A Very Netflix Christmas 2015: Win it!

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Catholic Mom TV Review, Christmas, Hey Watch This | 113 comments

Last year, I wrote about all our favorite Christmas movies, but I had to update it for this year because — you guys — Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is no longer available on Netflix. If you missed it, all I can say is I’m so, so sorry.

But there ARE still some other Christmas movies available. Lets take a look at a few, shall we? And in true Christmas spirit . . . I get to give away a six month subscription to Netflix to one lucky reader, yay!

If you are logged in to Netflix, clicking on the title will start it right up for you.

A classic version of the classic story. It’s in black and white, and the effects are old fashioned, but neither of those things is a problem for me. My kids haven’t seen this version yet, but we’ve been doing A Christmas Carol as a family read aloud, and I figure we’ll watch this once we’ve finished.

This was on the list last year, but I still love it. And so do my kids. The boys love the first half, the girls love the second half . . . everyone wins. It’s a colorized version, about which I have mixed feelings.

Veggie Tales! It’s no substitute for the real It’s a Wonderful Life, which we watch as a family each year. But it’s good as something to put on for the kids some afternoon.

There are three Disney compilations of Christmas movies on Netflix. THIS one, I like. The backstory part is is annoying, but the cartoons themselves are mostly great. Especially Pluto’s Christmas Tree, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. There’s a super weird Nutcracker one in there, maybe skip that one, or use those four minutes to go sneak some cookies.

The other two are Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas and the sequel, Twice Upon a Christmas. I really don’t much like either. The first one has a Goofy cartoon with a “bullies telling you Santa’s not real” story line, plus The Gift of the Magi, which always just makes me writhe in discomfort. Please. No one EVER do anything permanent to buy me a present.

But I digress.

Twice has bad CGI and most of the cartoons are about how even the most terrible of people still get to have Christmas. I’m pretty sure my kids have watched them all in previous years. But I don’t have plans to put them in this year’s rotation.

This collection is uh-mazing, and occasionally it’s seasonally appropriate. But many, nay, most of the shorts are really intense and might be too much for young kids to handle.

John Henry dies heroically and The Little Matchgirl dies tragically, but both are beautiful stories. Lorenzo features a cat who gets his tail cursed and then tries to kill himself a bunch of ways before the same witch cat who cursed him gives Lorenzo a knife so he can chop off his cursed tail. It will freak your kid out. But the animation and music are beautiful. That’s the thing with these shorts, they are really intended as art, so they challenge as much as they entertain.

Except for the two princess ones, those are not scary OR challenging, or that entertaining. Elsa’s ice powers that also make dresses and . . . create LIFE are on full display. But I won’t start. I’m moving on.

Tick Tock Tale features a main character who sacrifices himself dramatically to save the shopmates who tease him. Get a Horse has an old-timey damsel in distress/bad guy plot that is certainly not the kind of thing we’re used to seeing in children’s entertainment these days.

Paperman is adorable and sweet and romantic and Feast is adorable and sweet and romantic and has a super cute ending.

But the only reason the collection on this list is because of Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa. It’s Christmasy, and cute enough, but it does feature Mrs. Santa, which is always a little weird if you’re trying to focus on the St. Nicholas being a bishop thing. We just laugh and say, “That’s silly, Santa isn’t married.” But it’s your call if you even want to open that can of worms in your house.

And, that’s kinda it. I really did want to find some undiscovered treasure for you guys this year. I even watched a badly dubbed Norwegian movie called Journey to the Christmas Star for you. But it was . . . not good.

I didn’t hate the Bill Murray Christmas special, it’s not scandalous or anything, it’s just not that . . . special.

And that’s my honest opinion. But this is a sponsored post.

And NOW . . . I get to give away a six month subscription! If you’d like to get to see all this for yourself, just leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas movie. I’ll announce the winner on Friday. You can use the subscription yourself or give it to a friend, and it works in Europe too!


  1. Melissa

    My favorite is the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol. Our kids aren't old enough for this one yet, but my husband and I watch it every year on Christmas eve.

  2. lisamcmil

    Mine is 'It's a wonderful Life' but the kids are into Home Alone right now

  3. Sheila Timler

    My fave has always been "The Bishop's Wife." Thanks for the recommendations! Merry Christmas!

