Beautiful, Handmade, Catholic Mother’s Day Gifts for Current and Aspiring Mothers {a giveaway}

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Last year, I shared some Mother’s Day gift ideas for mothers of many

This year, I have been fortunate enough to meet some very talented Catholic artists, at the Behold Conference, through the blog, and by just walking right up to them on Etsy and asking them to give me some free stuff to give you guys.

Oh yes I did.

And most of them said yes!

So this year, I’m featuring some lovely Catholic Mother’s Day gifts, as well as something really beautiful for someone who is hoping to have a Mother’s Day someday soon. (St. Gerard, pray for us!)

There are giveaways for six of the seven artists I’m featuring today! To enter a giveaway, click over to the artist’s store and look around, then come back here and leave a comment telling me what you like best. If you want to enter two giveaways, tell me which of the two shops you went to, and what you liked. If you want to enter all six, tell me what you liked at all six shops.
Then I will randomly choose all the winners at 10pm on Tuesday May 6th!

Laura uses antique, vintage, and reproduction medals to make stunning one of a kind statement jewelry pieces. The Basket of Flowers necklace, pictured above, (and below upper right) is available on her website. My mother-in-law gave me a really stunning vintage crucifixion scene necklace she just couldn’t resist at the Behold Conference. I love it.

She’s offering this “Vintage Miraculous Medal” necklace to a lucky winner. It is priced at $42.00. Click over to her site and look around, then come back and leave a comment to enter.

Sheila has a really extraordinary collection of medals and charms that she uses to create bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. I love this Mother’s Bracelet featuring St. Anne, the Holy Family and many, many more. She has pieces for nurses, members of the military, people struggling with depression, and many others.

She also has really lovely bracelets and necklaces specially designed for women struggling with infertility.

She is offering one reader a $30 gift certificate to her Etsy store. Click over and look around, then come back and leave a comment to enter.

You know Jenna. You know her blog. You know her adorable teeny tiny embroidery hoop necklaces. Wee Sacred Heart! Squee!
But I’m just going to remind you about them one more time because look. how. cute!

Perhaps you know a mom who has a thing for Flannery O’Connor? Or a mom who sang What Does the Fox Say? throughout her labor and delivery, except for that crazy part right at the end when there was no singing? Or who . . . likes flowers? That’s fine, regular, flower-liking moms are good too.

Jenna is going to give one of y’all a necklace worth $15 and ALL of y’all a coupon for 20% off anything in the shop good through May 12th (code: CALLHERMAMA). Click over and look around, then come back and leave a comment to enter.

Kelly at AlwaysRosary is a mother of five who makes very pretty beaded bracelets, earrings, and absolutely stunning rosaries.
She’s offering one of her beautiful handmade rosaries, valued at $38 to a lucky winner. Click over to her etsy shop and look around, then come back and leave a comment to enter.

Grace makes really great pendants. Really great. I’ve never seen anything like them. And they’re very affordable.

Quick! Someone buy that bottom right one for Colleen!

She is giving away TWO $10 gift certificates to use towards anything in her Etsy store. So go, look around, come back, leave a comment, win.

If you like Answer Me This, you have Tammie and her blog to thank for it! She’s the one who gave me the Liebster Award that started it all, and she’s also a very talented artist who works in all sorts of different media.
If I ever have baby number eight, I’m going to insist upon getting this bracelet as a baby gift. For me. Not for the baby. In case that wasn’t clear.
But this was supposed to be a Catholic Mother’s Day giveaway, so Tammie is offering a custom-made wall cross in your choice of colors, or metallic silver, worth $20. Click over and look around, then come back and leave a comment to enter.

Sue is another artist I met at Behold and her little paintings are just darling. I love the mix of charms on this Mother’s Bracelet. Just look at Mary and Elizabeth in the little Visitation!

Her pieces are available at her Etsy shop.

So, that’s that! A whole passel of giveaway awesomeness and a bunch of great Catholic businesses for you to, um, do business with. 

Remember to visit the shop for each giveaway you’d like to enter. Only enter once per artist. But you’re welcome to enter all six giveaways. Winners will be selected at 10pm on Tuesday May 6th! 

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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  1. Natalie S.

    I would love the sacred heart necklace from Call Her Happy!! Thanks for introducing us to all these wonderful stores!

