Tenebrae Hearse Candelabra (limited-edition)




Sorry, these sets are sold out for this season, but the Simple Tenebrae Candle Holder is still available.

Bring the beautiful ancient tradition of a Tenebrae Service for Holy Week into your home with this home-crafted wooden Tenebrae Hearse. Learn more about Tenebrae in this post.

The hearse is designed to resemble antique Tenebrae hearses in cathedrals across Europe. It measures approximately 18″ x 9″ x 3″. It’s made of laser cut and engraved plywood, with brass fittings. Also included is a set of fifteen US handmade all-natural 100% beeswax candles (replacement candle sets are available) and a printable PDF of my abridged at-home version of the service with instructions, prayers, and scripture readings.

If you purchase the extra candle set from this listing, they will ship with your Tenebrae Hearse Candelabra (saving you $5 on shipping)! 

These sets will ship out the week of March 22 via USPS priority mail, to arrive in time for Spy Wednesday. US shipping only. No returns are accepted.

A design note ✝️💀 . . . There is a skull nestled in the scrollwork. The long artistic Tradition of the Church puts a skull at the foot of Jesus’ cross. The skull symbolizes Adam, and Jesus’ triumph over sin and death as brought into the world by Adam and Eve. Some early Church Fathers, including Origen, took it even more literally, and believed that the scripture verse “Golgotha, which means the place of the skull” (Mark 15:22), meant that Adam’s bones were buried in the place of Jesus’ crucifixion. (Read more here.) Skulls are also a part of the Catholic tradition of Memento Mori, or “remember your death.” (Read more here.)

Click here for beeswax replacement taper candles.

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Tenebrae Hearse Candelabra (1 Candle Set), Tenebrae Hearse Candelabra (2 Candle Sets)


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