November Monthly Liturgical Recipes for CAY Members


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Thank you for being a Catholic All Year Member! As such, you have exclusive access to these monthly liturgical year recipes from my personal collection. Monthly recipes are available from the 25th of the previous month to the 25th of that month, then are switched out for the next month’s recipes, so be sure to download them from the membership page while they’re hot!

Most of these recipes have been found on the internet or in various cookbooks new and old from my shelf and adapted by me. A few have been passed along to me by friends, family members, and readers. Some, I’ve created. I claim to have authentic cultural recipes only when they’ve been given to me by a person of that particular culture, and even then . . . people have their own ways of cooking even very traditional dishes.

Some recipes have long associations with a particular saint or feast day. In other cases, the recipes are related to the day by an association to a particular city or country or just a food pun. I like food puns. So, please take all included recipes with a bit of humor and a grain of salt <wink, wink> and feel free to adapt them to your needs and preferences and personal tastes. If your grandmother has a better recipe than mine, and you’d be willing to have me share it . . . send it to me. Maybe I’ll be convinced and switch it out!

In fact, I’m currently working on a liturgical year hospitality and cookery book, and would be grateful for any feedback you’re willing to give on particular recipes. Did you like it? Did your kids like it? Were the directions confusing? Do you have a suggestion for improvements, substitutions, or a different recipe altogether? Email me at

For individuals and families with food allergies and aversions: first off, you have my respect. I know from close friends what a full time job that is! I also know that because of your experience, and because of the wide variety of possible food restrictions, you are best suited to adapt particular recipes to your needs. I mostly don’t include allergy-friendly alternatives in the recipes, but it’s only because they are so varied, and you know better than I do how to handle them. I really hope you’ll adapt these recipes to work for your family!

Many associated resources are available at the shop at If you’d like to keep the recipes organized, check out the Catholic All Year Recipe Keeper Binder. It’s a 1-inch moisture-resistant pressboard binder with custom-created divider tabs for the liturgical seasons and plenty of room to store recipes for the year. You might also enjoy the Liturgical Living Weekly Meal Planner. Available as a printable PDF or as a wire-bound hardback book, it includes undated weekly meal planner pages, a detachable shopping list, and pages listing all the feast days on the universal liturgical calendar, plus all the saints’ days mentioned in the Catholic All Year Compendium. They are included with a bit of information to inspire your meal planning—like a country or foods with which the saint or day is associated. All these recipes are among those recommended in the meal planner.

“Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” —1 Corinthians 10:31

For His Glory,


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