcome this new little one 🙂

  47. Kathleen

    Congratulations! We are expecting our second in August so it will be extra fun to hear your musings when I have a baby a similar age. Bravo for your kids! I think big families really help kids learn not to fear babies. I am the fifth of five and just love babies. I am really surprised and bemused by how worried and overwhelmed people get over just two or three. Congratulations, again!

  48. Sarah

    Congratulations!! So exciting to hear that there will be another Tierney baby coming into the world. (Maybe even more so because I just found that I’m expecting my first child 🙂 ) You’ve been such an inspiration to me as a mother and a Catholic Christian. Thanks for continuing to share about your life and beautiful family!

    • Kendra

      Aww! Thank you and you’re welcome and congratulations!

  49. Joanne L Moening

    You are a blessing and an inspiration. May God bless you and your growing family. I am a little late to the update and announcement but happy and excited nonetheless.
    I only wish I was able to be like you and your family.

  50. Martin C

    Kendra, Jim and family, that’s wonderful news. Welcome to the 10+ club. I always enjoy telling amazed young couples who ask what it’s like to have ten kids that after 9 practice runs number ten is easy! Thankyou for your great witness to love and life and the inspiration you share with us all on your various media sites. Be assured of prayers and best wishes from this family of 12 across the Pacific.

  51. Jocelyn

    I have endometriosis, have never been able to get pregnant… but God has blessed our family with 6 kiddos through adoption. This year my doctor discovered that my endo had destroyed my uterus causing severe cramping and pain. I had to have a hysterectomy and it crushed me, having always hoped that one day a miracle pregnancy would happen. However, the sweetest consolation to my grief is witnessing families welcome new life, and my heart simply dances to read that not only are you and your husband delighted by this new gift, but that your children rejoice in a new sibling. It fills me with hope! Thank you and God bless you!

    • Kendra

      Thank you Jocelyn and God bless YOU!

  52. Kristi

    Please tell me you are now going to be known as “The Tierney Dozen” … #seewhatididthere

    Big congratulations! Thank you for continuing to take us all along on your wild and inspiring liturgical/family ride. It’s a genuine pleasure to share in it via the blog, etc. God bless!

  53. Susanne

    Wonderful news and beautiful blessing on Godly family life

  54. Kathy

    Congratulations! What wonderful news!! My last three (of four) babies were born when I was 42, 44 and 45–no complications or problems (except that I lost a twin with our 2nd). You and your family are in our prayers.

    • Kendra

      Thank you! And congratulations to you!

  55. Carla Sztyber

    Congratulations to you and your family on #10! I found your website while searching for bookmarks and cards to use for my monthly event for Legatus. Thank you so much for providing the St. Patrick Breastplate and The Lent card with saying from Fulton Sheen. They were beautiful with the table settings. Many Blessings during these last days of Lent and upon The Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord!

    • Kendra

      Thank you, I’m so glad to hear it!

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