A Taste of My Own Medicine

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Well. After telling you what I think you should do on your blog, and what I think you should do on my blog, I figured it was time to let you tell me what you think I should do on my blog.

So here goes nothing.

Wait, before you read any further, go read this at Carrots for Michaelmas . . . 

Okay, you’re back? All ready to engage in pleasant discussions in which we do not purposefully or inadvertently offend each other?

Awesome. Here we go. Here’s what *I* want to know from you:

How do you read this blog? Email subscription? Bloglovin’? Feedly? Facebook feed? Google +? Pinterest? Just stop by via the internet?

Are you on Instagram? Twitter? I’m not. Should I be? I don’t know. I only just got on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter and whatever the new thing is I haven’t even heard of yet make me feel like this:

Can we talk Facebook a minute? There have been big changes with how Facebook treats “business” pages. I don’t advertise on this blog or make any money from it beyond shilling my book and getting a bit when you make Amazon purchases after clicking through to Amazon from here. But, for Facebook purposes, the blog’s page is a business page. And now, if you want to see posts from this (or any other) blog, you have to interact with the page. As in like or comment or share. Otherwise they stop showing up unless I pay Facebook to promote them.

Have you noticed if you’re still seeing Catholic All Year Facebook page posts in your newsfeed?

If you use Facebook to know when there are new posts from your favorite blogs, you might be missing them.

I feel like I’m still seeing updates from the blogs I like, but I tend to like and comment, so that might be why.

Now Pinterest. I use Pinterest to keep track of pages for things I’m planning, like a birthday party or an upcoming family vacation.

If you follow the Catholic All Year board on Pinterest, do you want me to pin all new posts on there? Or just things that are “pin-worthy” like crafts and liturgical year ideas?

Can someone tell me why Google +?

I have a page, and the blog has a page, but I can’t figure out how to post anything to the blog page. So, I share posts over there on my personal page, and I get notifications that I’m in people’s circles. But I don’t think anyone has ever commented or shared on my Google + page. Ever.

Seriously, why is it there?

Back to Facebook.

I share links and photos and anecdotes on the Catholic All Year Facebook page a lot (too much? you can tell me.) but I don’t post much of that here, because I figure people have already seen it.

But I know not everyone is on Facebook.

Question: Non-Facebooking blog readers, do you want a weekly roundup of stuff like this . . . 

My little pony . . . tail.

Dear Baltimore Catechism,

I have to say, when I woke up this morning I did not know that our school day would include the question, “Mom, what’s a dirty magazine?” So, um, thanks for an interesting lunch conversation.

Your Friend,

Great Moments in Homeschooling . . .

Me: What would be an example of a food chain on a farm?

Bobby: Um, does cheese eat anything?

Bacon waffle accomplished.

Just as I was finishing clearing up after the party, I noticed this on the couch. Which either means it was a good party or I have a lot of kids.

Maybe both.

Jim’s putting him to bed now.

Took the van to get a Smog check today. Couldn’t understand why the kids were so enthusiastic about coming with me. Turns out they thought it was going to be a Smaug check.

1. I guess this is what happens when you don’t respect the falling diphthong.
2. Did they think our van maybe had a dragon in it?
3. Monday’s Baltimore Catechism conversation was unfortunately relevant to our waiting room experience.

Plus links I like, like these:

5 Ridiculous Spring Fashion Trends for Moms

Open Letter to the Bishops (sign it, sign it!)
And memes I like (even if they’re misspelled):
Is that something that’s missing from your life?

What posts do you like best? I’m not doing as much movie reviewing and homeschooling stuff and parties/liturgical year because other blogs are doing those things really well, and those posts don’t seem to get as many views. But if I’m going off of just pageviews, I can only write about Lent. Ever.

Six out of my all time top ten posts are about Lent. 

So: Lent lent lent lent lent.

There you go.

But other than Lent, what do you have an interest in learning my opinion about?

Finally: Sunday.

Many Catholic bloggers don’t post on Sundays. So I do. I figure there’s a void that needs filling.

But are there a lot of people who try to avoid reading blogs on Sunday? Am I tempting you away from your family time? It’s still there on Monday. But for people who regularly comment, I know you probably don’t like to get to a new post a day late. 

I’m curious as to if there’s a consensus here.

Anything else? I’m here to listen.

No, Not Listening Otter, I AM listening.
Have a nice weekend folks!
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  1. Jenny Cook

    #4–Google + seems a little useless. It's like the irksome little brother of Facebook who wants to be just like his older brother but just comes off as pesky and unable to keep up. I love Gmail and obviously love Google as a search engine (remember back when there were multiple search engines like Lycos and Yahoo was the biggest of the pack?). But Google + hasn't caught on like FB…although maybe it will now that FB is making these changes.

  2. Elyssa

    I support making a weekly round up of fun links, pictures, etc. Also, I don't know if its just me but I wish you could post everyday because I just really like your blog.

    • Kendra

      I wish I could too! If only people around here didn't need to eat and learn stuff . . .

  3. Lady Ithildin

    Long time lurker delurking for this! I'm only on FB and you should be, too, because if you get instagram, then I have to get instagram and the twitter and ain't nobody got time for that. As a FB resident, I don't need the recaps but I would still read them even if I already had. I follow on Feedly. I love that you post on Sunday! My Feedly is so lonely without you. And dagnabbit, I was JUST thinking, I wish I had Kendra's opinion on this, but I have no idea what "this" was. I was in my kitchen, so probably large family logistics… But I promise it was actually a good idea. Too bad I lost it. Also, I don't care if other blogs do parties and liturgical living – I want MORE because I love your blog!!!

  4. Micaela Darr

    1. Facebook/email
    I am on Instagram and Twitter. I looooooove IG because I like taking pictures and it's easy to share them to Facebook. Twitter is just meh.

    2. I still see your updates. Do you see mine?

    3. I don't follow you yet, but I will. I am terrible at Pinterest and basically use it like you do, for my own stuff, and not much else.