    • Laura F

      I loooove The Bishop's Wife. It's such a special movie. But I'm a sucker for Cary Grant.

  4. Jola

    My favorite Christmas movie is "Annabelle und die fliegenden Rentiere". I don't know the english title, I'm sorry!

    Thank you for your great blog!

    • Alicia Copley

      My sister and I watched this one all the time as kids. It's called Annabelle's Wish over here!

  5. Katie Jean

    My favorite is White Christmas. My family watched it every year while I was growing up and I still enjoy it.

  6. Leanna Coyle

    Happy Advent, y'all! I can't wait to watch my favorite Christmas movie, aptly called "The Nativity Story." I love it!

  7. Kate

    We're big fans of Home Alone 2 and The Santa Clause.

  8. Katie

    I love White Christmas! I also enjoy Charlie Brown's Christmas.

  9. Sarah

    My favorite Christmas movie is The Santa Clause. Tim Allen Christmas movies are some of my favorites.

  10. Katie Allen

    My favorite is The Santa Clause. Not a big Tim Allen fan but we watched it every year growing up so it's nostalgic.

  11. Anonymous

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Live action version, of course.)

  12. Lisa

    I love White Christmas, and Charlie Brown's Christmas.

  13. Rose Preston

    My favorites are White Christmas for classic movie fare, and The Santa Clause for fun goofiness!

  14. Christine

    I like White Christmas. We just watched the Mickey show and I also thought that Nutcracker was bizarre. Thanks for saving us from the other two. But I have been wondering if my kids could handle Its a Wonderful Life, maybe we'll try the veggie tales version first.

    • Kendra

      Our whole family watches It's a Wonderful Life, but we didn't start until the oldest kids were maybe seven and eight. Somehow the little guys like it just because the big ones do, but they all like to put on their donkey ears and say "Hee Haw and Merry Christmas." It does require an explanation of how people don't actually become angels. But we handle that the same way we handle Mrs. Santa. "That's silly. Do people become angels?" "NOOOOO!" Done. Catechism lesson. πŸ˜€

    • Christine

      Thanks, mine are (barely) 7 and 3 so I'm thinking we are not quite ready for it. Ha ha I forgot about the hee haw part that's probably all they'd get from it with my luck.

  15. Madeline

    I love "While You Were Sleeping." I watch it year round of course but I do find it especially appropriate at Christmas time.

  16. Megan

    I really don't have a favorite Christmas movie- actually that may be because I haven't watched most of the classic Christmas movies.

  17. Marie

    I really like "Holiday Inn," but I haven't seen it in awhile. I watched the first half of "The Bishop's Wife" the other day and I'm enjoying it… need to get a chunk of time to finish the end (because I taped it – on my VCR). And I totally want to watch "While You Were Sleeping" now, since Madeline mentioned it. πŸ™‚

  18. Brandi

    My all-time favorite is Muppet Family Christmas!

  19. mariahee

    I've always loved White Christmas (the b&w version!)

  20. Emily Barnes

    I'm not sure it counts as a movie, but I love A Charlie Brown Christmas. It isn't the holiday season without it!

  21. Marquette

    I can narrow it down to a top 3…White Christmas, the original Mickey's Christmas, and Elf. At least that's what it is this year!

  22. Pamela

    Home Alone, mostly because it's a John Hughes film! Thanks for the Christmas movie recommendations.

  23. Susanna

    Hmmm. . . A Miracle on 34th Street because I watched it so much as a kid, and Elf because my kids watch it so much.

  24. Betka

    I can't get enough of "It's a Wonderful Life". We watch it year round. But I also have a fondness for "Mickey's Christmas Carol," deemed too scary for my kids until this year.

  25. Johnfrancis

    My favorite is Christmas in Connecticut, but I love White Christmas and Elf.

  26. Jenn

    The animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite.

  27. Eva

    Me and my four-year-old both bawled our eyes out at The Little Matchgirl, but it is a beatifully done story!

  28. Heather

    I also like The Bishop's Wife and It's A Wonderful Life. Interestingly I've also always been a bit unsettled by The Gift of the Magi. A peaceful Advent to you all!

