A Shortage of Perfect (Chicken) Breasts: Another Princess Bride Birthday Party (with free food tag printables!)

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Summer birthday season is happening around here. I’ve shared some of these photos on social media, but since not everyone is on there, I figured I’d get them on the blog here too. And since the Princess Bride Quote food pun food tags proved pretty popular with you guys already, I loaded them into the shop . . . for free! They make a nice set with the existing Princess Bride Quote printables here. All the details of that party below. But first . . . my dad’s birthday. Accuracy in birthday candles is a priority for my kids.

Then came Jack’s seventeenth, which we celebrated on the one weekend he was home in June between the Naval Academy summer session and a leadership camp he was helping to lead. And it was the feast of the Sacred Heart (hence the Sacred Heart themed brookie cake). And he got to share a birthday party with George (2). He says don’t be jealous.

Sacred Heart plates are by Be a Heart Design. Figurines are by Little Drops of Water.

THEN, we had Anita’s 10th and Midgee’s 4th (which is actually still upcoming, but we will be out of town on her actual birthday. Hopefully we can find a good bathtub for her annual photo! 😉 🛀 📸 🎂 ).

The Decor

Decor was this set of birthday banners and dangly things (some assembly required, but Anita was able to put them together) and the two sets of Princess Bride printable quotes I made when I first opened the printables shop! (Available here.) We got this set of paper plates.

The Food

Food was rotisserie chicken, twice baked potatoes, a few snacks and candies, water and 2L bottles of soda. Super simple. BUUUUUUUUT . . . super duper fun because of the movie quote food pun food tags. You guys. Food puns are my love language.

Potato ROUSes (I made these out of twice baked potatoes, with bugle snack noses, frito scoops ears, green onion eyes, and asparagus tails. Could also be baked potatoes, or potato chips.)

There’s a shortage of PERFECT (CHICKEN) BREASTS in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours. (I used rotisserie chickens, could be any kind of chicken!)

Pick up a rock, hide behind the boulder and wait for the man in black. The minute his head is in view, HIT IT WITH THE ROCK! (I used pirate booty, could also be chocolate rocks, rock candy, cheeto balls, or brussel sprouts.)

No more rhymes now, I mean it. ANYBODY WANT A PEANUT? (I used salted in the shell peanuts, could also be fancy mixed nuts, nutter butter cookies, or circus peanut candy.)

THAT’S A MIRACLE PILL? The chocolate coating makes it go down easier. But you have to wait fifteen minutes for full potency. And you shouldn’t go in swimming after, for at least, what? An hour? Yeah, an hour. (I used chocolate coated full-sized marshmallows, could also be chocolate coated strawberries, raisinettes, goobers, or m&ms.)

THOSE ARE THE SHRIEKING EELS — if you don’t believe me, just wait. They always grow louder when they’re about to feed on human flesh. (I used gummy worms, could also be pretzel sticks, or green beans.)

If you’re in such a hurry, you could LOWER A ROPE or a tree branch or find something useful to do. (I used red vines, could also be pretzel rods, or asparagus.)

Not pictured: We know the SECRETS OF THE FIRE SWAMP We lived there quite happily for some time. So whenever you feel like dying, feel free to visit. (I used takis, could be hot cheetos, or a salad.)

WARNING: Beverages may contain Iocane Powder (Works for any and all beverages!)

Get all the food tags as a free download here!

The Cake

When Anita was five and we were planning Betty’s 10th birthday, which was also Princess Bride-themed, Anita is the one who came up with the concept for the cake. It was a wedding cake, but with a green slope on one side, and Buttercup pushing Wesley down it.

It was a really fun concept, and the girls loved how it turned out, even though it was a bit wonky. It definitely exceeded my baking skills at the time. It still does, but I was glad to get to try it again, five years later. I think it was a bit more polished looking this time around!

It was a lemon pound cake, and very yummy. I used this recipe from Spoonful of Flavor, tripled it, and baked six layers–three larger rounds for the bottom and three smaller rounds for the top.

