Balloonford?: 7 Quick Takes

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If you usually read my blog, you’ll understand how much of a challenge “quick” takes are for me.  Let’s see how I do . . . 

— 1 —

Happy Chair of St. Peter!  In this house we celebrate the fasts AND the feasts, so we always look forward to the feasts in Lent, and make a big to-do.  But this year it falls on a FRIDAY, making it a regular ‘ol abstinence day. Chair of St. Peter <shaking fist> why aren’t you a solemnity?  (Not that our usual celebrations involve a lot of meat, it just somehow feels less festive.)   

Here are some candy chairs we made to celebrate the feast a couple of years ago.  Candy + cookies + frosting + sprinkles = tiny, delicious Chairs of St. Peter!

It seems especially poignant this year doesn’t it?  What with trying to understand the papal election process and random, crazy emails that ought to be more decisively refuted by certain clearing-houses that claim to be impartial.  But it’s a nice time to remember that while we LOVE the man, our assent is to the CHAIR.   In case you missed it, here is the story about the time Jack got his First Communion from the Pope.  

— 2 —

Great Moments in Homeschooling      

Me: Capital of Arkansas?      

Bobby: ummmmmmm . . .       

Me: It wouldn’t hurt TOO much if I threw it at you.      

Bobby: Balloonford?  

— 3 —

A new book by Jonathan Last challenges the population control alarmists with its own alarming interpretation of population statistics and what it means for the future of America.

We are trying to do our part around here (you’re welcome, America).  But the thing I keep coming back to is, they’re ALL SO DIFFERENT, how could I not have them ALL?  And how could I not want all the rest God might send my way?   I have six children, but only one can do this:

Crazy, right?  He is FIVE.
I have six children, but only one has ever had an imaginary friend:



It’s an owl named Flappy.

These two are numbers four and five.  If we hadn’t been open to what some people would consider an irresponsibly large family, they wouldn’t be here to amaze and amuse us.

But, hey, we didn’t stop there.  We also got this one:

His special skills include shrieking and banging on stuff
and HE will have BOTH cups. 
Cute though, inney?
— 4 —

Los Angeles may have it’s fair share of troubles, financially and, well, you know.  But you really can’t beat the weather.


Memorizing the Gettysburg Address
The winner of our family sand castle contest on Thursday
— 5 —

In case you missed the Downton Abbey season finale, here’s how it might have gone down on Facebook:


— 6 —

My sister-in-law (Hi Brie!) and I watched it together and we knew SOMETHING was up.  Seriously could they BE any more lovey-dovey? (I mean, no, of course, that’s how the husband and I talk to each other all the time.  In fact, he was just saying to me over a game of cricket how he never imagined he could love like this, weren’t you dear?)

But I never thought they would do THAT again, in the SAME SEASON!  I was rather incensed.  But then, I looked into it (way past my bedtime) and discovered that it really wasn’t Julian Fellowes’ fault after all.  I guess I’ll forgive them.  Although I still think the final shot was a bit beyond the pale.

Just think, the Brits got to watch that on Christmas Day!


— 7 —
I really think it’s extraordinary that Six Flags lets homeschoolers participate in their Read to Succeed program, since you’d have to figure that what makes it financially worth it for them to offer the program is that one kid gets a free ticket and the whole family pays to go along.  This year I’ll get four free tickets for readers, one free ticket for their teacher (me), and my two little ones will get in for free.  Wow.  I will pay for parking, and perhaps a caramel apple or two . . . 
My eldest commented that while he likes BOTH Read to Ride at the Fair AND Read to Succeed at Six Flags, Read to Succeed is WAY better because you don’t have to write book reports and you can ride as many rides as you want.
There’s still time to enroll!


Thanks to Conversion Diary for hosting this 7 Quick Take link-up!


  1. Micaela Darr

    Oh, man. We are from the LA area (Pasadena) and that beach shot is KILLING me. It's cold enough here (South Korea) to keep us inside a lot. 🙁 P.S. love your Great Moments in Homeschooling. Funny!

    • Kendra Tierney

      Hey, I just got home to the Valley from Pasadena. If you ever move back, I've got a great parkday for you!

  2. Nanacamille

    Kendra's sister who lives in Iowa(major snow just hit there last night) is here in San Diego with us for a week with husband & 2 little girls so the weather here is much better and outdoor activities fun and plentiful.

    Downton Abby: before season 3 began the major characters were on an afternoon talk show and one of the major players said he/she wasn't coming back for season 4 so I new deaths were coming. Hoping it was the loss of daughter # 3 but then the ending car crash scene. I wish they would simply introduce a new actor as the character and get on with the story instead of killing so many people off. The change in looks can be explained and the audience would get used to the new person quickly. I didn't like the ending at all as I thought it ruined the plot that was building in the family. Boo to you all on the production team.

    • Kendra Tierney

      I read that the writer thought that people were so invested in the two actors as a couple that they didn't think he could be recast. I don't know. I just wish the actors would stay put!

  3. Katie

    Love the chairs you made before! They are so cute. I wish we had beach weather here. My son is memorizing the Gettysburg Address too!

    • Kendra Tierney

      Thanks. And no special skills required! We had our Great American Speeches pageant this afternoon. Betty did quite well.

  4. Bonnie

    #2 was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

    And it's Little Rock, right?!

  5. Grace martin

    whenever i see Catholic bloggers with their 50 kids i'm like "oh but i live in l.a!!" and you obviously managed -_-.

    we're using nfp to not have kids but you made me okay with having more kids if it happens haha. everyone tells me i just had them too close so i'm babied out for the time being.

  6. Anonymous

    Grace, They come quickly, but in a few years, you will be amazed at how quickly your house empties…Quick! Have more kids before it's too late! And get lots of sleep!

    …Kendra's friend with 9 kids, who are quickly leaving home

    • Kendra Tierney

      How crazy is it that I know enough families with 9 kids that I don't know who this is? BUT SHE'S RIGHT!


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