Happy Foot Washing Day!

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I’ve been posting photos from the last couple of days on the Catholic All Year Facebook page, but I know not everyone who reads the blog is on Facebook.  So while I’m waiting for my hot cross buns to rise, I figured I’d put the photos up here too.
Happy Holy Thursday, or, as my kids call it,
Foot Washing Day
(as if we don’t wash our feet any
other days during the year).
Speaking of Facebook . . . on Spy Wednesday I saw an update by my friend Elizabeth of Following the Trails to Heaven in which she mentioned that she was planning to hide 30 pieces of silver around the house for the kids to find.
I jumped up, grabbed my keys and drove to the bank for a roll of quarters.
I have to say it was an interesting social experiment.  My (somewhat) kind and pleasant kids turned into a bunch of Judases themselves.  They pushed past each other, grabbed quarters that other kids had spotted first but couldn’t reach, and the baby got knocked over A LOT.  All over 30 pieces of silver.
It was a great opportunity to discuss how easy it is to betray those you love over money.
Then today, we loaded up the minivan (with one extra kid) and headed out on our Seven Churches of Maundy Thursday tour of the San Fernando Valley.
Church 1: The logical place to start.
Mission San Fernando Rey, founded 1797. 
We did two stations of the cross
at each of the seven churches.
Church 2: St. Euphrasia
Church 3: St. Catherine of Siena
Church 4: Our Lady of Grace
(It was unexpectedly lovely!)
Church 5: St Cyril of Jerusalem
The church was all locked up,
the only one we couldn’t get inside.
(And we were stuck FOREVER on Ventura Blvd
trying to get there! <sigh>)
But we did find a way into the adoration chapel.
Church 6: Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary
Byzantine Catholic Church:
Visiting with our Greek Catholic friends.
It was beautiful and the acoustics were impressive.
Church 7: St. Elisabeth
It took us FOUR HOURS (LA traffic is always a ready source of
mortification) but we had a great time visiting our seven churches.  When we were (finally!) home it was
time to put little kids down for naps and get started on our Last Supper seder-type meal.
Anita got to put the eyes on the
Rice Krispie lamb cake.
She thinks she did a really good job.
The knishes!
I thought the recipe at Smitten Kitchen was great.
The knishes with applesauce!
The matzah.  It was better than the crackers,
but not as good as Trader Joe’s flatbread
(which probably has yeast in it,
but I could be okay with that).
I will probably try a different recipe next year.
The lamb chops turned out perfectly,
everyone loved the rosemary crust.

After our (early) dinner, we headed BACK to the Old Mission, since it turned out that their Mass of the Lord’s Supper is plenty early for us.

Then it was time for family foot washing:

And that’s it so far.  If you’re still up in a couple of hours maybe I’ll update with some hot cross buns photos.  Or MAYBE I’ll just go straight to bed.  We shall see.

Blessed Triduum to you and yours!

Update: Here they are!

And here I go, off to bed, feeling grateful that there’s no 6:30 am Mass on Good Friday!

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  1. Nanacamille

    Delicious last supper meal every bite. Frankie did a good job of washing my feet but no foot massage will have to get him training.

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