  2. Natalie S.

    Tree of Heaven's St. Therese painting is beautiful! I would adore this for my daughter as a pendant or a print! I was so happy to have recognized some of her work. She is very talented!

  3. Claire Rebecca

    I love the MarysPrayers St. Thomas Aquinas student necklace and the drive safe keychain.

  4. Claire Rebecca

    I love all the rosaries from AlwaysRosary, but especially the silver white one, the Blessed Mother pink pearl one, and the bronze and pink one.

  5. Erica Saint

    Wow! Everything At Bella Studios is beautiful! My favorite is the Queen of Heaven Necklace. It is gorgeous! Now I am not going to be able to stop thinking about it. πŸ™‚
    I would love to win the Vintage Miraculous Medal Necklace. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Kelli

    Bella Studios is beautiful. I would love the Vintage Enamal Slide Medal.

  7. SemperFiFam

    I love the mothers bracelet from Marys Prayers…its so beautiful! πŸ™‚

  8. Amelia Bentrup

    oooo….I think I need more jewerely so I can better accessorize my WIWS posts. πŸ™‚

    .I love that Miraculous Slide Metal from Bella. The slide part is just so cool and ingenious.

    Everything from TTED is gorgeous, but I love the Starry Night necklace and earrings set best.

    And, I love that St. Michael Protection Amulet from St. Mary's Prayers

    I love the Eucharist Necklace best at Daily Grace.

  9. Tall Girl on a Short Budget

    I love the bracelets from MarysPrayers – especially the Mothers Bracelet.

    And AlwaysRosary's silver & blue rosary is gorgeous! And I also like gold & pink sorrowful mother one decade rosary.

    These are great ideas for mother's day gifts!!

  10. Kelli

    My Daily Grace is so inspired. I would love to have Mary Mother of Jesus.

  11. Rachel Parker

    Mary's Prayers necklace saints are really pretty, but I had to LOL at the cat lover necklace. I want that just because, haha.

  12. Emily Jacobs

    The Saint Gerard gemstone necklace from Mary's Prayers is beautiful and elegant!

  13. Rachel Parker

    I really like the rosaries from Always Rosary, but I especially like the pink one.

  14. Rachel Parker

    I like the blue rosary on My Daily Grace, too! Can you tell I'm looking for a rosary?

  15. Rachel Parker

    Those crosses from TTEDesigns are gorgeous! I'd love to have one of those in my dining room.

  16. Elisa | blissfulE

    @TTE designs: the metallic silver wall cross you featured – couldn't see it on the site, but it's lovely
    @mydailygrace: St Teresa of Avila necklace – I chose her for my confirmation saint (or maybe she chose me?), and I love the quote
    @Always Rosary: tough to pick just one, but the pink and silver 5-decade rosary was a standout here
    @Call Her Happy: sacred heart necklace
    @Mary's Prayers: Mother Mary in blue image icon
    @Bella Studios: Madonna and child necklace

    Thanks for introducing us to these artists, and for the chance to win!

  17. Mary Ann Weicher

    Love the Bella Studios Miraculous Medal! Would give my daughter the one I wear now if I won the Bella a Studios one! Also love the vintage blue Our Lady of Lourdes–she has blessed our family with many blessings! Thanks for showcasing these beautiful works!!

  18. vitabenedicta

    I love so many medals at TreeofHeaven–Divine Mercy Jesus, Our Lady of the Rainbow, the Eucharist–I really can't pick just one.

  19. Joanne

    I LOVE the Vintage Miraculous Medal from Bella Studios. So beautiful!

  20. Joanne

    I also love Our Lady of Guadalupe locket from Marys Prayers.

  21. Joanne

    I like the rosaries from AlwaysRosary but especially like the Catholic Wrap Brown Bracelet.

  22. Joanne

    The Mary Mother of God (Innocence painting) by My Daily Grace is one of my favorite portrayal of the Blessed Mother with the child Jesus and she does a beautiful job with it.

  23. Chris and Rachel

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for posting all of these wonderful shops for Catholic gifts! I am not familiar with any of them and I have been looking for a gift for my daughter's Godmother. I love the Vintage dress clipand miraculous medal from BellaStudios.

