Liturgical Living Weekly Meal Planner {hardback book}


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This listing is a for a 6.5 inch tall x 8.5 inch wide, 118 page, hardback wire-o-bound version of the planner. If you’d like a printable PDF version of the planner, it’s available here

Welcome to the Catholic All Year Liturgical Living Weekly Meal Planner, sure to make you a perfectly pious and oh-so organized cook. Or . . . maybe not. But this planner has been mindfully designed for busy moms and everyone who wants to focus a bit more on learning about the lives of the saints, the history and traditions of the Church, and bringing the people we love together around the table.

The 54 weekly planner pages are undated. That means having a frozen pizza and leftovers week or going out of town doesn’t mean “wasting” dated pages. Fill out the weeks as you go. Skip when you want to. Zero judgment from the planner.

In the back, you’ll find all the feast days on the universal liturgical calendar, plus all the saints’ days mentioned in the Catholic All Year Compendium. They are listed with a bit of information to inspire your meal planning—like a country or foods with which the saint or day is associated. Also included are lines to jot down your family members’ special days (like birthdays, namedays, and baptismal anniversaries) and any other important recipes, holy days, holidays, and anniversaries you want to remember when meal planning.

Write the month and dates of the upcoming week at the top of the page. Circle the liturgical season to get you in the mood. Then consult the lists in the back of the planner or on your Catholic All Year liturgical wall calendar to see if there are feast days you want to celebrate during the week or days of fasting or abstinence to remember and note them next to the day of the week. Decide on meals. Write them down. Fill out the shopping list. Tear off the perforated list when you’re ready to head to the store. Easy peasy!

Check out the Catholic All Year Compendium for the history and stories behind the saints and food suggestions, the Catholic All Year Prayer Companion for prayers, blessings, and Bible readings associated with the liturgical year, and for one busy mom’s take on liturgical living and Catholic life.

May he grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your plans. (Psalm 20:4)


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