Frequently Asked Questions

When are subscriptions charged?

CAY offers two distinct monthly subscriptions–the Catholic All Year Membership and the Liturgical Living Boxes. The calendar below has all of the dates of which subscribers should be aware.

Liturgical Living Box Dates:

  •  5th: Final date by which missing or broken item requests or lost box tickets must be submitted to the helpdesk @
  • 12th: Final date to change address for next month’s box
  • 15th: CHARGE DATE for next month’s box
  • 22nd: Box user guide posted

CAY Membership Dates:

  • 17th: Final date to change address for next month’s printed envelope
  • 20th: CHARGE DATE for next month’s membership access
  • 25th: Membership items for next month posted (and previous month’s access removed)


Can I return or get a refund for my liturgical living subscription box?

Catholic All Year subscription boxes are non-refundable. If you have any missing or damaged items, please email helpdesk @ before the 5th of the month of the box’s contents.

We are unable to reship boxes to wrong addresses. If you believe UPS has delivered to the wrong address, please contact our helpdesk.

No returns are accepted, but please contact us if we can help make something right.

How do I access the downloads I purchased from Catholic All Year?

A link to your purchased downloads will be emailed within a few minutes to the email address you provided and your purchased downloads can be accessed any time from any device with a Catholic All Year Account. Just click on “My account” from the homepage, then “Downloads.” Because of things like email address typos and overzealous spam filters, we highly encourage creating a free Catholic All Year account for your downloads. To create your account:

2. In the home screen top menu, click “My Account.”
3. If you’ve already created an account, simply login.
4. To register for an account, use the email address you utilized for your downloads purchase and complete the free registration process.

5. Once you’ve created a Catholic All Year account here, any digital files you purchase in the shop will be available to download again at any time from any device.

If you have previous purchases that you’d like added to your new account, or you’re having trouble accessing your downloads for another reason, email us at


How do members access their membership benefits?

Hello and thank you to CAY members! 

For all levels of membership, your members-only downloads can be found by:

  1. Logging to your free CAY account. (If you didn’t have one previously, joining the CAY Membership creates one for you.) 
  2. Go to
  3. In the home screen top menu, click “My Account.”
  4. Log in with the email you used to sign up for the CAY Membership.
  5. Once logged in, click “Membership Library,” then “Download” for hymns, recipes, and other materials. 

Your percent discount on all digital downloads will show up automatically on all digital listings in the shop. Once you’ve purchased a download from the CAY Shop, it will also show up in your account under “Downloads.”

How do I know what I am subscribed to?

basic1. A Catholic All Year Account 

These accounts are free to sign up for at Catholic All and are required to purchase from the CAY Shop and to comment on Kendra’s blog posts.

2. An Email Subscription

  • The free Liturgical Living Heads Up Newsletter (or LLHU) is emailed every week and (as the name describes) shares how to celebrate the upcoming feast days!
  • ALL NEW Saint of the Day emails with feast celebration ideas
  • Links to new blog posts via email

3. A Catholic All Year Membership

The CAY Membership has two tiers: Basic and Benefactor. Each tier has unique benefits and discounts in the CAY Shop. (Click the “Recurring Billing” option in your CAY account to check your membership status / tier.)

There are 2 ways to receive your membership benefits: digital download and (for an extra fee) printed and shipped to you!

Catholic All Year Members have early access to all items in the CAY Shop (including exclusive wood shop and box shop items)

4. A Liturgical Living Box Subscription

CAY is currently shipping Liturgical Living Subscription Boxes across the US! If they’re out of stock, Kendra will send updates to members and those following her on Facebook and Instagram if any boxes open up. (Click the “Recurring Billing” option in your CAY account to check your subscription status.)

How can I invite Kendra to speak at my conference / for my group?

(March 2022) due to family health concerns, Kendra is not able to accept speaking engagements at this time.

Kendra is available for a fee to speak at in person and virtual events in the Los Angeles area and anywhere planes will fly. Please inquire at She is not able to accept opportunities to speak for free at this time, except for Catholic All Year Benefactor Members, who can request one virtual speaking engagement per 12 months of membership.

I’d love a copy of the Catholic All Year Compendium for my parish’s auction / Catholic school gala. Where can I request one?