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Ahoy, you landlubbers! And a very warm welcome to Answer Me This . . . the internet’s favorite virtual cocktail party* in which I ask six totally random questions and we all answer them and get to know each other a little better. 
Isn’t that nice?

*this statement may not be true.

So, here goes this week’s edition:

1. What’s something you’ve won and how did you win it?
I once took first place in a “modeling contest” at the mall. I won a (partial) scholarship to the Barbizon School of Modeling, which is, as you can probably guess, TOTALLY legit and not AT ALL a money grab.
And . . . look what my mom found. And you guys thought Kelly was the only one with the guts to put embarrassing photographs of herself on the internet. I see your award-winning DEVO picture, Kelly, and I raise you: headband, slung leather jacket, smolder, crazy dangly airplane earrings.
Moving on. 

I won some track and cross country races in high school.

And my dad built some really exceptional dioramas and science projects that I won some awards for in school. But I was THERE when he built them. It’s just as well my kids are homeschooled otherwise that shoe would probably be on the other foot right now. 

Update: I almost forgot to mention my Sheenazing Award for Smartest Blog 2014! Not very smart, that.

2. Do you save old greeting cards and letters, or throw them all away? Why?
I am a thrower awayer of all the things. But especially mail. 
If you have ever mailed something to my husband and didn’t receive a response, it’s because I threw it away in a fit of cleaning. Probably because we were having a party. Probably because I scheduled a party to make myself clean off the counter tops, but then it got away from me at the last minute there.
I keep Christmas cards for the entire Christmas season, all the way through Candlemas, but then I toss ’em. I have a couple of sweet cards from the husband stashed away, but that’s it. 
3. When you’re at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?
We don’t have any shoe-related policies at my house. No, that’s not true. We don’t have any shoe-related policies that would apply to ME.
I prefer to be barefoot or in socks at home, but if I have shoes on already, I don’t usually bother to take them off.
4. Who’s the most famous person you have ever met? 
I met Richard Nixon on an airplane once. I was eleven.
Wow, my crack research team (my mom) is really tearing it up this week.
Bobby took his first steps in a Pottery Barn at the Galleria Mall to Jimmy Kimmel. 
I was in a hotel elevator with Coolio, who told me he’s got more kids than I do. About which I shall assume the best and not look him up on Wikipedia.
I know documentary star Blythe Fike, her brother Kenny of The Head and the Heart, and Hope and Justin of The Hope and Justin Band (who should definitely be more famous than they are.)
And I’ve met James Fulton Engstrom, miracle boy. More than once!
5. What has been your best work of art?
Hmm, that’s tough. There’s my book. I do like it. (And so does Julie of Happy Catholic*! Although we disagree about some parts of it.)
And I really like making birthday cakes. This one, for Anita’s 3rd birthday, is probably the most detailed one I’ve ever done:

Or there’s these guys (plus Jack, minus Venerable Fulton Sheen):

Each one a work of art. Each one, just look at lucky number seven.

6.  What’s your strongest sense?

Smell. I can smell all sorts of crazy stuff that the other people in my family claim doesn’t have a smell. Squished ant, for instance, has a kind of sour spicy smell that only I notice.

For next week I’m tagging two more of my fellow Blessed Is She writers:

Gina at Someday (hopefully) They’ll Be Saints. Post to check out:

And Jacqui at Mexican Domestic Goddess. Post to check out:

Next week’s questions for Gina and Jacqui and you are . . .
1. What’s your favorite thing on YouTube?
2. Who taught you to drive?
3. What’s your favorite thing to cook?
4. Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? Why?
5. Where do you pray best?
6. When is the last time you saw/spoke to your grandparents?

Next week’s installment will go live at 10pm Pacific Saturday night, and will be open until 10pm Wednesday night.

So, please, answer this week’s questions for yourself in the comments. If you have a blog, answer the questions there, link back to this post, and link your blog post up below. For bonus points, you can even tag a couple other bloggers so THEY can play along too! So fun.

But always remember, in Answer Me This . . . there are no rules, and the points don’t matter.


  1. Mary @ Better Than Eden

    Hahaha! That Glamour Shots picture! That is the best thing on the internet this morning. My mom still has my horrific senior class picture hanging in her house complete with faux leather jacket, Demi Moore "Ghost" hair, and "I'm trying to look really serious and deep" face. It's so embarrassing.

  2. Tamara

    My aunt put up an old Glamour Shots photo of me (plus one of my sister and cousin) on Facebook last week. She's convinced we look beautiful. I'm convinced otherwise.

  3. Lisa Healy

    I loved how you had your "crack research team" working on photos for this week's post! If my parents weren't off on a cruise in Alaska this past week, I'd totally have been doing the same thing!

  4. Gina Fensterer

    You tagged me! Holy moly! This will be fun–thanks!

    I also throw away all kinds of things. I'd toss out more, but my hubby is a keeper of things…so I have to compromise and not touch his stuff. 😉

    Your cakes are pretty awesome. I also love that your works of art are your children. Reminds me of the meme "I'm so crafty I make people."

  5. Beth Anne @ Beth Anne's Best

    I'm so glad to find card throw-a-wayers! I used to feel bad throwing cards away and then I started asking around in some decluttering groups and people told me they throw them away and not to feel bad (as long as you read them first). I do send/receive postcards all over the world and keep them in a box because they are unique (from places I'd like to visit/cool places/handmade).

  6. Nanacamille

    I guess you would call me a selective saver as I was able to come up with these historical photos of Kendra. She came along on a working trip with me to NY and I sat her right next to tricky Dicky himself. I've net lots of movie stars on the airplane especially in the old days when they took "public transportation". We have met Bushops and Cardinals in our travels but I really don't go ga ga over famous people.

  7. Monica

    Okay, so I thought I had a strong sense of smell, but I've never smelled squished ant. Do different types of ants have different smells? I mean, do the big black ones smell different than fire ants?

    • Kendra

      I can only speak to little black ants. I've never squished the big ones or the red ones!

  8. Tori

    Are those buttercream transfers? Or chocolate? Candy melts? They look fantastic. My one attempt at a buttercream transfer was…not great.

    • Kendra

      They are candy melts. Thanks! I've had some success with buttercream transfer, but not with the same amount of detail.

  9. Kelly M.

    But you won a modeling contest with that photo! I only got runner up with my DEVO picture. My only regret is I couldn't make the time to dig out all the great selfies I took back when I was a photo student in high school to share with you. Maybe for a future post.

  10. Rosa Patterson

    The glamour shot is so hilariously awesome! But I am so thankful I don't have one of those of myself. Although I have some other embarrassing photos that I need to hunt down and bury…

  11. Jacqui Skemp

    I'm it! But you already have me stumped with the first question. It's going to be hard to narrow that down. But I'm up for the challenge.

  12. Amy Caroline

    Looks like Nixon is trying to kidnap you, that grip he has on your arm is kind of scary, lol!

  13. Sophie שרה Golden

    Of course ants have sour smell, I thought everyone knew that 😀 not sure in which Asian country exactly, but I have read long ago that they make some juice out of ants' juice, if this tautology makes sense ;0) lol

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