  24. Christy from fountains of home

    Kendra this is a complicate giveaway – so I'll put my entries in separate comments in hopes that'll help!
    Because I love all the things!

    The St. Gemma Galgani necklace from My Daily Grace.

    • Kendra

      I know, I know. I'm just intimidated by rafflecopters. I always feel like they don't believe me. I will count up everyone's entries, whether they are in one comment or multiple comments, and assign them numbers, then draw seven random numbers for the winners.

  25. Karen Lynn

    I Bella Studios Jewelry I love the Aqua Terra Jasper and Bronze Single Decade Rosary.

  26. Karen Lynn

    At Mary's Prayers I like the Miraculous Medal Locket, Rhinestone Cross with Filigree.

  27. waiting

    the 'fertility prayer charm bracelet' from MarysPrayers would be a perfect gift for a friend of mine who is having trouble conceiving.

  28. Karen Lynn

    At Always Rosary I like the Trinity Rosary Catholic Rosaries Gold and Silver Rosary.

  29. Kayleena

    I love the Call Her Happy embroidered necklaces best! All of them, though I think I'd wear anything with flowers on it the most πŸ˜‰

  30. Karen Lynn

    At TTE Designs I like Watercolor Violets~ Polymer Clay Pendant and Earrings Set.

  31. Melody Mercer

    Oh so many pretties! At Bella Studios: all the vintage miraculous medals, at Call Her Happy: the camera pendant, and at My Daily Grade: the Fiat of Mary.

  32. Allison Peters

    So much goodness. …I was particularly struck by My Daily Grace ' s St Elizabeth and Mary necklace. I have a friend going through a hard time and would love to give it to her. Allison P.

  33. EC

    I would love the Miraculous Medal necklace. I had one blessed by Cardinal O'Connor but it was stolen earlier this year.

  34. Kathy  H

    Oooh so many pretties!
    Love the St Monica pendant from MarysPrayer
    The St Faustina and St Catherine of Siena pendants from MyDailyGrace are beautiful!
    I love all of Jenna's hoop necklaces, too adorable!
    And my kitchen needs one of those crosses from TTE Design.

    I don't do Twitter or too much FB sharing so this is better than Rafflecopter! Don't feel like I'm getting cheated out of entries πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  35. Anonymous

    Oh goodness I love them all!! And since I never win anything I'm going to enter them all. πŸ˜‰

    Bella Studios: the miraculous medal and the Holy Family Bracelet

    Mary's Prayers: The St. Monica! Love it!

    Call Her Happy – the camera obviously πŸ˜‰

    Always Rosary: The Confirmation Rosary!

    Daily Grace: Holy Family Necklace

    TTE: Her rosaries

    Tree of Heaven: confirmation bracelet πŸ™‚

  36. Anonymous

    The sacred heart necklace from Call Her Happy. πŸ™‚ Thank you Kendra!

  37. Jenna Wilber

    OKAY. That yellow ombre necklace in the Call Her Happy shop. I want/need/gottahaveit. Cutest shop I've seen in some time!

  38. Megan

    What lovely shops.
    1)I loved the vintage brooch/ medal combos from Bella Studios.
    2)The lockers from Mary's Prayers were very nice.
    3) Sacred Heart for sure from Call Her Happy.
    (Shop) 5) My patron saint, Bernadette from My Daily Grace.
    Those are the ones my toddler let me look at. πŸ™‚

    • Megan

      Oops lockets! Not lockers. typing is hard when someone is twirling your hair.

  39. Ann-Marie Ulczynski

    Wow – I had a lot of fun virtual window shopping. I’m already making my own wish lists. Thanks for all the opportunities, Kendra.

    Bella Studios – the Holy Family bracelet is beautiful
    Mary’s Prayers – the St. Joseph Birthstone necklace is really pretty
    Call Her Happy – I love the Sacred Heart necklace – but the peacock is pretty cool, too
    Always Rosary – Silver Catholic Rosary Virgin Mary is really pretty and feminine
    My Daily Grace – wow – these are all amazing! I’m starting my wish list now. My favorite one is the St. Teresa of Avila
    TTE Designs – Wow – that cobalt blue repurposed tin cuff bracelet is really neat

  40. Christina

    Well, I absolutely LOVE the gold rose ring that is featured next to Bella Studios facebook page link! Bella Studios has many more items than I saw on the website, and she makes jewelry to order!
    "My Daily Grace" has a beautiful and charming St. Therese necklace proclaiming: "Jesus, allow me to save many souls!" I'd love it for my daughter! Both stores have lovely jewelry!

