Wooden Alleluia with Stand: to Bury for Lent and Decorate for Easter




The Catholic All Year Subscription Box for Lent sold out in mere hours. We are working hard to increase our capacity and open more subscriptions, but until then we are able to offer a few select items from the boxes for individual purchase. These are limited edition products, so please act quickly. US and APO/FPO shipping only at this time. Products ship in 1-3 days via ground shipping, please allow one week for delivery. Free shipping applies to limited-edition box items.

All Catholic All Year wooden products are created individually by Catholic artisans in the US. This engraved and cut solid wooden sign is perfect to use for Burying the Alleluia during Lent, and comes with a stand to display it during the Easter season once you’ve dug it up. 

Note: Box subscribers will receive the stand in the Easter Box.

Note II: We were swamped getting the Lent boxes out, so we are a bit behind on getting extra products listed. These sets will not arrive before Lent begins, but we’ve discounted them and will get them to you as quickly as possible! Fortunately, you’ll get to use it (in the ground) all Lent, and on display all Easter.


Wrap the Alleluia in a bag and bury in the garden – don’t say that word until Easter comes!

During the season of Lent, the joyful declaration of “Alleluia” is omitted from all liturgies. It will return triumphantly at Easter, when the resurrection is proclaimed. We can “bury the Alleluia” as a symbolic gesture at the beginning of Lent, to focus ourselves on the solemnity of the season about to begin. The depositio (discontinuance) of the Alleluia during Lent is a tradition that dates back to at least the medieval era. Thirteenth-century Bishop William Duranti wrote in his commentaries on the Divine Office: “We part from the Alleluia as from a beloved friend, whom we embrace many times and kiss on the mouth, head, and hand, before we leave him.” (Note: In earlier eras the burial of the Alleluia would take place on the eve of Septuagesima Sunday, the ninth Sunday before Easter, which began a three week period of pre-Lent preparation.)

On Ash Wednesday, or another convenient time, the family can bury this Alleluia sign. Kissing it goodbye if desired, place it in a bag or box. Holding the bag or box wide open while singing an alleluia hymn (such as the refrain from Filii et Filiae), everyone parades to a burial spot and says a prayer of farewell.

Alleluia Farewell Prayer

Stay with us today, Alleluia, and tomorrow you shall part. 

When the morning rises, you shall go your way. 

Alleluia, alleluia. 

The mountains and hills shall rejoice, Alleluia, while they await your glory. 

You go, Alleluia; may your way be blessed, until you shall return with joy. 

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

After the last three alleluias are said (or shouted), the bag or box is closed to trap them inside. It is buried in the ground, and the spot marked. A verse or two from a Lenten hymn like “The Glory of These Forty Days” makes an excellent end to the ceremony.

The Glory of These Forty Days (hear it here, below are verses 1 and 5)

The glory of these forty days

we celebrate with songs of praise,

for Christ, through whom all things were made,

himself has fasted and has prayed.


O Father, Son and Spirit blest,

to thee be every prayer addressed,

who art in threefold name adored,

from age to age, the only Lord.

Here are a couple more limited-edition products from the Lenten boxes:

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Wooden Alleluia with Stand, Wooden Alleluia NO Stand


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