Them’s the Rules 8.5×11 Collage {digital download}

By popular demand, here are our family rules, in an easy to download, print at home format, so you too can foist them on your own kids . . . and wait for the magic to happen.* See this blog post for an explanation of why and how the rules work.

  1. Don’t take your pants off without a plan.
  2. If you can’t work and talk, don’t talk.
  3. No. No screaming.
  4. If you’re doing it really hard, you’re probably not doing it right.
  5. What does God do to complainers? He sends snakes to bite them.
  6. Is that a tool or a toy?
  7. Little kids do what big kids tell them.
  8. Tyranny will not be tolerated.
  9. Unless it’s dangerous or destructive, you’re just tattling.
  10. Don’t look at me when you’re talking to him.
  11. What do we say when someone helps us? Thank you. Not: I wanna do it.
  12. When people give us good advice, we listen.
  13. How could you make our baby happy?
  14. If a toy causes unhappiness, it goes away.
  15. 3 times is the limit for singin’ stuff, sayin’ stuff, & doin’ stuff.
  16. Cryin’ babies go to bed.
  17. Whistling is an outside activity.
  18. Sit in a seat that someone isn’t sitting in.
  19. Don’t rush off to do a job I gave to someone else.
  20. What are you doing to help our family?

This listing is for an instant download — You will receive on 8.5×11 inch image that you can save to your computer and print on your own printer or at your local print shop. It will print at up to 8.5×11 at best quality, and at acceptable quality at up to 17×22.

Also available as two 8.5×11 collages of 22 images.

And as a set of all 22 square images.


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*These rules are not magic. But we really do use them in our family, and they’ve been awesome. Your results may vary.


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