Everything I Ever Thought About Homeschooling, Schoolish Free Printables . . . and anything YOUR heart desires

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The school year is upon us!

I figured it might be nice to have all the schooling-type posts in one place, and I made some new schooling-type printables, and now there’s a way for you to get a custom printable . . . made just for you.


:: The Homeschool Posts ::

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:: The Printables ::

As with all my printables, you are welcome to save the images to your
computer for your own personal use. You may
print the images and / or upload them and have prints made for your
personal use or to give as gifts. (These are sized for 8×10 or square
but will
print well much bigger.) First click on the image to bring it up in a
new window, then right click on the image to save it to your computer.
You may use my images on your blog, just please
link back to my blog. If you would like to sell my images, please
contact me first.

 For LOTS MORE free printable prayers, check out my Pinterest board.

:: Plato ::

:: St. John Bosco ::

 :: St. Thomas Aquinas ::
:: The Opportunity ::
 Wait, don’t click up there. Click here. Or over there on the sidebar.

I love making printables! I get lots of requests from you good folks for specific prayers, but I thought I’d make things official, and offer them for sale. For the low, low introductory price of only $10, I will create a printable digital image, just for you. Have a favorite prayer, quote, poem, or house rule that you’d like to be able to print out and stick on the fridge, or have professionally printed and framed for posterity? I’ve got you covered.

All YOU have to do is click through to my Etsy shop up there, or over on the sidebar, to
make your payment, and include in the comments box the exact text, along with (if you’d like) your preferred colors.
You can also check out the Pinterest board, and tell me which style you like best. You’ll have it in your inbox within a few days.

:: The Feast Day ::
Tonight, we’ll be eating off the good dishes. And today we’re going to Mass, saying a rosary, and, ya know, just generally bein’ fancy.


  1. Micaela Darr

    This is so fantastic. Do you mind if I add it to my link-up? Also, do you mind if I copy your post style? I realized when someone asked me a question about young ones that I hardly remember what I did with Gianna and Aliya. I should definitely go back and look at those.

  2. Amanda

    Thanks for the printables! They're always so lovely!

    Any chance you'll post about this year's uniforms? They're always so cute 🙂

  3. Anna

    "Any chance you'll post about this year's uniforms? They're always so cute 🙂 "

    I second that. Actually the way I found Catholic All Year was searching for "home school uniforms" in Google. Seriously! Because I thought that would be great. And lo, there is this great blog that I've been reading ever since! I think it was a year ago.

  4. Lacey

    Did you notice my digging through your homeschooling archives yesterday and post this just for me? 😉

  5. A Young Momma

    Love the Saint John Bosco quote!! Thanks for the lovely printables and all the great links! 🙂

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