  29. Greg M

    Die Hard! What? It's got a Christmas party scene in it. Don't judge me!

  30. Cristina

    I got desperate the other night at the lack of good Christmas movies on Netflix and tried "Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas." Don't. Just Don't. On the other hand, I also tried "Desk Set" and that has a pretty awesome vintage 60's Christmas party so I think it definitely counts as a Christmas movie that's worth a watch πŸ™‚

    • Kendra

      Okay, I will check that out. But, yeah, it's slim pickins this year.

    • Laura F

      Desk Set is delightful. And the number of times they get asked what the reindeers' names are is funny even for the littles. It's a great Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn movie!

  31. Danielle Jones

    I love White Christmas! I grew up watching this one. I also like The Santa Clause and Home Alone 2.

  32. Tori

    Everyone's all "My favorite is [insert meaningful movie]" and I'm over here like "Elf!"

  33. Leah Uy

    Yes, the classic animation of Rudolph is my favourite, as well.

  34. Brynne

    Film history geek announcement: White Christmas was filmed in Technicolor. It never was black and white.

    • Kendra

      Okay, noted. Bing Crosby just has CRAZY blue eyes, then.

  35. Hannah Gokie

    For me, it's a tie between White Christmas and Holiday Inn. I desperately wish Holiday Inn was on Netflix — it's just as hilarious and amazing, and even though all the holidays are involved there's definitely a focus on Christmas. Plus it's a Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire combo, so it can't go wrong.

  36. Jen @ Into Your Will

    It's hard to pick just one, but I'll have to go with White Christmas since I think it's the one I end up watching every single year!

  37. Carolyn Richley

    I've been disappointed by the Netflix Christmas movies. I keep re-searching "Christmas" as if the selection will change! But I do have to say Curious George's Christmas was very cute. Not Christian at all, but focuses on finding the perfect gifts for those you love and doing kind things for each other, so there is a good message. Plus my 16mo is mesmerized by a talking monkey- too cute!

  38. Kate T

    Star Wars. Not technically a Christmas movie, but watched it every year at Christmas growing up!

  39. Mary

    We always watched The March of the Wooden Soldiers with Laurel and Hardy at Christmas – I haven't seen it in years. And The Nutcracker with Barishnikov.

  40. AnneMarie

    Ooh, this is hard. I really love "The Bells of St. Mary's," which isn't a Christmas movie per se, but it has a precious Christmas pageant part of the story! I also really like the classic "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," because I grew up with it, I love the old timey animation, and it's just cute. I also like "The Little Drummer Boy," for similar reasons. The animated Grinch is also quite awesome! Shoot, that's a lot, but they're all great movies (in my opinion). Happy Advent!

  41. Janice L

    My repertoire of Christmas movies is not huge, but for now I would choose "It's a Wonderful Life". I also don't mind old black and white films!

  42. Unknown

    My favorite would have to be Its a Wonderful Life, but one I have to watch every year for nostalgia's sake is A Claymation Christmas Celebration – the 80's Classic with the dinosaur MCs and the California Raisins…so awesome. πŸ™‚ http://youtu.be/1dv0TrSQsPE
    -Sarah W. (Not unknown, for some reason I can't comment with a name)

  43. Unknown

    Lots of great titles mentioned, but one which has become a favorite in our house is ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS. Not for little ones, but as adults if you haven't seen it, treat yourselves this year (and bring a box of tissues along with the pop corn). Merry Christmas to all! (And if I win Netflix – please pass it on to someone else πŸ™‚ )

  44. The Housewife

    White Christmas
    Charlie Brown Christmas
    It's a wonderful life
    A Christmas carol (most versions)
    A Christmas story
    National lampoons Christmas vacation
    All the cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel

  45. Joanna

    White Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas are our favorites around here. Wasn't White Christmas filmed in technicolor?

  46. Unknown

    A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites though!

    • Unknown

      I guess I don't know how to add my name instead of being 'unknown'.
      Mary S.

  47. Erin

    Have you seen the Bells of St. Mary's? It is probably not on Netflix, but it is one of my favorites that I watch once a year at Christmas. – Erin79

    • Kendra

      Yes! We love it. It's in our regular Christmas rotation.

