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The Liturgical Living Box Subscription

Live the Liturgy with useful, meaningful, and beautiful resources delivered each month!


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What Our Customers Have to Say

“The subscription boxes really help bring the liturgical year to life! Especially for busy families who do not always have time to make all the great ideas in Kendra’s Catholic All Year Compendium a reality, these boxes provide the needed boost. I particularly enjoy the contents when they are focused on activities that the family can do together. The egg dying kit, the Alleluia sign that we buried throughout lent, the tenebrae candelabra, the water balloons . . . these activities and more were a big hit in my family.”

I. Marin

What a beautiful and easy way to live liturgically throughout the year! I have been so impressed with every boxed we’ve received thus far: beautifully crafted liturgical decor, tasty recipes (I think the fried catfish on Good Friday and Hot Cross buns have been my favorite thus far!), fun activities (the egg wraps, natural Easter egg dye, and Marian crowns have all been big hits!), and lovely prints. I so recommend these boxes especially if liturgical living feels overwhelming or you’re just starting out! Such fun!

C. Merrill

“This subscription is great because…there are quality materials that are useful year after year (hello lent mantle-scape!) so they can become family traditions (my kids are not fans of liturgical coloring pages, for instance). There are so many ready-to-go activities I can just modify and go with whatever works for us at the time. I hope some of the activities will be available for purchase in coming years because my son is already asking to make a St. Michael’s piñata again next year.”

A . Klein