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What would your life look like if you lived out the traditions of the Catholic faith?

Catholic All Year teaches families how to bring liturgical seasons and celebrations into their homes

Bring Catholicism Home

Liturgical Living for Real Life

My name is Kendra. I’m a forty-something wife and mother of many living just outside of Los Angeles, CA. I started this blog in 2013 because a lady yelled at me in church, and I figured people would want to know about it.

I called it Catholic All Year because I have a great devotion to celebrating the liturgical year in the home, and getting to know the saints and seasons of the Church calendar through food, prayer, and conversation.


get started living liturgically

What is liturgical living?

Liturgical living in the home has been transformational for me personally and for my family as a way to introduce the lives of the saints, prayers and devotions, and Catholic doctrine via a simple framework provided by the Church and with the added benefit of the “urgency” of actions and prayers being associated with particular days and historical practices. (And the corollary benefit of everything coming back around again next year if we miss it!)

Get Started!

Step 1: Freebies

Catholic All is THE place to be for liturgical living. We have so many free resources, from blog posts, to downloads, to printables! Access the freebie library now to see the freebie of the week. 

Step 2: Get a Calendar

Just being aware that there is a liturgical year is an important step. A calendar, especially a liturgical one, is the best way to get started!

Step 3: Get the Compendium

It took two years before I landed on the approach we’ve practiced in the home now for over a decade, with ten kids from toddler to twenty, and that I detail in my books, blog, and social media.

Step 4: Access all the Resources!

Learn about the saints and the beautiful history and traditions of our Catholic faith with resources designed for families and busy Catholics of all walks of life.

Your liturgical living journey awaits!

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Sometimes I write about liturgical living

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Join thousands of Catholic families who are bringing the Catholic faith into their homes!

Start simple


APRIL 24th: Grab the Divine Mercy Printable!

Easter IS HERE

Searching for a daily guide to this penitential liturgical season?

Our Lenten Workbook has you covered! 

Celebrate seasons


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