    4. Whatever, Google+. You are an enigma.

    5. N/A

    6. Lent lent lent lent lent! All the time Lent.
    Kidding. I like your tips and tricks posts, and party posts, and opinion posts, even if I don't agree with everything. Basically: keep it up. Oh, maybe a post on MODG? I'm curious…

    7. Not listening otter! Hilarious! As to Sunday, I definitely don't read as much, but that just means I get to it a day later. You're not tempting me away from my family or anything, so if you like it, do it.

    Does that help? Probably not. At least I tried.

  5. Isabelle Lubbock

    I'm feedly and facebook, and even though I don't like or share (lurker FTW) I can still see the posts no problem.
    Also, love the posts on Sunday.
    And Pinterest is good (are you going through Paris during the Lourdes trip? Sorry, I couldn't help but notice. And I seem to have graduated from lurker to stalker).

    • Kendra

      Why yes I am! We're going to do Lourdes, Chartres, Normandy, and Paris. Gus is going to have his First Communion in Lourdes, after having come with us as a five month old on our pilgrimage to Lourdes when the husband had cancer.

    • Isabelle Lubbock

      Very exciting! Lourdes is very special for me as well, and I am sure you'll enjoy Paris. Let me know if you need anything, it's not every day that one of the wonderful American bloggers I follow from far away mentions passing through my home town! (do you say home city? it looks weird, but it's also rather weird to call Paris a town)

  6. Rebecca

    Another lurker here! I view your posts through Pulse and FB, both of which have been working with no errors. FWIW, I enjoy the homeschooling, living the liturgical year,, and movie reviews posts just as much as the tips-and-tricks posts (possibly because I only have two kids so far so managing and homeschooling seven seems totally awesome/out of my league). Also, I dig your movie review style.
    I second the instagram. It's very user friendly and easily shared on FB.

  7. Erin C

    Hi! I'm also a lurker and have been reading for a while. I read through Bloglovin. I don't do much on FB, so I would love to see the wrap-up post! I usually don't read Sundays, but I do read Monday morning, so either way I'll read it.

  8. Mandi

    I have so many opinions on these! So glad you asked:
    1. I don't have Instagram because I still have a dumb phone so I don't really care if you are there. Actually I would prefer that you are not unless you link your account to facebook so I can see the pictures you share. But that's totally personal and I don't really understand instagram. I'm guessing you should actually do it though because I hear from other bloggers that it's fun and community building and awesome. Twitter…meh. Unless you plan to engage in personal conversations there (which is time consuming) just posting your links isn't worth it to have Twitter.
    2. I see all your posts because I click on them and comment and like. I have no idea what others see.
    3. I really only use Pinterest to like the things I find on the internet or to look up specific things so I don't really know what you pin (or care). Do you find your pins are repinned quite a bit?
    4. Do not understand Google+ at all. If you figure it out, please write a post to inform the rest of us.
    5. I saw every single one of those things on Facebook (and thanks for linking to my post!) but I wouldn't care if you re-shared them here. I love them popping up in my news feed though so don't stop posting them there.
    6. I really, really like your movie reviews (and also your party stuff and homechool stuff), but especially your movie reviews. And I really like your basic parenting stuff – like "how we do _____ in our house". Even if some of the ways your parent are so different than what I can ever see myself doing, I find it fascinating to see how it works in your home.
    7. I don't care if you post on Sunday just as long as you don't post on Monday so I can keep up. I don't necessarily not read posts on Sunday for a reason, but I'm often more busy on the weekends so Monday is often a "catch up day".

    • Mandi

      And now I feel awkward for writing such a long comment and caring so much about what/how you blog. Feel free to ignore me entirely. But when one of your favorite bloggers asks…

    • Kendra

      Thanks Mandi, this is really helpful. I consider you a social media guru!

    • Kendra

      Oh, and no, my pins aren't repinned all that much. I seem to get alerts that I have new followers more often than I get alters than anyone has pinned anything! I don't do a whole lot of pinable stuff on the blog. That's why I asked. I don't know if there are people who use Pinterest as a feed reader, and so would appreciate me pinning new posts.

  9. Amelia Bentrup

    1. Feedbook
    2. yes, I see you on FB.
    3. I don't pin all my posts, but I do pins ones that are pinnable (like I pinned todays post).
    4. I don't think as many people use Google+, but some do, I think. I do use Google +
    5. Well, I see all that stuff on Facebook, but I would say just keep it on FB and skip posting it on the blog. But, that is just me. I like meaty-contenty blogs, not just lots of pictures.
    6. I like all your parenting posts. Mostly so then I can write my own post reponding to it. Tee hee! No seriously….I like your parenting posts and homeschooling posts a lot. Those are my favorite of yours. I like reading parenting posts and I like writing parenting posts. I'm dont always read the liturgical year or party or movie review posts, but then I don't read those on any blogs, because I'm just not super into those things.
    7. I read blogs on Sunday. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and reading blogs is a perfect way to rest. πŸ™‚ Keep blogging on Sunday.

    Seriously…my advice. Don't worry about all this. Don't read your stats or look at your numbers. Blogging is supposed to be fun. The best advice I ever read is to just blog about whatever you like. You have an awesome blog, so just keeping blogging about whatever hits your fancy or YOU like to read. Don't worry about instagram or twitter if you aren't on those things. I'm on twitter, but not on instagram. (I thought you needed a smartphone or something for instagram because the whole point is you take pictures and instantly post them).

    Anyway, you have a great blog and an awesome writing style, so just keep doing what you are doing and blog about whatever the heck you want and don't worry about the numbers. Who cares if less people read it. I think less people are reading blogs all together now (during Lent), but so-what?

    • Kendra

      Thanks Amelia. Lovely and reasonable as always! I appreciate the feedback.

  10. Mary

    I read on bloglovin. I don't usually follow bloggers on fb or twitter-just lead to social media overload. I will ocassionally check a blogger's other social media if I think their might be an update about an impending birth/sick child/political issue in the news. I would read a "roundup of blogger on other social media" post.

    I run a couple twitter feeds for work, and I feel like twitter is actually pretty labor intensive if you want to get a good result. I dislike google+. Google products are great, and I use many of them, but I don't want google to be the only channel through which I give and get information. I feel like google+ is too much of a google monopoly in my life.