  41. Diana

    I love love love the Madonna of the Street necklace from My Daily Grace!!! -Diana Anderson

  42. Erin

    The Vintage Dress Clip and Miraculous Medal from Bella Studios is stunning! I also love the Queen of Heaven Necklace. The Saint Joan of Arc Medal Wrap from Always Rosary is beautiful, and I love the Saint, too! πŸ™‚ Thank you, Kendra for introducing us to these talented artisans!

  43. Julie

    I went to Always Rosary. What's not to like!!! I love the St Michael bracelet and the St Michael rosary. Simply beautiful.

  44. mckmnm

    I like the Madona and Child from Bella Studios
    From Mary's Prayers, I like Divine Mercy Swarovski Crystal Holy Medal Necklace
    I love the purple of the Catholic Rosary Silver Rosaries Handmade Virgin Mary Holy Trinity Mothers Day Gift at Always Rosary
    And I like the St. Anne Necklace, Catholic Jewelry, Saint Medal at Mydailygrace
    Lastly, I like the Baby Jesus Charm Medal from Tree of Heaven

  45. Jennifer Hayden

    My nephew is getting married in November and I would love to give him and his beautiful wife Catholic Wedding Rosary Set Silver Rosary Glass Pearl Rosaries White Grey Gray Wedding Gift from Always Rosary.

  46. Jennifer Hayden

    I love the colors in Robins Nest~ Free Form Copper Wire Wrapped Ceramic Bead with Wire Spirals Necklace from TTE Designs.

  47. Kendra

    From Kathy Williams: Hi, I was unable to post a comment to your recent blog. So, here it is…

    AlwaysRosary – The St Michaels Rosary is very beautiful. The rosaries of my childhood were very basic. I think this rosary would help inspire me to say the rosary more often

  48. Jennifer Hayden

    I love the art prints too, but I really like this bracelet – Seven Sorrows of Our Lady – Bracelet – Catholic Gift – Mothers Gift – from Tree of Heaven.

  49. Tammy

    I love everything at Mary's Prayers, but the Fertility Prayer Charm Bracelet is just stunning.

  50. Anonymous

    At Bella Studios, I love the Queen of Heaven Necklace!

  51. Anonymous

    If I could have anything from Mary's Prayers, it would be the fertility bracelet for a friend, but I'd also love a JPII medal!

  52. Anonymous

    CallHerHappy's stuff is all so adorable! I don't know if I could pick between an ombre, baseball, or the sacred heart. So fun!

  53. Anonymous

    Always Rosary – I'd get the Holy Family and St Christopher Wrap Bracelet Silver Guardian Angel Catholic Jewelry Religious Saint for myself and the St. Patrick Rosary for my husband!

  54. Anonymous

    TTE Designs' cuff bracelets are awesome, but I'm not sure I could pull them off! I also love Candlelight Ivory Colored Vintage Button Cha-Cha Style Bracelet.

  55. Anonymous

    Tree of Heaven's I Knew You" – Unborn Baby painting/pendant was so beautiful.

  56. Margaret

    At Bella Studios, I love the Garnet and Bronze Sacred Heart Necklace. Wonderful giveaways here!

  57. Margaret

    At Mary's Prayers, I'd love to see if she could make something with St. Francis de Sales- I'm not seeing anything with him in her shop and he's a special patron!

  58. Margaret

    At My Daily Grace, I love the Pier Giorgio Frassati Verso l'alto. So lovely!!

  59. Michelle Gullo

    I love the Tree of Heaven St. Gianna Molla pendants! We have a daughter named after St. Gianna and she is making her First Holy Communion in a few weeks. Thinking I am going to order it for her as a little gift to wear on that day!

  60. Margaret

    At Tree of Heaven, I love her little image of Bl. John Henry Newman.

  61. Jenndiggy

    I like the enameled Sacred Heart and Pearl Earrings from Bella Studios.

