DIY Worth It? At Home Haircut

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Okay, the DIY haircut!  Financially it’s a no-brainer.  A set of hair clippers, like the Wahl Haircutting System  that I use at home, costs about $35.

I have four boys, aged 1-10, and a husband.  Let’s say they average a haircut every two months, from age 1 up.  The husband only let me start cutting his hair once I had a few years of cutting kids’ hair under my belt.  I think I started when Jack was about 3.  So that makes probably:

  • 42 for Jack
  • 36 for Bobby
  • 24 for Gus
  • 1 for Frankie
  • 24 for Jim

for a total of 136 haircuts.

A standard haircut for kids is $10-$15.  Let’s say $10 and include the husband in that because, like Barbie says, “Math class is tough.”

That makes $1,360.  Plus tip, because we’re not jerks, so that’s $1,564.

AND I do the girls now too.  Because YouTube that’s why.  They probably get 3 haircuts a year, but I started later on Betty:

  • 9 for Betty
  • 3 for Anita

which makes a grand total (including tip) of $1,702.  I have purchased 2 sets of clippers in that time.  Which puts us ahead $1,652 and makes me want to go shopping.

But we knew we were going to come out ahead money-wise.  So why else should you try it?  And isn’t it super-hard and scary?  Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Money’s great.  It’s good for buying stuff.  But here’s why we really do it.  Our time is just as valuable (and even more scarce) than our money.  Who has time to get all their kids into a salon or barber shop?  And then sit and wait for their turn and all their siblings turns?  And who wants to be in charge of making sure they don’t rip up the magazines–or maybe they should rip up the magazines, have you seen the magazines?–and make little creatures out of hair clippings and try to drink the blue juice? 

That photo was taken on Sunday morning before Mass, because THAT’S when I realized that my sons were looking like a bunch of shaggy dogs.  Or a boy band.  Also, that photo was taken outside.  Because I don’t care for sweeping up hair and if they want to make hair creatures in the privacy of their own backyard . . . well, I say have at it.

Also, cutting boys’ hair is really, really easy.  There is a DVD that comes in the hair clippers kit.  Watch it.  Cut hair.  Done.  Start by using a little longer guide than you really want, then if you mess up you can always go shorter.  Which brings me to . . .

If you start when they’re little it won’t matter if you mess it up.  Two-year-olds do not have opinions about their hair.  My ten-year-old only cares about his a little.  This gives you plenty of time to improve.

And if you’re bold (or time-crunched) enough to also not take your girls to a salon, there are plenty of easy haircuts to do on them too.  And YouTube really is an amazing resource for learning stuff.  I couldn’t homeschool without it!  And the hair clipper kit comes with scissors AND the little clippy things just like the professionals use.

So what do you think?  Are you inspired to give it a try?  Do you already cut hair at home?  Why or why not?

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  1. Jeannie

    The DIY haircuts are why my kids are a bit shaggy like Hobbits at the moment. With moving the haircuts have taken a back burner! I totally agree. I bought our clippers at Costco a few years back and that was it. I tried to help Elliot out once with his (he cut his own with scissors only!) and the gasp I made did not inspire his confidence in me. I kind of took off a bit much. He goes to get it cut now because he has too much hair and it is a pain to cut and if he doesn't schedule it he will never get around to it.

  2. Nanacamille

    Please don't cut off all of that beautiful hair on Gus' head. Rubbing his head is one of my dearest treats. The pixie cut you did on Anita took her from shaggy to adorable.


  3. Lori McDermott

    Peter has buzzed Peter's hair as long as he's been alive pretty much. It's a male bonding thing for them. I cut the girls bangs as I've found that taking them to the salon isn't that much different. Plus saves time and money as you said! Janet does get her hair cut at the (kiddie) salon as her hair is way too thick. It scares me. I can never get it even. However I have never perused YouTube for advice. The next frontier….

  4. Anonymous

    Mike does his own hair and the boys' in the backyard – easy for me! I also have another DIY question: What's your take on homemade clothing? Abby

    • Kendra Tierney

      That's a good question Abby. It's certainly more expensive to handmake clothes than to buy them at Walmart. But cheaper than Neiman Marcus. It would be fun to crunch the numbers on something like a simple Bishop dress, and see how I do. There are just so many variables. Buying a pattern or drafting yourself? Buying fabric or raiding the the existing fabric stash? What kind of fabric? Notions, trim etc? All that stuff can add up fast. But I've really been wanting Betty to start on handwork. Maybe Lucy and Betty could start a project or two. My friend Marquette's mom (or maybe MIL) writes this blog:

    • Marquette

      Well that was way fun to google my MIL's blog and find a comment on here about it! Makes me smile. If you have any questions about hope chest anything (starting one, how to's on a particular skill, ideas, etc.) she's more than happy to answer questions and help where she can.

  5. Kris

    I also have 4 boys and a husband, and I've been cutting their hair for years. My husband is in the Army reserves, so he HAS to have his hair cut every 4 weeks for drill. All those reasons you listed are spot-on. And I also bought my first clippers, watched the video and off I went. A friend with 3 boys convinced me, and my husband jumped on the bandwagon. I can't say every cut has been perfect, but they don't complain. My two oldest are teenagers now, and they are a little pickier, but not much. Mostly, they are buzzed anyway, to keep it short for sports.

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  8. Keri Hat

    DIY haircuts have saved me a lot of money, time and aggravation. Unlike most of the other ladies, I was the one who took the stool and had my tresses trimmed. My boyfriend is the only one who cuts my hair and it has saved me well over a $1000 so far. Not counting the time to book an appointment, find someone to watch my children, drive there, wait for the appointment and get the haircut. The morning is shot. And then if the stylist was too scissor happy or messes up, I would fret for weeks each time I looked in the mirror. In over two years I have not had a bad haircut. So I think they are a great idea. I have picked up the shears as he has been brave enough to let me cut his. I still need more practice, but am getting better 🙂

  9. Keri Hat

    I agree, my children received far too many bad haircuts at the barber shop. I got yelled at and insulted by my Mom and Sister. They told my not to be cheap, take them to get a decent haircut. Don't hack their hair at home, but I didn't, it was by the "pros". So at the beginning of the summer I bought a good set of wahl clippers and watched a lot of Youtube videos. It seems the "pros" were doing all the things the DIY hair stylists said to avoid. I've saved over $300 since then on trips to the barber and the haircuts are better than any I paid for. My cousin bought the family a set of clippers, scissors and cape for Christmas. She asked me what she needed. So over the next week, my cousin asked me to help her with her first home haircuts. I toild her to go slow first, leave more hair on their heads, it is Winter time. It also leaves room to fix mistakes. Her boys are still quite young and her daughter has medium length hair to her shoulders. So wish her (and me) well and grant me the patience to be a good teacher 🙂 I didn't talk to my boyfriend about it and I hate to rag him into it last minute. But I hope he doesn't feel I set him up if I ask him to come along for "moral support".


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