    Posts I like: day in the life, liturgical celebrations, Church outfits (and kids' church outfits). I like to think that I can tell the difference between a blogger who is authentically sharing what's on her mind, and a blogger who steers toward certain topics because those topics get clicks. While those categories are not mutually exclusive, and it's totally legitimate to write about topics because there appears to be a need for discussion of those topics, I think blogs can get stale when bloggers limit themselves to narrow topics.

  11. Rachel Digman

    I would love to see a Day in the Life of the Tierneys and more of your thoughts on food prep and making for a large family. I love hearing how you make it work!

  12. Jocelyne

    Feedly reader here. Refuse to do twitter and camera not smart enough for instagram. I don't remember the other questions. I like all your posts, regardless of what your subject is. πŸ™‚

  13. Anne B.

    So I want to leave you feedback. But you asked a lot of questions! And it's hard to comment on my phone where I read your blog via Bloglovin. Could you do me a solid and make a survey monkey survey for this? I think they're free! And they might even aggregate your data for you

    • Kendra

      Sorry Anne, it WAS a lot of questions. I think I've got enough to go on on this post, but I like the survey monkey idea. I'll remember that for next time.

  14. Anonymous

    1. I get notifications from Bloglovin', but really- I love your blog and hate reading on Bloglovin', so I mostly just stalk your page every day to see if there are new posts.
    2. I see you on FB, but see above. I am kinda a stalker (but a fun, cute kind) so I "like" your posts all the time.
    3. I have a Pinterest. I am not on often- but I mostly just like to see nice pictures and memes on Pinterest. I am not sure if full on blog posts need to be pinned. But, I wouldn't take my word on it..
    4. I don’t get Google+.
    5. I LOVE the stuff that you share on FB! Hilarious. And, for those not on FB, they are missing out for sure! You could sorta copy Haley and do something like "This Weeks Miscellany". I would enjoy seeing them as FB posts and in their own awesome blog post. (Well, I don't a lot about blog etiquette; maybe see if that would offend Haley? But, it’s not like you would really copy? Boy, am I diggin’ a hole. Maybe a fun link-up is proper etiquette? Crap. I need to stop talking.)
    6. I like everything you post. I think Lent is just super-relevant now, and the list-style Lent posts are share-worthy? Keep doing what you have been doing. It is all awesome. Even homeschool and liturgical year things, because it is cool to see several perspectives.
    7. I read you on Sunday. Early morning, after prayer and daily readings, before the house is up- or middle of the day when the house is napping– my "Catholic Mom Blogs" are perfect for Sundays, because it’s like a cyber-community filled with other moms who have the same world view. It is like a spiritual snack!

    Keep doing what you are doing, Kendra. Your blog is thoughtful, clever, relatable, and funny. Plus a shining example of Catholic motherhood/ Catholic family life.

    • Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas

      What if we did make This Week's Miscellany into a link-up? I've never done it because I didn't want it to be competition for 7QT. But maybe on a different day? Just bouncing ideas around. And I don't have have a copyright on mishmash posts, haha, so no worries! πŸ˜‰

    • Elizabeth@SuperSwellTimes

      I would totally get in on a This Week's Miscellany link-up. I've never done 7 quick takes because 7 is an overwhelmingly large number for me most days.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, Haley! I am so glad you saw this and thought it was funny, and an okay idea. Now I feel like less of a goon.

    • Kendra

      I love the idea of copying Haley. Fortunately she is really hard to offend!

      And Haley, I love it as a link up.

    • bobbi @ revolution of love blog.com

      I think a link up would be great! Sometimes I don't have 7 whole takes but just a few things I want to share. As a blogger I could trade off and Jen's list of participants so freaking huge that a few people inking up on another site won't be missed. LOL

  15. Anonymous

    Oh, and I JUST saw Rachel Digman's suggestion of "A Day In the Life", I second that!

  16. Debbie

    I read your blog through old reader. I mostly enjoy your litugical posts as I found most other Catholic blogs to be boring. I like your writing style.

  17. Meg Anderson

    I do everything on Facebook, and I see all of your posts. I do make a point to "like" everything, in case that makes a difference in how many of your posts pop up for me. I dont do IG, Twitter or anything else.
    I love the extra little posts and shares that you do on FB.
    One thing, and this is totally me, and probably me alone, but the text font that you use for your actual blog posts is really hard for me to read. Its ok for the first paragraph or so, but for some reason, its difficult to read. The lines are really thin when I view it so everything just is really white. I dont know, maybe I need glasses!
    Love your blog, keep up everything you are doing, your variety of posts is great. I love your parenting ones the best.

  18. Liz

    I haven't ever commented before, but I just want to tell you that your blog is one of my favorites. I am not even Catholic but I absolutely love reading about the liturgical year and ways in which your family lives the faith every day. I think we have similar goals for our families too. I am a mom of an 18 month old boy and another boy due in July. I feel like a very young inexperienced mom. I tell you this because my absolute favorite posts of yours are your parenting posts. I refer to them frequently and my husband knows you as "The Catholic Blogger who writes about parenting sometimes." I can't tell you how much your experience has helped me…from how I deal with my son's sleeping and eating to how I have gotten him to help (which really means not helping, but we try) with cleaning up his toys.

    In my opinion just keep doing what you are doing, because I think you are great. And I am really grateful for your willingness to blog…because you are definitely helping one young mom in Michigan survive.

  19. Alana Barranco

    I don't remember all the topics you wanted feedback on….I'm new to mommy-brain, so bear with me. πŸ™‚ I don't follow you on FB, I tend to use FB for personal friends and stray away from business pages. I visit the blog via the old-fashioned bookmarks toolbar. I do Pinterest but typically when I need inspiration for something- I don't peruse it.

    My favorite posts are usually about down-to-earth, honest, and practical posts about parenting. How you incorporate our faith into discipline, sharing, etc.

    I'd love to see more memes, pics of the family, funny stories/sayings from your kids.

  20. Sarah

    I was going to be all ticked off that I was missing things on FB til I realized I wasn't following you on there yet. Oops. πŸ™‚

    I follow you through feedly (used to through bloglovin but that doesn't work on my phone so it was pointless).

    I like the homeschool/movie review posts, personally, but usually every post is entertaining so I'm not too picky.

    I LOVE that you post on Sundays. It is so nice to have something to read that usually has a bit of substance on the weekends.