  62. Jenndiggy

    I love the St. Mary Magdalen Charm Bracelet from Mary's Prayers. I nearly chose St. Mary Magdalen as my patron saint, but then found out that family legend says St. Helen of the Cross is my 36th great-grandmother, and well, if she's anything like my grandmother, I felt like I better pick her. πŸ˜€

  63. Jenndiggy

    The Silver Catholic Rosary Virgin Mary Rosary from Always Rosaries is just gorgeous! I love it!

  64. Michelle

    So many GREAT shops! Thank you for bringing them to us, I can't wait to use many as gifts!
    LOVE Bella Studio: Holy Family bracelet.
    Mary's Prayer was filled with fabulous options too! One of my favorites was St Catherine of Siena vintage necklace.
    Always Rosary's wrap bracelets particularly the Marian one was beautiful!
    Daily Grace's Mary medal with the prayer of St Teresa of Calcutta was my favorite there!

    Such a lovely collection of shops! Many blessings!

  65. Jill VT

    Well, I'm just going to be totally greedy and inappropriate and love on one of Sheila's bracelets from Mary's prayers. I have six kids, so I can't really say I'm struggling with infertility…and yet and yet how I would love just one more before this chapter comes to a close

  66. Jenndiggy

    I like the Saint Catherine of Siena Necklace from My Daily Grace. I am learning more about St. Catherine, and this necklace is great!

  67. Jenndiggy

    TTE designs has some cool stuff! I don't know if I'd go with a metal cross if I won or a blue and white one.

  68. Madeleine

    I really loved the Ave Maria charm bracelet at Mary's Prayers, and the Sacred Heart rosary beads at Always Rosary are just beautiful! Thanks for showcasing such lovely gifts, Kendra! πŸ™‚

  69. Amanda

    Love the Mother's day gift – charm bracelet from Tree of Heaven, Mary Mother of God Necklace, Madonna from the Streets Necklace, & the Holy Family Necklace from My Daily Grace, Sacred Heart and the Dandelion from Call Her Happy, and the Vintage Miraculous Medal necklace and the Silver-Blue Catholic mother's day rosary from Always Rosary. So many beautiful shops! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  70. Christie R

    I have a huge thing for Flannery O'Connor, o my word! But I would take anything from her shop. Okay, if I had to choose: the flowers and the fox are adorable.

    From Tree of Heaven, ANY of the saint pendants–beautiful! I don't know, I want them all.

    And from My Daily Prayer, the Fiat of Mary necklace. Stunning image, single word, simple message.

    Thank you for introducing me to these lovely new shops!

  71. Sarah

    Here is my list:

    Basket of flowers necklace – Bella Studios
    Immaculate Heart Necklace, Miraculous Medals, Rhinestone Hearts, Virgin Mary, Blessed Mother, Baptism Gift, Catholic Jewelry – Mary's Prayers
    Small Heart Necklace – mini embroidery hoop necklace -Call Her Happy
    St Michael Medal Wrap Bracelet Silver Guardian Angel Catholic Jewelry Religious –
    Fiat of Mary Necklace, Catholic Jewelry, Saint Medal (Annunciation) – My Daily Grace
    Watercolor Bluebonnets Polymer Clay Oval Pendant – TTEDesigns

    What a great giveaway!

  72. Kendra

    From Kaitlin Alfermann:

    My comment wont work. Grrr. Can I enter this way?

    #3 I really want a sacred heart necklace by Call Her Happy!
    #7 I really want a St. Michael charm from Tree of Heaven!


  73. Laura

    This is the wrong post to read when I'm supposed to be doing is our family budget. Thanks for sharing these wonderful Catholic artists!

    Bella Studios Jewelry – Aqua Terra Jasper and Bronze Single Decade Rosary
    Mary's Prayers – Locket Full of Protection, Archangel Michael
    CallHerHappy – Lavender Necklace
    AlwaysRosary – Silver Rosary Blue Catholic Rosaries Virgin Mary Rosary Mothers Day Gift
    MyDailyGrace – Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – Verso L'Alto
    TTEDesigns – Vintage Look Brass Resin Hummingbird Frame Earrings (though the steampunk pendants are also very awesome!)

  74. annF

    Bella Studios: Vintage Miraculous Medal! Beautiful work!

  75. annF

    Always Rosary: the silver and blue is beautiful, love all of your work!