  48. Erin

    Have you seen the Bells of St. Mary's? It is probably not on Netflix, but it is one of my favorites that I watch once a year at Christmas. – Erin79

  49. Alishia

    I love Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail at Christmas time. Not really Christmas movies–but they do celebrate Christmas in the movies.

  50. Hope

    My favorite Christmas movie is Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. I love the Christmas miracle of healing that the father receives, the ice-skating choreography, and the theme of hope and faith.

  51. 2012july/Cheryl Grandy

    I don't really have a favourite Christmas Movie. I took my daughter to see The Nativity several years ago, and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing it again Friday night at my church.

  52. Jillian

    Our favorite movie to watch during the Christmas season is The Bells of St. Mary's! We all snuggle onto the couch to watch it each year with Christmas cookies and hot cocoa.

  53. Nikki

    I like the new cheesy Hallmark ones that come out every year. I'm not one for rewatching movies. πŸ™‚

  54. Anna

    Elf, Home Alone, and It's a Wonderful Life. Thanks for tackling this assignment with everything else you are doing!

  55. Lindsay

    My two absolute favorites are "The Santa Clause" (which is somehow ELEVEN years old!) and "White Christmas." I love the comedy and the father's-love-for-his-son theme of the first (also why I love "Finding Nemo"), and you can't not love "White Christmas."

  56. Chris

    Any version of The Christmas Carol (but I do particularly love the Muppet version!!)

  57. Catherine

    For me, it's got to be Love Actually… closely followed by The Sound of Music (not Christmassy, granted, but the BBC always show it over Christmas here!)

  58. C LaBauve

    The Nativity Story! I haven't watched in forever but I just love it❀

  59. Sophia D

    My favorite is Elf! I love the part when "Santa" comes to town (You sit on a throne of lies!)

  60. Lisa

    Miracle on 34th Street! It has all the best things:

    (1) a good lawyer, who (2) saves Christmas, using (3) the U.S. Postal Service, so that he can (4) buy a house in the suburbs, for (5) the woman he loves.

  61. Kristin

    As a family we love Elf or the Muppet Christmas Carol.

  62. Karla Baca

    Elf, Arthur Christmas, Annabel's Wish, Come to the Stable, Bush Christmas, The Bells of St Mary's, Its a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Inn, The Bishop's Wife, Penny Serenade, Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooge(Albert Finny) A Christmas Story, Ozzie and Harriet Christmas specials, Home Alone, Silent Night, Charlie Brown Christmas, A Year without a Santa Claus…

  63. Miss Jill and Mister John

    My kids are still five and under so we've not really started Christmas movies with them…. but my fave is Love Actually. πŸ™‚

  64. sarahmcE

    It's a Wonderful Life just gets me every time. EVERY TIME. πŸ™‚

  65. Nicole B

    Charlie Brown Christmas. Saw the children's play we ith my oldest this year, adorable.

  66. Gina Wildorchid

    One of my faves is Elf!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  67. Colleen

    Every year we watch Elf and wrap presents, while the kids sleep. But I think this might be the year we let them watch elf with us, and we need to find another movie to wrap to. if only we had Netflix….:)

  68. Katharine

    I love White Christmas but I have a soft spot for Its a Wonderful Life, we also always watched it when growing up!

  69. Aleigh

    I watched that version of Christmas Carol. It was ok but really short.

  70. Sara Rooney

    Huh… No one likes our favorite: Opus & Bill's A Wish For Wings That Work. We recorded it off the TV years ago and just when the film on the tape was going to die we found it on amazon. Still on VHS… But maybe we'll find it on Netflix?

  71. Judith

    We are loving the Disney shorts at our house. Also…White Christmas is one of our all time favorites. It was actually shot in color and VistaVision…so no need to have mixed feelings about the color! It was shot that way. πŸ™‚

  72. Laura F

    The animated Nutcracker was a HUGE childhood favorite of my brother and myself.

    • Laura F

      Excuse me. It's called The Nutcracker Prince and is available on youtube. πŸ™‚ The 1990 version.

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