    I'd do a summary of you FB posts since there's no guarantee that people that want to see them actually get to see them. (So.frustrating.)

  21. Hannah Gokie

    Great questions! I read on Bloglovin' (both on my computer and as an app on my iPhone) most of the time which works well, but I didn't realize you had a Facebook page so excuse me while I go like that reeeal quick. Okay I'm back.

    As a new-ish blogger I never understood why Google+ was a thing but I have one anyway. Does anyone really use it? I think not. When it comes to other social media, I follow a few bloggers on Instagram and Twitter but it doesn't really affect how I read/think of them. I'd say don't bother getting 'em unless you really feel the need.

    I do like following bloggers like you on Pinterest because you have such helpful ideas for running a Catholic family with real practical advice – and when I pin your articles, I don't have to go scrolling back through your archives to find something later.

    I like that you post on Sundays – often times I don't get around to reading it til Monday morning but it's always nice to see if I do happen to hit up my mobile Bloglovin' app on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You're right, not many bloggers do, so it's refreshing.

  22. Caron

    1. I come here via the internet

    2. Facebook is annoying with that, but I am still seeing your posts. I suggested a Newsboys song early on and so FB graciously allows me to see your page now. What I did for all the pages I want to see but do not show up in my news feed (although I interact with the pages) is that I created a list and put those pages on my list. Sure, I have to go click on my list, but I get to see what I wanted to see in the first place.

    3. Pinterest is about me. If I repin something from you it is only because I want to keep it for myself. Also, I just checked and I'm not following you. Twitter: meh. Don't add to your workload.

    4. This is puzzling. Not your question, but the existence of Google+.

    5. I don't want to see FB posts twice, but I will simply scan them if you do a recap – no harm, no foul. Who knows? Maybe I missed something FB petulantly refused to let me see.

    6. When I first hit your blog a few months ago, I thought, "Oh great, yet another Catholic mommy blog. I'm out of here." I'm very much NOT in that place in life. But then I saw a post about your Tardis shoes and I thought, "No, she's different" so I stayed. I don't always agree with you, but isn't that what blogging is about? I like your blog and I check it daily. If you haven't posted, no problem. I just move on. I didn't realize you had a schedule is what I'm saying.

    7. See #6

    Thanks for asking! πŸ™‚

  23. TheFiveDays

    I come to your blog to read when I get the chance just by coming straight here…I am on Facebook but I prefer for my facebook time to be catching up with my friends. I'm also on Pinterest but I'd rather not have every new post pinned. I've noticed that when other people do that I start rolling my eyes when the pins come across and then unfollowing – makes me feel like someone's trying to sell stuff to me. I don't twitter, instagram, etc…no time!! So I would love to see your regular updates on your blog…I love that stuff! πŸ™‚ I do like your homeschooling posts…I'm on my 2nd year and I really value information from people who have been doing it longer, and with more kids. Curriculum reviews, planning and implementing your days, funny stories, etc. Also, the thing that really keeps me coming back to your blog is that you seem to have it somewhat together. And I never do. So any detailed info you can give to help me along that path is always appreciated! One blog I love is "large families on purpose" because she is gives really detailed information about how she makes things work for her family. It is so helpful to those of us who are not born organized. I just am always looking for a Catholic version and you remind me a bit of it. πŸ™‚

  24. TheFiveDays

    Oh, one more thing I like your blog for….I would very much like to incorporate the liturgical year more in our daily life but I never know what to do. Your suggestions are always simple and do-able and I appreciate that. So more of that would be great, and also information on how you plan ahead and know what you are going to celebrate, etc…for those of us just trying to get the hang of this…

  25. Rach

    Hello Kendra!

    I see your new posts via my Blogger dash. You can't see the whole post there, but I just click on the link to come to yours. I really like that method since I go to my dash daily anyway for reasons beyond seeing which blogs I follow have updated.

    As far as other social media, I am not on Facebook or Pinterest so I can't really comment on those things. I am present on Instagram and Twitter (well, kind of Twitter, but in the kind of way where I would never know who updated when), but I don't even know how helpful they are for sharing in my life.

    I like your posts on movies, but I am a big fan of a movie. I like to hear lots of takes on interpretations on plot points and even production quality. It is sort of like literary analysis but everyone, even the illiterate, can participate in movie discussions. There is a bridge there. Other content I like on your page is basically all of it. I enjoy reading about parenting especially, even though I am not currently one.

    Keep on keeping on,


  26. Erica Saint

    First, thanks for linking to my bracelet giveaway here and on Facebook. πŸ™‚

    1. I use Bloglovin'. I do not have a Twitter or and Instagram account. I know I will never have a Twitter account, but I go back and forth about Instagram. Alas, I do not think that my phone is compatible.

    2. I have a Facebook account, but I do not like Facebook. I am not on there regularly. I am sure that I miss a lot of information, but Facebook just irritates me. It is a personal problem, I know.

    3. I am on Pinterest. I wasn't following you before, but I am now!

    4. I just opened a Google+ account a couple weeks ago. My oldest son has an account, as well as my mom, so I decided to join. I like it, probably because it is not Facebook. Ha! I share my blog posts on my personal page. I would love for Google+ to be more active. Funny story: I was going to comment on your Google+, but then I saw that no one else had, so I decided against it.

    5. Yes, do the weekly round-up! I love posts like that.

    6. I love your movie reviews, homeschooling posts, and parties/liturgical posts. I also enjoyed seeing what you wore on Sundays. Write about what interests you. I wouldn't worry about page views, especially since you don't monetize the blog. I like real honest personal posts that show me a glimpse of your life. I bet a lot of people do.

    7. I love Sunday posts. I read them in the morning before Mass. If I don't have a chance to read them in the morning, I usually spend some time reading them before bed. Please continue to post on Sunday.

    Great questions! Thanks for asking them!

