Artist Copyright Release


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Occasionally, folks who have tried to get my images printed have been asked for an artist’s copyright release. So, here it is.

Hopefully you can just pull up this listing and show it to anyone who asks. But if you need to print it, you can download it here, and you’ll get the release in .jpg and PDF.

I, KENDRA TIERNEY, the artist of CATHOLIC ALL YEAR and PRINTABLE PRAYERS on ETSY, hereby grant to the purchaser of any image available for sale on my blog and at my Etsy shop copyright permission for the image(s) purchased.

The image(s) may be printed at home or by a commercial printer. The image may be printed on paper, or on other items. Usage of the image is extended to both printed and digital media alike. It can be embedded within another design and altered accordingly.

The digital image(s), printed image(s), and items upon which the image(s) have been printed are approved for personal use, to give as gifts, or to offer for sale ONLY if 100% of the proceeds of the sale go to charity. The image, altered or not, may NOT be offered for sale under other conditions.

The image may be used in print runs up to 250. Any more will require an extended license. Please contact the artist for more information at

Copyright is not granted to be used within a logo, or for any use which could be considered offensive.

Use on a blog or website requires credit to the artist and a link to OR

This copyright is exclusively granted for a period of three years from the date of purchase. Please contact the artist to extend permission.

Kendra A Tierney
28 April, 2016


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