  76. annF

    My Daily Grace – Be it done unto me is my favorite, but your work is incredible. Thank you, Kendra for featuring these talented artists!

  77. Abby S.

    I'm so glad I can enter for all six and don't have to choose. Thanks for highlighting these artists, Kendra! If I don't win, I think I'm going shopping.

    Bella Studios – I really like vintage meets catholic, especially the Our Lady of Guadalupe necklace.
    Mary's Prayers – Love the charm medal necklaces. I'm thinking stocking stuffers for Lucy and Cecilia. (And Beatrice's middle name is Marie…)
    Call Her Happy – So, so cute. Love the dandelion.
    Always Rosary – I really like the bronze glass stone rosary.
    My Daily Grace – Love the Eucharist charm necklace.
    TTE Designs – Such cool, funky stuff. Love the tin embossed necklace.

  78. Emily

    These are all amazing: love all of these companies!

    Bella Studios: The Garnet and Bronze Sacred Heart Necklace… Amazing. As are all of the vintage jewelry

    Mary's Prayers: Love the charm bracelets! I too am a fan of the Mother's Bracelet though, especially since I have an Anne of my own

    Call Her Happy: I cross stitch myself, so I appreciate these especially. Who wouldn't want an embroidery of the Sacred Heart???

    AlwaysRosary: Beautiful rosaries are always a pleasure. They add a special touch to prayers

    My Daily Grace: Because the name is awesome. And a necklace of Mother Teresa is too

    TTE Designs: Candlelight Ivory Colored Vintage Button Cha-Cha Style Bracelet… Just Cha-Cha itself is a fun word. But the bracelet is gorgeous too, tres elegant!

    Tree of Heaven: Mothers Gift – I Knew You – Preborn Baby Charm – Catholic – Pro Life… I wish I could paint. If I did it would be this. SO sweet and precious.

  79. kelli

    What a great way to spend Sunday morning before the family wakes:

    Bella Studio — Holy Family bracelet
    Marys Prayers — Sacred Heart Necklace
    Call Her Mama — (I love her instagram feed) Sacred Heart necklace
    Always Rosary — Miraculous Medal wrap rosary
    My Daily Grace — Mother Teresa Necklace
    TTE Designs — Starry Night polymer clay necklace (although the octopus is funny)
    Tree of Heaven — Charm braclet

    I will definitely refer back to this post to find some of these shops again! Great giveaway Kendra!

  80. Jenny Cook

    Wow, wow, wow…so much beautiful.
    Mary's Prayers–there are about a million on here I like, but I guess I'd go with the St. Monica charm necklace.
    My Daily Grace–St. Catherine of Siena necklace

  81. Grace Degen

    My Daily Grace is sweet, and not just because we share a name. My favorite has to be the "Mary mother of Jesus, be a mother to me now" but they are all right down my ally to be honest.

  82. tessacat

    Bella Studios Jewelry – I really like the Basket of Flowers necklace
    Mary's Prayers – it must be Patron Saint of Cats, St. Gertrude of Nivelles Cat Lover Locket, Rhinestone Cross, Filigree Setting because I am a cat lover thru & thru and have recently learned about St Gertrude
    Call Her Happy – the baseball necklace is a perfect gift for my sister-in-law who loves baseball & has 2 kids playing in the youth leagues
    Always Rosary — Miraculous Medal Rosary One Decade Rosary
    My Daily Grace — Saint Therese of Lisieux Necklace, because she is my namesake & patron saint,

  83. Dara

    Thanks for introducing me to such lovely shops. I especially liked the jewellery at Mary's Prayers. The St Anthony's Charm Necklace is my favorite.

  84. Craftymoose Crafts

    I am in love with Tammie's (TTE Designs) Montana Blue and Antiqued Silver Repurposed Assemblage Brooch!

  85. Celia

    I really like the miraculous medal wrap bracelet (and the bronze cameo earrings… so hard to choose!) from Always Rosary.

  86. Celia

    I like the St Teresa of Avila necklace from My Daily Grace. What beautiful pendants!

  87. Celia

    From Tree of Life I really enjoy the Mother's Day bracelet with the visitation and Holy Family.

  88. Celia

    From Mary's Prayers I love the charm bracelets, especially the Ave Maria bracelet.