  27. Divina Koonce

    I'm in the minority here! I looove Google+ and (I can't stand Facebook.) I started my blog just this year and have been experimenting with the different social media platforms, having never used any of them prior to January 2014 (really). For me, Google+ is so easy to use and very intuitive. I find it easy to post things, comment, circle friends, share, etc. Facebook has me confused with my separate personal account and "business" page for my blog. I have circled you on Google+ and maybe sent you a message once, but I don't interact with you at Google+ because I know you are active on FB. So, I come to the blog to comment, even though it would be easier for me to comment at Google+. I'm just not sure you would see my comment there, because I don't see much of a presence on your end at Google+. Hmmmm … maybe I'll be the first to interact with you there and maybe something will catch on. I think though that it would be difficult to divide your time between the two. I'm choosing to focus my time on Google+.

    Here is a link to some articles by Jimmie Lanley, a huge proponent of Google+. She's co-owner of iHomeschool Network. http://jimmielanley.com/category/google-plus/ Hope this helps answer your questions. Might not pertain to you now, but maybe in the future.

    Have a great day and I will make it a point to interact with your posts at Google+ a little more.

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  28. Madeline

    Also in the minority, I flat out refuse to use Facebook so all that little recap was new to me.

  29. Nanacamille

    Email and some D but I'm your mom so I'd probably find it to read in sandscrit. Not into the newer social media formats so maybe not to best person to ask. Of course always love the pictures of the kids. What were your answers to the homeschooling questions?.

  30. The Sweet Wonder

    Hi! I just found your blog within the past month and I love it. I read it through Bloglovin' and it works fine and dandy for me. I think social media is a whooooole lot about personal preference but for some reason I've become kind of anti-Facebook lately (for reasons I can't put my finger on) and I love Twitter and Instagram. And Google+? I don't think ANYONE gets why this is still a thing. I wish it was though because I <3 Google forevs.

  31. Anna Ilona Mussmann

    My response: I just went and "liked" you and facebook so that I can see your posts (how could I resist the examples you offer here?). I'm probably not your target audience, but for what it's worth, I follow blogs through Google blogger and I'm not on all those other platforms.

    • Kendra

      Anna! You are my target audience. :o)

      I wasn't on any social media at all either until about a year ago. I have really liked Facebook though. I resisted it for so many years, but it's great for interacting with readers and other bloggers and people I don't get to see much in real life.

  32. Leigh

    I follow on bloglovin and don't do instagram or google+ (I agree, why does it even exist?). I like your substantive posts – parenting, living your faith, etc – versus party planning ones with tons of photos to scroll through (although you do have awesome parties!). I like Sunday posts πŸ™‚

    Your blog is seriously beautiful BUT I find non-serif fonts much easier to read online. I'm in my mid-20's and have good vision, so… that's probably just a nit-picky pet peeve πŸ™‚

    • Kendra

      Okay, that's two on the font. I just love the old-timey-ness of courier. Hmmm. I shall think about it.

  33. Divina Koonce

    Hi Kendra!

    It's me again. Just to add a little more to my comment above … another reason to have a presence on Google+ would be to connect with your readers through Google+ Hangouts and then podcasts. A Google+ Hangout with Kendra Tierney??? If you had one, oh yeah, I'd be there.

    • Kendra

      Divina, you're hilarious. Haley and I have discussed doing a podcast with some other bloggers. We'll have to see if we ever actually do it!

  34. Camilla

    I just like seeing your family and hearing your thoughts. You cheer me up and encourage me. I get your FB notifications because I clicked, on your FB page, "receive notifications" (or something like that). I get an email when you make a new post. As for instagram? Twitter? And everything else? For me, my blog has to fit with what I have time to commit to doing, which is very simple writing one one simple page when I feel like I have something on my heart to share. God has not pressed upon me at this time to put any more effort into it than that–because I've got seven little souls that are my priority–plus managing my home for God's glory. If God wants me to expand my ministry, I know from experience, He will orchestrate it and it won't be headache and confusion for me. It will just be "my next lighted step on the path" as He leads. Jen Fulwiler just offered an interesting eBook about how to commit to running the writing thing as a business but still keeping family first. As for me–it cheers me to see pictures of your lovely kids and their activities (OH–that Princess Bride birthday party!), and to hear your Christian encouragement and home management testimonies, that encourage me in all God is telling me to do. I will read whatever you write, on FB or on your blog page. One click. No gimmicks, extras, apps, readers, feeds. Just a blog is good for me.

  35. Christie R

    I pretty much love everything you post. When I started started thinking about trying to live the liturgical year, your blog and Haley's fell into my lap, and I was like "!!" Thanks, God. c;

    I don't mind reading or posting blogs on Sunday. I have no idea what Google+ is supposed to do to me. Sometimes I read Twitter. And I hope my son is as awesome as your kids when he grows up and is forced to read the Hobbit. I only wish my family were so cool when I was growing up!

  36. Curt Dose

    Dear Daughter,
    I see your blogs on email when they pop up about 9 am, unless I get impatient and check online. I also see your Facebook posts when I bother to wade through all the stuff there – too much – I don't know how to thin it out – that would be a good blog topic!
    Signed up for Google+ but all I ever do with it is answer questions that it pops up. I probably should turn it off but don't know how. Blog topic #2.
    You should definitely share "A Day in the Life of the Tierneys". Readers need to hear about kids getting up and quietly drifting to the kitchen where they fix each other breakfast, all the way until each age group notes their time at night, puts on pajamas and pull-ups, flosses and brushes teeth, and disappears quietly into their bedroom of choice that night. Amazing. Blog topic #3. Love, Daddy

  37. Anonymous

    Hi Kendra!

    Here's what I like:
    1. I like that your fb is different from your posts. It makes me feel like there is a purpose to following you on fb that is different from following you via Bloglovin'.
    2. I follow you via Bloglovin', but I'm not lovin' it at all and so I may switch at some point. I will say, I like your header enough that sometimes I just come over via typing in your www.
    3. Google+ is lame and I don't get it either. Not needed, in my opinion. Instagram is fun and I would definitely follow you there.
    4. I like your posts on parenting, holidays (though you have covered a lot of them already, I still like 'em), and controversial topics. I like your approach to lots of different topics and your tone. I have probably forwarded the Pregnancy: You're doing it wrong post to every pregnant person I know.
    5. I like that you post on Sundays. It is nice to get some fresh reading material even then.

    Thanks for keeping up the blog even with the new babe around! We appreciate it!

