Good News Guys, I’m Selling Out

by | Oct 12, 2014 | Catholic Mom TV Review, Hey Watch This | 19 comments

And I want you to come with me.
The good folks at Netflix Streaming invited me to join their team and write monthly about Netflix shows. So, since I was already doing that for free, I said okay.
Once a month, I’ll be regaling you with thoughts about movies and TV shows we’ve watched as a family, or that I’ve watched alone on my iPad, hiding from my kids . . . not eating cookies, because they can smell cookies and will come to investigate. (Ask me how I know.)

And in case you, also, like to watch things with your kids, or hiding from your kids, I’m going to make the first one a link up. It will go live at 10pm PST next Saturday.

You can write about any movies or TV shows, yours don’t have to be available on Netflix. Because YOU don’t have to answer to the man. That’s just me. But if you DO want to write about stuff on Netflix, that would be great, because I could use the suggestions.

To tide you over, here are some of my previous posts, about Netflix shows I like and don’t like. (Look out, hand that feeds me.)



I’m watching Once Upon a Time right now, and finished Foyle’s War before that. Do let me know in the comments if there’s anything on Netflix you love. I need to figure out what to start next.


  1. jeannemp

    Oooh, so exciting! We just got Netflix streaming, and I'm still trying to figure out the best shows for the kids (ages 14 to baby-on-the-way). Your reviews are so thoughtful and I trust your judgment on what is appropriate since we were in lockstep on "Frozen," "Guardians of the Galaxy," and "Doctor Who." So now I will just keep my eye out for What Would Kendra Watch? Thanks!

  2. Heather K

    Living abroad without US TV (not that I was necessarily a big watcher before) Netflix has become something I absolutely adore 🙂 I did watch the first season of Call the Midwife, and am currently taking a break from Bones because my husband just returned home — and I got him hooked on an HBO show The Newsroom (HBO GO) basically all things available to us on our Apple TV is free game, I will definitely look forward to any of your recommendations, and try to work on a post to link up!!

  3. Kate

    Oh, goodie! I'm seriously looking forward to your kids show recs!!! Not for my kids or anything…because we don't do screens. of any kind. ever.

  4. Nanacamille

    How exciting. Congrats. Looking fwd to hearing about some good shows to watch if I'm ever at home.

  5. Anna Mussmann

    Endeavor (a prequel to the older, less engaging inspector Morse show) is very good, and usually had some kind of literary reference.

  6. Amanda

    Yea for getting paid for something you wanted to do anyhow!

    I love Once Upon a Time. Have you watched Parenthood? It's sparked lots of discussion amongst the adults here.

    • Kendra

      I haven't seen Parenthood. I'm in Season 2 of Once Upon a Time and I find myself slowing down on watching it because I'm just so sad about the idea of running out of them. It's just such a perfect mix of adventure, romance, intrigue, and preposterousness.

  7. Laura @ Keeping Up With the Mikes

    My husband and I just plowed through House of Cards and Mad Men and can't wait for the next seasons to be released. Definitely adult content, but good dramas.

  8. Anonymous

    Dirty Jobs (can be fun for everyone, but can be SUPER GROSS too!)

    • Adrie Little

      I love Dirty Jobs! It's a combination of loving the working-class unappreciated people featured, and the thrill of getting totally skeeved out by vats of shark poop. Best of both worlds.

  9. Hannah Gokie

    I can't wait to see what you have to say! Parenthood is fantastic – a little adult at a few instances, but quality television. The West Wing is my current binge show, which is amazing even though it's a little older! They've also recently added a bunch of Disney classics (Mulan, Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc.) that I'm going to want to rewatch soon!

  10. E

    Yes, House and Parenthood. I watch Scrubs and House Hunters when feeding the baby. 😉

  11. Theresa

    We were really sad when Myth Busters was recently taken off Netflix. We even let our 6 year old watch them sometimes (not the gross ones).
    I'm a big nerd and I love having access to documentaries. I would suggest "Tiny" about tiny houses and "It's a Girl."
    OH OH OH — and if you don't mind watching a movie with subtitles, you should really check out "Instructions Not Included."

  12. Stephanie Feely

    Got a lot of time while breastfeeding so I tore through "The Paradise" and am working on "Psych". Both are good 🙂

  13. arenda

    I really enjoyed "Friday Night Lights" for its surprisingly great portrayal of marriage, and "Grand Hotel" was fun, too (like a Spanish version of Downton Abbey, but with more intrigue and murder). If you like courtroom dramas, "Silk" (BBC) is pretty good, too!

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