Help ME Help You with the 2018 Catholic All Year Reader Survey and Prayer Book Set Giveaway

by | Apr 21, 2018 | Blogging | 11 comments

Dear Readers,

My big takeaway from all the hubbub of the last week . . . is that I’ve really missed blogging! Somehow, just microblogging on Facebook and Instagram doesn’t feel the same as being here on the blog and writing things that live on to be googled by new readers, or by me, when I need to verify the birthday of baby number seven by googling her birth story. #thankyoublogging

So, even though I’ve got a handful of major home decorating projects in the works, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet to be back in this space more often, and creating more content in general, and I’d like your help in figuring out how I can do that best for you.

Enter . . . my first ever reader survey!

It’s a quick, 18 question survey in google drive. You stay anonymous, but I get a feel for the types of posts and projects you’d most like to see.

Click here to take the survey. 👇

Catholic All Year 2018 Reader Survey

As a thank you, you can be entered into a drawing to win a set of my three new kids’ prayer books! Just email me at after you complete the survey. 
Here’s what you could win!

And thank you all so much for liking these little books as much as I do! The Superhero version is on Amazon’s new release bestseller list! 😲😀🎉

Also, way to keep it super-Catholic on the also bought/viewed list, people.

Catechism? ✔
Devotionals? ✔
Saints? ✔
Jennifer Fulwiler? ✔
Homeschool? ✔
Fertility monitor paraphernalia? ✔

P.S. My A Little Book About Confession for Children has been out of stock on Amazon for ages, because of some warehousing issues with Ignatius. I’m told it will be back in stock any day now, but in the meantime, it’s available directly from the publisher, and at many other Catholic retailers.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Kathleen

    I filled it out and just wanted to say you’ve been a great resource over the years! And I am about ready to embark on the teen years so I’d love more blog content relating to teens!

  2. Ali

    Yay!!! As a non-FB person and an occasinal instagramer, this post makes me so happy!

  3. Rosie

    Woohoo! I just did a blog survey too and the responses were IMMENSELY helpful (and also incredibly kind – I LOVE my readers!). Looking forward to more blogging from you!

  4. nadia gadaleta

    Hi, excuse me for my bad english! I read your blog from many years and i think it's fantastic and it's really beneficial for catholic mums ! Now i write you for the first time to ask prayer for baby Alfie! I know you have a lot of following in the social network, and therefore i think you can be very important…..

  5. Lorena Santibanez

    I did the survey. Thank you for all that you do. I wrote a comment in the prayer books post but it didn’t go thru. I hope you make that prayer book in Spanish. It will be so helpful to so many. I can totally help

  6. Colleen

    So happy you're coming around more! The blogging world has been a little lonely this past year!

  7. LarryD

    You have a great blog – we like what you're doing so much, we've added you to our blogroll at The Catholic Conspiracy. Keep up the good work!

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