  38. Anonymous

    Okay, I wrote a tome on "my thoughts on blogging" and then decided to stick with your questions πŸ˜‰

    1. While I have blogs I follow on my WordPress account, I find that a pain in the neck, because some new posts don't show up for a few days. I'm an old-fashiond kinda blog reader. I like typing the name of the blog into my address line at the top of the webpage (see? I know nothing…. take my thoughts with a grain of salt and a Big. Fat. Margharita!) and being surprised with a new post.
    2. FB: I'm on it, β€œsorta” gave it up for Lent (fail) and I follow blogs. This usually tells me there's a new post before I'd check. I also like it when bloggers throw things up there that interest them or that are funny to them that doesn't warrant a whole post, but it gives the blogger and the readers an opportunity to interact in a smaller, more intimate fashion that isn't as easy on the blog, IMHO.
    3. Pinterest: I'm on it, but I use it mostly to see what other people are up to, and then pin stuff I find interesting that I want to read again. I get that Pinterest is HUGE when it comes to promoting blog posts, and I have come across some new blogs this way.
    4. Google+: Just. No.
    5. Not sure about the weekly roudup- I probably read it already (am I creeping you out, yet? πŸ˜‰ )
    6. Lent. Definitely more on Lent. (snort) Seriously, though, why do you think more people read those? Did your blog get β€œbigger” around that time, and as we were heading into the season, then these posts were really relevant? Were they more β€œhow to?” Did they get passed along on Pinterest? Did other bloggers mention them? Were they more heartfelt? What did your horoscope say that day? (kidding, kidding….)
    7. I like reading blogs. I like to read over the weekend, but my selfishness for new material really shouldn't have any bearing on other people's lives. πŸ™‚

    Anne McD

    • Kendra

      Yes, it was kind of a confluence of events all around that time. My Valentines/Pinterest post went a little viral, then Jen Fulwiler linked to my pregnancy post in a post of hers that went viral, then my 66 Lent ideas went totally crazy viral, then there was the Sundays in Lent thing, and since then things have calmed down quite a bit. Which I am okay with. I find that one particular post being really popular doesn't seem to lead to a lot of people who come back to the blog again. And I'm really more interested in a community rather than one time visitors.

  39. Emily

    First of all, I love everything you post on Facebook. Keep it comin'! I have, over the years, subscribed to numerous blog-following services in an attempt to stay current with all of my favorites, but it seems like every blog uses a different service, so this effort has failed totally. I subscribed to your blog through Bloglovin', but I hardly ever have time to read those emails. Facebook is the one thing I have time for and pay attention to consistently!

    And OH MY GOSH I feel exactly the same way about Google +!!! So confusing!!

    I think you are smart and witty and wonderful! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  40. Amy Salisbury

    I love your blog, and read it on blog lovin (or directly from the internet when i am looking for something, usually to share with someone) I dont follow many (any?) blogs on facebook because mostly I hate facebook and want less reasons to go on it.So I would love to have a weekly round up of all thoes funny links and pics. I do love instagram, but I dont want it taking time away from YOUR family time, because it can be tempting to make you a slave of your iphone, so self control is necessary, but its fun and easy to comment and interact, and there are fun games like #widn (what I'm doing now) which makes blog friends seems like real friends, at least to me, so I would say maybe try it out. Twitter, meh, has a different purpse and takes a lot of time. Just my thoughts!!
    Oh and I love most of everything you write about, I still need to go back and read your old posts, I have heard talk of amazing things you do with disipline but I havent ever read those posts for myself.

    • Kendra

      I worry about me and a smart phone. I'm not sure I have the self-control necessary!

  41. Kelsey Shade

    I've only followed you via email subscription so far, but now I've seen all that I've missed out on FB, I'll have to check you out there as well. I'm here for the large family living encouragement mainly. I also blog, so I love your blogging tips! Of course, I think your memes are my favorite. Thanks for keeping life joyful!

  42. Anonymous

    I read through bloglovin'
    I love instagram and pinterest, pin whatever you want, IMO.
    I like your family-living posts. Anything homeschool is good for me, too (but you said you're not doing that as much).
    What else? Google+ escapes me.
    Blogging on Sundays works for me. I bet the Pope is not going to call you and tell you to stop, so do what works for you! πŸ˜‰ -Gina

  43. Munchie Mommy

    1)i come here from the internet
    2-4)I don't use any of these for blog- reading The internet is addictive enough as it is, i don't need help πŸ™‚
    5) i like reading blogs with articles. i think the one-lines and memes are better on facebook, although a weekly round-up sounds kind of fun. one thing about sharing memes, though, is that I tend to see the same ones multiple times over in my feed on facebook, so I don't think there's a point in blogging them unless the blogger has some commentary to make about them. I hope I don't sound overly critical! W hat i am trying to say is I prefer unique content over sharing other people's memes.

    6)i read most of your posts, and i have used some of your liturgical year and party ideas in our own family, Thanks for the tips!

    7)Do what you like! Also, i'd like to remind anyone out there who wants to be judgy that it's totally possible to write a post on Saturday and set it to publish the next day πŸ™‚

  44. Jennifer S.

    1 & 2. I usually read your posts via Feedly. I am subscribed to your email as well, and I Iove it when I see Catholic All Year pop up on my phone on the way to work. I follow you via Facebook as well, and I do still see your posts. I am not on Instagram or Twitter, so Facebook only works well for me.

    3. Sorry, not on Pinterest.

    4. Don't know. Don't really get it.

    5. I am only on Facebook sporadically, so I would be ok with a roundup.

    6. My favorite posts are when you share about parenting. I need all the wisdom I can get, and 7 kids later it seems you've figured out a thing or two that I am still in the process of learning.

    7. Post whatever days you like. Sometimes weekends are too busy to read, but if they're not, I appreciate having fresh content. If they are, I'll just catch up on Monday.

    You are an excellent writer, and I am glad you are part of this blogosphere. It's no surprise that your blog became so popular so fast. As long as you can keep your blog down to earth and real while everyone is saying, "Kendra is the best!" then you'll be fine. πŸ˜‰

  45. Hilary

    Lurker here. I love your blog! I would be thrilled to read anything more you can write about children and discipline, and tips for introverted stay-at-home-mothers of multiple small children. Sanity keeping tips πŸ™‚

  46. Kris

    I see your FB posts, but I think I comment on them a good bit, so I keep getting them. I have Instagram and Twitter, but I NEVER go on Twitter (I really just forget about it) and I rarely check Instagram. I can only focus on so much at one time. I never use Pinterest. I don't get it. I really love everything you write, and I do check blogs on Sunday. I just have a list of favorites that I check regularly, so that's how I get your posts.