I stacked them up, using the lemon glaze from the recipe in between the layers. Then I carved out a little slope on one side of the cake, and used the same lemon glaze as a crumb coat all over the outside.

Then I frosted it with white buttercream frosting. I used lemon juice instead of the milk and vanilla the recipe calls for. For the green part, I thought it would be fun to try a natural option, so I used an immersion blender to mix a handful of fresh basil leaves into about a cup of the frosting. I like the taste combination of lemon and basil, and it definitely looked cool with the little flecks of green in there. But you could always use a few drops of green food coloring instead!

I made the decorations on the top and sides by printing them out, covering the printout with parchment paper, and tracing the words/figures using candy melts. Ta dah! I couldn’t find the image I used the first time I made the cake, which I think I like better (oh, wait, here it is) so I used a few of the Wesleys from this one.

The Activities

Activities were swimming and an outdoor showing of the movie.

This movie was made in the eighties, and pretty much all of the movies from the eighties are problematic. The majority of the movies I remember from my childhood, we just don’t show our kids until they are teenagers, if at all. The Princess Bride is one of the exceptions.

It does have problematic elements, for instance: there’s a “damn it” and a “son of a bitch” and a “Jesus, Grandpa” 🙉. There is talk of murder and suicide. There is torture and revenge killing. There’s the “perfect breasts” part 😬😆, and the kissing parts, which can feel awkward. There are some scary moments in the fire swamp. But, I think the message overall is a good one and that it’s appropriate for family viewing. All our kids have seen it.

It does require reminders that we have good manners so we don’t say things like son of a bitch, and we don’t wish anyone to go to hell, so we don’t say damn it, and we would never EVER say the name of Jesus in a thoughtless way like the boy in the movie does. (We might even pause it and say a quick, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”)

We talk about how Inigo plots revenge and how that’s different than killing in self defense or in defense of others, and about the fact that piracy/ mercenary genius for hire/royal torturer are not good career choices.

Since the movie isn’t (in my opinion) visually problematic, I think it’s a good jumping off point for a good discussion with kids about important moral issues, and that the rest of the movie is charming and funny and that the overall message is one of love and friendship and devotion. So, that’s why it’s okay with us, but you may wish to preview it before watching with your kids.

So that’s that! I think the food tags and quote posters could work at grown up parties just as well. I’d love to hear about it if you use them!


  1. Jules

    What a fun party idea! Princess Bride is a favorite at our house, too. How did your son like the Naval Academy summer session? My son plans to attend it next year.

    • Kendra

      He was allowed to keep his phone and all our texts and conversations were about how hard it was, but when he came home he really had liked it a lot. It’s been his front running school since he was three, but I’ve always wondered what he’d REALLY think of it. 🙂 But it was a thumbs up from the Tierneys.

  2. Lindsay

    What a beautiful way to respond to taking the Lord’s name in vain! I teach Catholic middle school, and that is a problem we don’t have a good way to address (only a clunky way). In my personal life, I’ve taken to lightly striking/tapping my chest with one finger and silently praying, “Lord, have mercy.” It lacks the educational effect of your solution, but it helps me grow in my ability to sacrifice for the sake of others, so it works for now.

  3. Ann

    I love everything about this post, Happy Birthday to All!

    question: what do you use for the outdoor tablecloths? I’m having a hard time finding big white tablecloths.

    • Kendra

      Thanks! We have a set of off white polyester tablecloths that we use and throw in the wash. They’ve been going strong with at least weekly use for over five years now!

  4. Marion

    Happy Birthday to all. Wishing you a year of happiness and blessings.

  5. Marilyn

    Blessings to all the birthday people. God Bless.

  6. Dawn

    My Boy Scout Troop is crazy about “The Princess Bride”, they can quote practically the whole thing. I can’t wait to use your ideas for a party for them…thanks so much for sharing!!!

  7. Kara

    Bathtub with forest view ready and waiting!

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