May Liturgical Box

I hope you’re still celebrating! The entire month of May always falls within the liturgical season of Easter, and the month is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, as the “Queen of May.” In this box you’ll find ways to celebrate Mary, including a very fancy mini May Crowning, and Our Lady of Fatima dancing sun cupcakes. But first, we’ll honor St. Joseph and the dignity of work on his second feast day of the year (as St. Joseph the Worker). Get hammering! For the feast of St. Joan of Arc we’ll get to make a simplified replica of her divinely-inspired battle standard. We are not afraid, we were born to do this! Note: For liturgical-living resources tailored for the seasons of Lent, Triduum, and Easter, please see the seasonal mega box, available for purchase individually at


Saint Joseph the Worker 5/1

  • ORA ET LABORA PLAQUE PROJECT Pray and work while making this fun wooden DIY, then hang it where it can continue to inspire.
  • HAMMER & NAILS They’re good for the plaque, sure. But there must be plenty of other things in your yard that could use some nails in them, right?
  • FOLDING YARDSTICK Catholicize your junk drawer with this compact and useful measuring device.
  • SPICED PLAYDOUGH RECIPE You’ll enjoy smelling it. They’ll enjoy hitting it with the hammer, and measuring it with the yardstick.

Our Lady of Fatima 5/13

  • MINI MAY CROWNING SET Bring the “Queen of the May” spirit with you wherever you go with this mini Our Lady of Fatima and real 18K gold plated crown (plus glue dot for attaching). Once she’s crowned, the magnetic/adhesive base will attach her securely to a desk, appliance, or dashboard.
  • ORANGE DANCING SUN CUPCAKE RECIPE These amazing cupcakes can be topped with gorgeous homemade dried pineapple suns or the included candy corns.
  • FATIMA PRAYER CUPCAKE WRAPPERS These wrappers feature colorful designs and quotes from the Pardon Prayer, the Angel’s Prayer, and the Rosary Decade Prayer, all given to the children seers. Cut, tab, and place a cupcake or muffin of your choice inside.
  • CANDY CORNS Don’t want to make fancy dried pineapple suns for dancing sun cupcakes? We’ve got you covered. But if you DO make the pineapple suns, you get to eat all the candy!

Saint Joan of Arc 5/30

  • JHESUS MARIA BANNER PROJECT During her trial, St. Joan described her battle standard, which God commanded her to create and carry with her. St. Catherine and St. Margaret, who spoke to her, told her what the standard should say. Joan said to her prosecutors, “They told me to take it boldly, and that God would help me.”
  • JOAN UP STICKER Sometimes we could all use a reminder to “Joan Up” in the face of challenges.
  • JOAN OF ARC BRACELET Wear this bracelet into battle!

REPRODUCTION 1903 JOAN OF ARC PRINT This engraving of Joan of Arc, created in 1903 by Albert Lynch was originally featured in the Figaro Illustre magazine.


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