  47. Tacy

    Wow it seems like all of the above comments are in support of a this weeks miscellany. I say go for it;)

  48. Lindsey

    So all day my mind has been racing about something that I really want Catholic bloggers to blog about. I nearly went past your post because I'm a new reader so I don't feel like I can offer any helpful feedback, but then I thought maybe just maybe you might be the blogger interested in taking up what I think is a well needed post for our time. In an article in First Things, Elizabeth Scalia discusses being disturbed by comments she saw in comment boxes on the internet. http://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2014/03/the-acid-bath-of-ingratitude It's been burning in my brain that the comment boxes online are often just like that crowd gathered around Christ and the adulterous woman. These awful comments are meant to inflict pain just as the rocks were meant to destroy. How do we respond to those that (through the anonymity of the internet) are emboldened to present themselves as blameless on all accounts and drive home that first stone? I feel very proud of the Catholic community of bloggers that I've seen growing online. I love all the different ways people are responding to the call to New Evangelization. And since this is a new trail being blazed I feel like we need a good conversation about how tempting it is to be an unloving commenter and a real strategy for how we should address trolls and out of line Christian commenters as well (both as bloggers and readers). We need good posts and articles to spread the word and help remind us to be shining lights as Christians whether we are anonymous or not.

    • Kendra

      Thanks for sharing this Lindsey. I agree that it's a really important topic. I really love Haley's take on it that I linked to at the top of this post.

      I'm not sure I even know how to speak on people who are purposefully cruel in comments. I have gotten only a handful of those on this blog and, with the help of more experienced bloggers, finally learned to just delete the comment and pray for the commenter.

      I've witnessed a few instances lately of bloggers that I know don't intend to be hurtful, writing in such a way as to give offense — either by being careless or by giving in to the temptation to be witty. I've been there myself.

      My most effective strategy has been to wait a bit to comment or respond on things that I feel riled up about. And if I want to be witty, I try to ask my husband or another blogger to take a look at my response first. A pleasant response to a comment that might have been meant to be negative is probably going to do a lot more good than the zinger that first popped into my head.

      I LOVE this community of Catholic bloggers. I love how different we are and how much the same. I love how mostly forgiving and understanding I have found people to be here. Thanks for bring this up!

  49. JaneC

    I am a new readers so I just bookmark your page and regularly check to see if you have something new. I have not liked your Facebook page because I can't remember my password and have been too sick/lazy to go look it up. My kids are seriously impressed by your baby's zombie party costume. I am still trying to figure out if you live close enough to actually meet you, we live in North Glendale.

  50. Kati

    First of all, I love that your parents commented here. So funny since they could also just, you know, call or something. Second, I had the same idea your dad suggested – posts about how you do bedtime in particular with multiple ages sharing multiple rooms (and do they fight over which beds they'll be in? And if not, HOW not?). I love the practical daily life posts. I also am not on Facebook so I would love a weekly roundup type post of your family "stuff." I read from bloglovin and I follow you on Pinterest but I don't use it to link to your blog, I mainly use Pinterest for ideas/printables. I like your Sunday posts (because I like as many posts as possible! And I assume Sundays are a good day for you bc no school). I love your blog, Kendra!!

  51. Blythe Fike

    I love Instagram, as you know. To me, it's the most personal social media platform and the least time consuming. It seems like there is a fairly strong blogging community there and it has the added benefits of straightforward "if you follow me, then you see me" updating, unlike FB. I really, selfishly just want to see pics of my godson as much as humanly possible.

  52. Kayla @ Number One Petersons

    I mostly read through Bloglovin' or Facebook. I have a twitter but I constantly forget about it – for that matter, I'm awful at remembering to update my blog facebook page as well. I love all the stuff you post and I would not mind if you did a recap or occasionally double posted between the blog and Fb as well.

  53. Unknown

    Just wrote a long response and lost it before it posted. So now we're going to be shorter! Just found your blog at the beginning of Lent, have liked all your posts so far. I don't follow my bloggers on all media forms – I can't spend that much time online, and it's kinda like stalking to me. I read blogs via netvibes. I did like your cute examples of what you put on FB, and I would read those as blog posts if you wanted to post them. My interpretation of church teaching would not encourage blogging/reading blogs on Sunday, but that's just me, do what works for you. I usually only catch up a couples times a week, and I do like to have only a couple posts to read each time, so I'm glad you don't do 3 posts a day. I don't homeshool, but love to read about people who do, and I like to read about how you celebrate the church feasts, etc.
    Keep of the great work!

    • Unknown

      Commenting after my own comment: I understand why you don't want anonymous comments, but I am not a blogger, and like you, I have a google+, but don't know what it's for, and it obviously thinks I'm an 'unknown'. So it would be nice to have a comment option that is just name, email. Thanks! Alea

    • Kendra

      Thanks Alea, I'm using the default blogger commenting platform, which I know can be frustrating to bloggers and readers alike. But so far it has seemed to work well enough that I don't want to wade into the waters of third party comment hosting.

  54. Kristina

    Hi Kendra – I love your blog – here goes with my 2 cents:
    1. I use feedly so I get your posts through there.
    4. G+ – no idea, let us know when you find out πŸ˜‰
    5. I'm not on FB at all – and now I feel like I'm really missing out, would LOVE to read a FB recap post every once and awhile.
    6. I think it's great to get ideas from readers from time to time (e.g. day in the life sounds like it'll be great!) but don't let your stats sway the content – it's just my opinion that it is better to blog about what's on your heart in a kind of 'build it and they will come' fashion – but that's just me!
    7. Yes please! Love the Sunday posts. I tend to read blogs while nursing my baby and so weekends are always a little light on the old feed reader. I love having new content pop up like little gift on Sunday.
    Most of all keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  55. Claire Panak

    I use feedly and I found you through someone else linking (I think). As to Twitter and Instagram, I use neither and therefore have no opinion.

