Michaelmas DIY Devil Piñata Kit


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Make a devil piñata with this simple kit, and vanquish him like St. Michael on September 29th . . . or any time! The kit includes instructions, sticker sheets, tissue paper for fringe, a zip tie and string for hanging, and the box. Just add candy and/or prizes to fill your piñata. This quick project can be completed by kids of all ages with a little adult help.

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Archangel Wooden Swords (Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael)

Why a devil piñata? On Michaelmas we celebrate the three archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Historically, this day remembered just St. Michael, and, specifically, his victory over Satan in the war of heaven (recorded in Rev 12:7-9). For many years our family has enjoyed reenacting St. Michael’s victory by vanquishing a devil piñata with wooden swords. When we defeat the devil, we hope for the sweet eternal reward of heaven. When we defeat the devil piñata, we get candy!

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