  89. Melissa

    1. I love that Vintage Miraculous Medal Necklace from Bella Studios. I also love this one:

    2. From the Tree of Life, I really like the Pro-life "I knew you" painting and the By His Blood Eucharist painting

    3. From Mary's Prayers, I love this Our Lady of Guadalupe Necklace or I'd do a "Your Choice Holy Medal Amulet" with a medal of Mary.

    Thank you for sharing this shops and for the giveaway! I love seeing Catholic artists work!

  90. Cristina Freyre

    Any of these would be the Best Mother's Day Gift Ever! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    From Mary's Prayers, Ave Maria bracelet

    Bella Studios, Annunciation Necklace

    Call Her Happy, Fox

    Always Rosary, Turquoise Earrings

    My Daily Grace, Therese pendant

    TTE Designs, Hummingbird Earrings

  91. Amy

    Oh, the Bella Studios jewelry is so beautiful. I love the Annunciation necklace, but there are so many lovely pieces.

  92. Amy

    I love the Fertility Prayer charm bracelet from Mary's prayers, and I'm so impressed with the variety of items she has!

  93. Amy

    Call Her Happy – I love the fox! I need to give one of those to my dear friend who introduced me to that song πŸ™‚ I also like the Sacred Heart necklace.

  94. Amy

    The rosaries from Always Rosary are beautiful! I really love the green bauble Virgin Mary earrings though.

  95. Amy

    From My Daily Grace, I love the Joan of Arc necklace and the St. Cecilia and the St. Therese. I need to get those for my daughters!

  96. Amy

    From TTE Designs I like the rosaries and the wall crosses.

  97. Brynn

    Thanks for all the great sites to go shopping at – it's hard to choose just one to enter, so I'm entering them all. Bella Studios' Queen of Heaven necklace is stunning! Mary's Prayers, I loved the Tiny Miraculous Medal Earrings; Call Her Happy – they all just make you smile but I really liked the small heart necklace; at Always Rosary I liked the Gold Virgin Mary Earrings; at my Daily grace I really liked St. Gemma's necklace; at TTE Designs I loved the Polymer Clay Architectural ID; and finally at Tree of Heaven I really liked the Our Lady of Guadalupe – soldered charm pendant. Thanks again for introducing all of these beautiful sites.

  98. Eleonore

    Oh my! Beautiful artists and beautiful pieces…So hard to choose from;-) Thank you for sharing these with us.
    Bella Studio offers a beautiful piece of art that "talk" to my heart right away. Not only it is stunning but also it is a good memory of my French ascendance.

    Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to discover this sites and have a nice day -)

  99. Rebecca

    Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing. A few of my favourites:

    @ Bella Studios – vintage miraculous medal
    @ Mary's Prayers – the Our Lady of Guadalupe medal
    @ Call Her Happy – the lavender pendant
    @ Always Rosary – the wooden confirmation rosary
    @ My Daily Grace – the blue beaded rosary and Holy Family necklace
    @ TTE Designs – everything! But especially, the clay pendants, the wall crosses, and the cha-cha bracelet!

  100. Paulina Smerek

    Tree of Heaven– I am torn between the St. Clare of Assisi print and the Visitation print.

  101. Anonymous

    Sooo I know the giveaway is already over and whatnot, but I just wanted to say two things: 1) These things are GORGEOUS. Really beautiful finds. 2) Thank you so much for including some lovely things for aspiring mamas/infertility sufferers. Mother's Day can be a tough time of feeling excluded from something that you'd give your left foot (or a lot of other body parts) to be included in. It's a balm to the soul to be remembered with something so pretty! Thanks for the gesture. πŸ™‚ It didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated by myself or, I'm sure, plenty of other women.

    Also 3) Would you please be my personal Etsy/blogosphere shopper? You've got some skills.

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Hi! I’m Kendra.

For twenty years now, I’ve been using food, prayer, and conversation based around the liturgical calendar to share the lives of the saints and the beautiful truths and traditions of our Catholic faith. My own ten children, our friends and neighbors, and people just like you have been on this journey with me.

If you’d like to learn more about what Catholics believe and why, and to be inspired by saints from every era all over the world, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of how to teach your kids about the faith in a way that’s true, engaging, and lasts a lifetime, we can help!

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