  56. sonja

    1. I just type "c" into my browser and my immediately remembers this page. I sometimes use Bloglovin'
    2. FB was the most demoralizing, depressing, anxiety-producing time-waster I have ever been on. I stopped for Lent once and never went back because of what a positive difference it made in my life.
    3. Pinterest: I like using Pinterest for ideas. For example, my kids' upcoming birthday party, a bathroom remodel, or homeschooling/therapy ideas. I'll be honest and say that when you post on Pinterest about a new post (other bloggers do, too), it feels a little random. To be fair, though, I have clicked on your new post pins to come here before. I would LOVE (like really really love) for you to get some more boards with ideas for the liturgical year, parenting, recipes, etc. that you've personally vetted because I have come to respect your opinion and would find that valuable.
    4. Google+: I have it but don't use it except to post private albums to my family. I think if FB ever burns out it could take off (I personally hope it does), but for now … no.
    5. I don't follow you on FB, so yes, I did appreciate the weekly roundup. I would love to follow you on Instagram if you get it. I think of it as FB-light … I only follow a small group of people and they only write a limited bit of info with an interesting photo. Keeps me in the loop with family/friends since I dropped FB. To be fair, I don't have an iPhone so I just use it on my husband's once in a while. I am sure it could get addictive for some (including myself if I had an iPhone).
    6. Lent posts are always good. Liturgical year stuff, anything relating to our faith, more detailed posts about your homeschool curriculum/strategies, some posts about when things go wrong (no, not downer posts, just advice-type things). I'd also love hearing more about your travels, recipes, and even a post about each child would be kind of cool. I know we hear a lot about Frankie, but I am fascinated by big families and love to see the personalities of each person and how they blend together to make a big happy group. πŸ™‚
    7.I like reading posts whenever. I kind of treat blogs like television on the TiVo … I get to it when I think of it, no pressure. So I actually had no idea you posted on Sundays, but I say, great! More posts for me to read!

    Thanks for asking … back to potty training my last kiddo … (assuming we aren't blessed with more)

  57. Ashley

    I follow you on bloglovin! And I LOVE your liturgical living posts…please keep them coming!! I myself am trying to incorporate more liturgical living in our family and I use your blog to give me ideas!

    Thank you so much for your blog…it's my favorite!! You are a big role model to me! πŸ™‚

  58. Monica McConkey

    Wow, Kendra. I want to be you when I grow up. You get SO many comments! I'll be really interested to hear your conclusions about what works or what doesn't with social media…based on all these comments. Sorry…I guess that's a lot of work, I guess that's what you get for getting so many comments. =)

  59. Amy Caroline

    You know I find Facebook really overwhelming. I gave it up for Lent, but sure enough (I know the controversy over here and I am one of those Sunday breakers) I look every Sunday. I prefer blogging as it seems (mostly) positive. Some people just live to be party poopers on Facebook. You can avoid their blogs much easier.
    I follow you on Feedly. I tried Bloglovin and liked that I could "like" things on there, but found that just about every other time I have tried to get on there it isn't working. I think it might just be me. Not sure, as a lot of people have no trouble with it. Bloglovin' does not love me.
    You should try Instagram. Instagram is fun and again, much more uplifting than Facebook or Twitter. Happy pictures of kids and families, food, and nature. Pretty quick flip through too!

  60. bobbi @ revolution of love blog.com

    I am always late to the party but I eventually get there. πŸ™‚

    1. I use Bloglovin faithfully. I love Instagram post daily but I'm photo happy. It is my favorite social media and when I want to share things I share it with my little community there first. I rarely go on Twitter anymore unless I want to look up an event that just happened fast. However, my posts automatically get delivered to my Twitter feed so others see it even if I'm not on there. If you have a smart phone and regularly take photos, I'd do instagram. However, if you are not a photo taker, then it may just be another chore.

    2. I still get your FB posts regularly but I also click LIKE a lot on your posts so that could be why. The way it is set up for "business pages" is ridiculous when you are a blogger. Some of my posts only get shown to a handful of people, unless it happens to get a lot of comments.

    3. I only use Pinterest for things I want to cook or make. I never rely on it to see new blog posts. I always rely on Bloglovin.

    4. I stopped wasting my time posting to Google +.

    5. You don't post too much on FB. I love it. πŸ™‚

    6. I actually loved your movie reviews and enjoyed reading them. I don't homeschool so I usually skip those posts. I basically love things about family life, home making, living the liturgical year, parenting, living your Catholic faith and just for fun posts that don't need to "teach" anything. πŸ™‚

    7. If I have a little time to myself I will read posts on Sunday but it's not tempting me. If I don't read it Sunday I just read it later in the week since its waiting in my blog reader. Anyway, I hoped that helped! πŸ™‚

  61. Jenn Miller

    I am on all of the social media sites, and I use them for different things.

    Google+ I like for topical things, E.g. photography and also to have one place to gather and share all things Catholic.

    FB I use to keep tabs on my friends and acquaintances. I tend not to use it to follow businesses or blogs.

    By default, I use Bloglovin' to follow the blogs I'm interested in (including this one). "By default" because I tried Feedly and (at the time) was confusing. Perhaps I'll try it again and really compare, but Bloglovin' (while no Google Reader) seems to be adequate.

    I like hearing about your family and faith life. I just enjoy people in general, and like reading personal blogs because it makes me feel like we are getting to know each other sooner. I mean, we are all going to be best friends in Heaven, right? (God willing) So, we might as well start now! πŸ™‚

  62. Aileen

    I follow you on fb but I miss a lot of things since I really don't get on there that much except to post pics of my grandkids for the family since my daughter isn't on it. Though every once in awhile I'll get on to see what family and friends are doing. I do use instagram and twitter and have a pinterest board. I don't use that as much mainly because it's a huge time suck. But I'll take a peek at it every now and then.

    I think I follow too many blogs because I get busy and can't always catch up. So no, you don't have to post every day! πŸ˜‰

    I do like the movie reviews.

    I also like your take on parenting as well as other blogs. I only raised one daughter and it's helpful to me when I'm taking care of my little grandkids.

  63. john smith

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