Lent Countdown Calendar with Purple Cactus Sticker Sheet


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It’s only natural to countdown during Lent – keep track of the days left until Easter is here!

These cute little purple cacti will help you answer that most pressing question of Lent . . . “How much longer?” Hang the poster, fill in one of your voluntary Lenten disciplines at the bottom if you’d like, then cover up a number each day with a cactus. The cactus is to remind us of Jesus’ time of prayer and fasting in the desert. This occurred at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, about three years before the events of Holy Week.

You’ll notice that only Monday through Saturday is represented on the poster. There are forty days of Lent, because of the forty days Jesus spent in the desert. But once that very first Easter happened, Sundays became something set apart, something special. Each and every one is a feast. That’s why, when you count up the days on the calendar, the season of Lent is not forty days, it’s forty-six days. Sundays are not included in the traditional Lenten weekday fasting, nor are they included in voluntary Lenten disciplines.

Note: We were swamped getting the Lent boxes out, so we are a bit behind on getting extra products listed. These will not arrive before Lent begins, but we’ve discounted them and will get them to you as quickly as possible!

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